Cascade R Lacrosse helmet arrives at Sports Unlimited


The Cascade R has a distinctive look, wide field of vision and the most advanced protection Cascade has ever offered.
The Cascade R has a distinctive look, wide field of vision and the most advanced protection Cascade has ever offered.

There are many ways to measure a great helmet, but few metrics are more important than the eye test.

Maybe the best part about the Cascade R Men’s Lacrosse Helmet is that its visual appeal applies to both the player wearing the helmet and the one looking at it from afar.

Yes, the protection is space-aged in its advancement and we’ll get into that, but one of the major advantages of this helmet is a wider field of vision, particularly when looking down for ground balls. The new R-series mask offers improved sight lines, especially in the peripheral, where a wider cutout allows you to see more of the field. Thin bars that are angled down open up your vision even more so you’ll have the best view of anyone.

R-helmet-sideLaunched in July 2013, the R is built to stand out. With 18 customizable colors in seven different parts of the helmet, you can easily get any look you want.The most distinguishing feature of this helmet is an extended molded chin that can be spotted from anywhere on the field. That chin piece runs through the ear, offering a more rigid jaw line for added safety.

The rest of the protection comes from within, where years of research went into creating this helmet. The R features a dual liner, combining two technologies from Cascade – SevenTech and PoronXRD – built to protect you from both high impacts, mainly from another player, and lower impacts, like an errant stick to the head. PoronXRD is noticeable on the inside of the helmet thanks to its yellow color. It’s a new kind of foam that’s not only comfortable but helps dissipate linear force on those lower intensity impacts. The material is soft and pliable against the head, but stiffens up on impact. 

SevenTechnology is a liner system that also helps to manage energy transfer on hits. R-helmet-frontThe liner can be seen through the vents on the top of the shell and assists with high-energy hits. SevenTech, found in the CPX-R helmet from Cascade, laterally displaces the energy from an impact and then resets to prepare for the next blow. By combining SevenTech and PoronXRD, the Cascade R helmet features never before seen protection.

Fit is of utmost importance when talking about protection, and the R can be customized in a variety of ways to make sure you get the fit that’s right for you. The helmet includes three sizes of jaw pads to ensure your head is securely in the helmet laterally. Cascade’s HardTail SPR fitting system, found in the CPX-R, allows the helmet to fit all sized heads. The clickable fit system, found in the back of the helmet, allows you to tighten the helmet to your specifications and can be easily adjusted on the fly.

The Cascade R helmet has swept through the lacrosse world, as it’s been used by college and pro teams, along with high schools and clubs across the country. If you want the look the top players are sporting – or have any more lacrosse equipment needs – be sure to check out Sports Unlimited.

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