New Big Grill Facemask For Revo Speed

Finally there is a Big Grill facemask for the Riddell Revo Speed!

Revo Speed Big Grill FacemaskYou asked for it, and now it’s here! The original Big Grill custom facemask, made famous by a certain New York Giants defensive end, has finally been designed for the Riddell Revo Speed! With the same bar configuration as the original Schutt model, this new Big Grill is manufactured by Riddell, and built exclusively for the popular Revolution Speed helmet, giving Riddell wearers that customized, aggressive look they’ve been begging for!

Improving on the first version, the new Revo Speed Big Grill facemask is actually lighter than the carbon steel Schutt model, giving you greater speed, agility, and overall performance with the facemask. While not quite as light as titanium, the Lightweight Riddell Facemask design is still almost 25% lighter than standard carbon steel, while still retaining the strength and durability of this strong metal.

Built to fit on an Adult or Youth Riddell Revolution Speed helmet, the Revo Speed Big Grill Facemask brings the ultimate in aggressive style and protection to one of the most popular helmets on the grid iron.

By Brandon Porter.

Brandon is a product specialist at Sports Unlimited.

12 thoughts on “New Big Grill Facemask For Revo Speed”

    1. Because of the specific bar configuration of the Big Grill, it can be difficult attaching almost any brand visor to it, using traditional visor clips. We’ve found success attaching a visor to the Big Grill using zip ties, however, some leagues do not allow players to use these. I would ask your coach or league official before attempting to attach your visor with zip ties.

  1. tonight i was at a dick’s sporting good store and wanted to try on a revo speed and did. It was a little loose but it was a size Large youth revo speed edge, and i looked at the sizing chart the other day and it says my head would fit an adult Large. are the sizes the same? and is there a difference between the shell make up, because i’m in high school and ive heard that youth is made of ABS plastic and adult helmets are made of something else.

    1. Hi Antonio, firstly, I would like to address the issue that you are in high school and it is required that you wear an “adult” helmet made of polycarbonate material. Youth helmets are made of ABS plastic and are weaker than adult helmets. It would be very dangerous to play with an ABS plastic youth helmet while other players on the field are using polycarbonate adult helmets and that is why it is exclusively required that high school players wear adult helmets. Youth and Adult helmet sizes are also slightly different.

      Make sure you are measuring your head correctly because having a properly fitted helmet is extremely important in regards of safety. This buyer’s guide for football helmets may help you figure out what is right for you because safety is the most important factor.

      Good luck this year and make sure you are using an ‘adult’ helmet made of polycarbonate!


    1. We will be able to help you order a custom color facemask if you speak with our Customer Service at 1-800-693-6368. Talk to them about what color and options you need and they can definitely help you get the best deal on what you are looking for!

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