Authentic MLB Batting Practice Jerseys – Every team, Every player

The baseball season is two weeks in, so it’s the perfect time to suit up and support your squad.  Introducing the new 2011 Batting Practice Jerseys from Majestic, these baseball jerseys offer an alternative to the common threads worn by most fans at the game.  These Cool Base Jerseys are just like the ones the players wear before the game.  Choose from blank jerseys MLB BP Jerseys with no names or numbers at $79.99, or Custom MLB BP Jerseys with any player’s name and number or your own name and number at $99.99.  The custom jerseys allow you to put any player’s name and number on the back of his respective jersey, which is great if you’re looking for that hard to find player’s jersey (Chooch fans, rejoice).   We’ve also made a set of MLB Player Specific Batting Practice Jerseys, where you can find some of the hottest names in baseball and ready to order at your disposal.

Little League Approved Baseball Bats

Before you buy a new bat for the upcoming Little League Baseball season, make sure to review the list of Little League Approved Baseball Bats.  New enforced rules disallow the use of composite baseball bats that exceed the standards printed on the bat after the bat is broken in.  In other words, the illegal bats would get better over time and use, becoming more dangerous for play.  Presently, for composite bats to be approved for Little League Baseball use, they must clearly demonstrate, through rigorous testing, that they will not exceed the standards printed on the bat over time through break-in.

Don’t make the mistake of being penalized for using an illegal bat by checking out our Little League Approved Baseball Bats page, where you can also find an approved bat for your level of Little League.

New for 2011: Mizuno Baseball

Spring Training has begun, meaning the baseball season is almost here.  This year, we have added another behemoth of a brand to our baseball lineup: Mizuno.

Mizuno has been in the sporting goods business since 1906, and made their first footprint in the United States in 1980.  Since then, they have become a powerhouse in the baseball goods scene.  Top-notch professional baseball players continually use Mizuno gear in the big leagues, as Mizuno endorses a bevy of MLB stars, including, Ian Kinsler, Chipper Jones, Corey Hart, Ichiro Suzuki, Brian McCann, and more.

Some of Mizuno‘s most popular products are the Mizuno Samurai Catcher’s Gear, including the Mizuno Samurai G3 Helmet, Mizuno Samurai G2 Chest Protector, and the Mizuno Samurai G2 Leg Guards.  The Mizuno Samurai G2 Catcher’s Gear is top-of-the-line, high-quality gear that is the same equipment that the pro’s where.  The Samurai G2 Chest Protector, for instance, is worn by MLB All-Star Catcher Victor Martinez.  Each component of the Samurai G2 line is highly adjustable, allowing you to have a custom fit tailored for your game.  Check out the Mizuno Samurai G2 Catcher’s Gear Set to get all your catcher’s gear in one bundle.

Check out the Mizuno Section Page to see all the latest Mizuno Baseball Gloves, Softball Gloves, Baseball Bats, Softball Bats, Batting Gloves, Catcher’s Gear, Equipment Bags, Protective Gear and More! For younger players, check out our selection of Mizuno Youth Catcher’s Gear!

New Baseball Equipment for 2011

A new year means new additions here at We’ve listened to your calls, and the people clearly have spoken: you want more baseball. More gear, more brands, more everything. So we did just that; we beefed up our baseball selection past anything we’ve ever had before. New brands, enhanced product lines, and a greater selection so you can find all the baseball equipment you want this season all at one place.

Whether it’s baseball bags, baseball gloves, catchers gear, baseball bats, or baseball training aids, we’ve got you covered this season. And with new brands to the fold, such as Easton Baseball and Mizuno, our baseball lineup is second to none in 2011.

MLB Playoffs – LCS Previews

6 and a half months down, 4 teams remaining.  Welcome to Playoff Baseball!  The LDS round brought plenty of drama and memorable moments. From Roy Halladay’s epic no-hitter to Cliff Lee’s dominating series-clinching game 5 W against the Rays to give the Texas Rangers their first postseason series victory EVER, the 2010 LDS round will be remembered as one of the good ones.

One thing that has carried over from the 2010 regular season: amazing pitching.  In what has been widely hailed as “The Year of the Pitcher”, 2010 gave us 5 no-hitters (1 being a perfect game by Roy Halladay…cough cough, go Phils!) and 15 starting pitchers that ended the season with an ERA under 3.00.  The first round of this year’s playoffs showcased masterful pitching, with Roy Halladay (see above), Cole Hamels, Cliff Lee, and Tim Lincecum each throwing for a complete game victory.

There were also some painful memories made in the LDS, most notably Atlanta Braves infielder Brooks Conrad’s game 3 against SF.  Kid had 3 errors, which led to a difficult, and tough to watch Atlanta loss.

But now we shift our focus to happier times; the League Championship Series round.  Symmetry is present in both series’; both have the respective league champion against a championship-starved franchise.  In the National League Championship Series, we have the San Francisco Giants looking to dethrone the two-time National League Champion Philadelphia Phillies, while in the American League Championship Series, we have the Texas Rangers trying to overcome the defending World Champion New York Yankees. Continue reading “MLB Playoffs – LCS Previews”

MLB Playoff Preview – NLDS and ALDS

It’s time.  After 6+ months of regular season battle, the time has come for October baseball (hopefully, TBS won’t torture us with a 2010-version of Frank TV promotions or Dane Cook “There’s only One October!” campaigns).  So after 162 games, we’re down to 8 teams.  In the National League, the Philadelphia Phillies take the stage as overwhelming favorites against the Cincinnati Reds, and the San Francisco Giants play host to the Atlanta Braves, where both teams made the postseason on the last day of the regular season.

In the American League, the defending champs, the New York Yankees led by Derek Jee-tah, travel to Minnesota to play the Twins, who are hosting their first postseason series in their new digs, Target Field.  It’s quite a step up from playing inside the Metrodome, and it should be interesting to see those frigid Minnesota temperatures at some point in this postseason.  The last division series squares off the Texas Rangers and the Tampa Bay Rays.  That’s right; the Texas Rangers are in the playoffs for the first time this millennium – last time was all the way back in the 20th century (1999). Continue reading “MLB Playoff Preview – NLDS and ALDS”

Mid-September Baseball is in Full Swing

The days are getting shorter.  The temperature is dropping.  The leaves are beginning to change colors.  Which can mean only one thing:  Mid-September baseball!  Now I know that much of the drama has been drained from the pennant race (See the AL Central, AL West and NL Central races for examples).  But both the NL and AL East races are still full of excitement, and the NL West, like every year it seems, is a 3-team dead-heat towards the finish line.  To top it off, two intense series start tonight; the Braves and Phillies, and the Yankees and Rays.

Continue reading “Mid-September Baseball is in Full Swing”

How to Buy a Baseball Bat

“Wood or aluminum?  How much should it weigh?  Where is the barrel?”

If you’ve ever been a little overwhelmed or intimidated when buying a baseball bat or softball bat, don’t worry.  You’re not alone.  Bats are becoming pieces of incredible technology and each year things get more and more complicated.  But trust us, all of these seemingly confusing and sometimes maddening changes are making the game, and learning the game, better for people of every age and skill level.

Because of the overall confusion that comes when buying a new baseball bat or softball bat, we decided to try and help simplify the process.

The following is our guide to purchasing baseball bats / softball bats.  If you’ve been through this before and have any comments or advice for anyone having difficulty purchasing a bat, feel free to help them out buy commenting at the end of the post.

Check out Sports Unlimited’s Baseball Bats and Softball Bats

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Fan Gear Sale – Ends September 8th

The weather is starting to cool down, which only means one thing – Football season has arrived.  Whether its tailgating outside Beaver Stadium or watching your beloved Packers get set for kickoff, every football fan needs to be prepared for the season.  That’s why when you purchase one NFL or NCAA licensed item, we’re giving 30% off the second item you purchase (excluding jerseys and apparel)!  So check out our selection of on-sale gear, such as NCAA tailgating chairs and flag poles!

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