Life Is Good Donates 10% of Net Profits to Kids in Need

Life is good plans to donate 10% of their net profits in 2013 to help kids in need! Shop Life is good today, and help kids everywhere.

Life is good Donates 10% of Net Profits to Kids in Need With the lofty goal of spreading optimism globally, the apparel company with a heart, Life is good, has pledged to donate 10% of their net profits for 2013 to help kids in need.

Through their non-profit Life is good Kids Foundation, the money will directly fund the Life is good Playmakers Program, which provides training and support to childcare professional all around the world. Giving these professional tools and training, the Playmakers Program helps to ensure children everywhere get to grow up healthy and cared for, feeling safe and loved.

To date co-founders Bert and John Jacobs have already raised more than $9.5 million for the foundation and kids in need. In the past, 100% of the funds have come from money raised through the annual Life is good Festival (a two-day celebration of music and joy), community fundraising, special Life is good products, and all profits from John and Bert’s speaking engagements.

Now, by adding 10% of its net profits to their already huge fund raising ventures, Life is good has reinforced their commitment to children and upped the ante on how a brand can drive social change!

Life is good Mens ApparelAiming to raise a combined $2 million for kids in 2013, the company hopes to use their business as a source of positive purpose in this world. With this new pledge, it’s simpler than ever to help, says co-founder Bert Jacobs. “When you do business with Life is good, you help kids in need.”

“Our community, including each of you, who choose to focus on what is right with the world even when it’s not perfect, will always drive our brand,” said Jacobs. “This beautiful road trip has only just begun.”