Deals of the Day – Franklin NFL and NCAA Kids Jersey and Helmet Set – Guaranteed Halloween Delivery Date

You may have procrastinated a bit but it’s not too late – NFL Youth Football Jersey and Helmet Sets by Franklin are now guaranteed to be delivered by Halloween if you order before 5:00 am Monday morning!  Not only that, but they’re on sale for $24.99, down from $34.99 (That’s 29% off for you non-math majors)!

Hot Products – Columbia NCAA Fleeces and Jackets and Nike NCAA Hoodies

One of this season’s hottest sellers is Columbia Sportswear’s NCAA Fleece and Jacket Collection.  This collection of men’s and women’s fleece jackets, full-zip water-resistant jackets, half-zip jackets, and reversible insulated vests has been flying off the shelves over the last two weeks.  These are perfect for the cool autumn days ahead, especially when you’re tailgating before (and after) the game!

And for the guys out there, if you think of yourself as more of a “hoodie-type person”, check out our updated NCAA College Hoodies section that’s loaded with new sweatshirts, including the uber-popular Classic College Logo Hoodie line by Nike.   These soft-fleece lined hoodies feature your favorite school’s logo prominently on the chest and a convenient front pouch to keep your hands warm.

MLB Playoffs – LCS Previews

6 and a half months down, 4 teams remaining.  Welcome to Playoff Baseball!  The LDS round brought plenty of drama and memorable moments. From Roy Halladay’s epic no-hitter to Cliff Lee’s dominating series-clinching game 5 W against the Rays to give the Texas Rangers their first postseason series victory EVER, the 2010 LDS round will be remembered as one of the good ones.

One thing that has carried over from the 2010 regular season: amazing pitching.  In what has been widely hailed as “The Year of the Pitcher”, 2010 gave us 5 no-hitters (1 being a perfect game by Roy Halladay…cough cough, go Phils!) and 15 starting pitchers that ended the season with an ERA under 3.00.  The first round of this year’s playoffs showcased masterful pitching, with Roy Halladay (see above), Cole Hamels, Cliff Lee, and Tim Lincecum each throwing for a complete game victory.

There were also some painful memories made in the LDS, most notably Atlanta Braves infielder Brooks Conrad’s game 3 against SF.  Kid had 3 errors, which led to a difficult, and tough to watch Atlanta loss.

But now we shift our focus to happier times; the League Championship Series round.  Symmetry is present in both series’; both have the respective league champion against a championship-starved franchise.  In the National League Championship Series, we have the San Francisco Giants looking to dethrone the two-time National League Champion Philadelphia Phillies, while in the American League Championship Series, we have the Texas Rangers trying to overcome the defending World Champion New York Yankees. Continue reading “MLB Playoffs – LCS Previews”

Rain Gear Sale – 10% off all Rain Gear

There’s nothing worse than getting stuck in a cold fall or winter rain storm.  Sports Unlimited wants to get everyone prepared so we are giving you 10% Off All Rain Gear for a limited time.  New styles and brands are just in, including Rivers West waterproof fleece jackets and the fun themed kids rain gear by Western Chief Kids.  We’re not forgetting about Fido either, because no dog wants to take a walk in the pouring rain.  If you happen to be looking for early holiday gifts, a new rain jacket is a gift that everyone will love and appreciate.

Since we’ve come to terms that summer is but a distant memory, there is no reason not to prepare yourself for the inevitable rainstorms that are sure to come.  That’s why, for a limited time only, we’re giving a 10% discount for all rain gear – that includes rain jackets, rain pants, rain suits, and even toddler rain umbrellas!  Just type in the coupon code “RAINTEN” to receive the discount.

The North Face Rain Gear and Columbia Rain Gear

Halloween Gifts: Part 2 – NFL/NCAA Youth Helmet and Uniform Set by Franklin

In part two of our out-of-control Halloween gift posts bonanza, we dive deep into the core fabric of what makes Halloween great: costumes.  What would Halloween be without the costumes?  Without the costumes, it would just be a day when a bunch of kids go door-to-door asking for candy.  Pretty much, Halloween would be about underage door-to-door candy beggars.

Instead, Halloween is awesome.  On Halloween, you (note: Halloween may be centered on kids, but you get to have some fun too, right?) get to dress up and pretend to be someone or something else.  Yeah, pirates are cool.  And, ok, dressing up like a vampire is “in” right now.  But let’s be honest: dressing up like a pro or college football player is by far the coolest!

The NFL Youth Helmet and Uniform Sets by Franklin let your child live the dream (ok, kind of) that they play for their favorite football team!  It comes with the team’s jersey, pants, helmet, along with a chinstrap, integrated removable shoulder pad inserts, and adhesive/iron-on numbers to apply to the jersey!

And if they’d rather sport a college uni, check out the NCAA Youth Helmet and Uniform Sets by Franklin.

Check out our entire stock of Halloween gear to find exactly what you need this holiday!

MLB Playoff Preview – NLDS and ALDS

It’s time.  After 6+ months of regular season battle, the time has come for October baseball (hopefully, TBS won’t torture us with a 2010-version of Frank TV promotions or Dane Cook “There’s only One October!” campaigns).  So after 162 games, we’re down to 8 teams.  In the National League, the Philadelphia Phillies take the stage as overwhelming favorites against the Cincinnati Reds, and the San Francisco Giants play host to the Atlanta Braves, where both teams made the postseason on the last day of the regular season.

In the American League, the defending champs, the New York Yankees led by Derek Jee-tah, travel to Minnesota to play the Twins, who are hosting their first postseason series in their new digs, Target Field.  It’s quite a step up from playing inside the Metrodome, and it should be interesting to see those frigid Minnesota temperatures at some point in this postseason.  The last division series squares off the Texas Rangers and the Tampa Bay Rays.  That’s right; the Texas Rangers are in the playoffs for the first time this millennium – last time was all the way back in the 20th century (1999). Continue reading “MLB Playoff Preview – NLDS and ALDS”

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Each and every day, people all over the world battle breast cancer. Researchers work towards a cure, while millions everywhere live with the disease. Every October, we take some time to bring that fight to the forefront.  For the last 25 years, October has been designated as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in an effort to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into the cause, prevention and cure.

Like many companies, Sports Unlimited has been affected by cancer, and we have always stood by our employees and their families as they battle.  In an effort to contribute to and support the fight, we at Sports Unlimited have created a specific section of products that support breast cancer research; “Think Pink – Join the Fight Against Breast Cancer.”  This section is filled with apparel and other items adorn with the official Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon.  A portion of their sales will be donated to breast cancer foundations to help find a cure and support those whose lives have been affected.

One extremely popular item amongst this collection are the Cutters 017Q Pink Breast Cancer Football Receiver Gloves.  These gloves have become a staple in the NFL during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and as one of Cutters’ biggest suppliers, we are one of the few places that carry them.

Additionally, we are running a Facebook contest to win an Under Armour Power in Pink hoodie. Post an inspiring story, talk about a loved one, share a memory, post a hopeful picture or just share your support on our Facebook page.  On October 18th a random winner will be chosen.

NFL Power Rankings – Week 4

Now that we’re three games deep into the NFL regular season, it’s fair to say that it’s time for a Power Ranking to figure out which teams have taken charge and which teams might as well go back to the drawing board.  Some teams are separating themselves from the pack (for better or worse), while others are still in that awkward middle ground.  We’ll try and clear things up with our “expert” opinions.

Cream of the Crop (so far)

1. Pittsburgh Steelers 3-0 – That’s right.  No QB, no problem.  Their defense is playing at an all-world level, averaging 11 points per game against Atlanta, Tennessee, and Tampa Bay.  Add a potent rushing attack with Mendenhall and you have a scary team that will only get better with the addition of Roethlisberger (sp?) in a couple weeks.  I hate to say it, but be afraid, NFL.  Not that most people aren’t already a little scared of Ben anyway…

2.  Indianapolis Colts 2-1 – With Peyton in charge, the Colts are a steady team that will be sure to take 11-13 wins.  They seem just fine after a week 1 loss to Houston.

3. Atlanta Falcons 2-1 – After a difficult Week 1 OT loss to Pittsburgh, Atlanta has showed its mettle with an overpowering win against Arizona and an OT win against the defending Super Bowl champion Saints in Week 3.  The next two games are very serviceable, with match-ups against 0-3 SF and 0-3 Cleveland.  They’ll be 4-1 in 2 weeks.

4. New Orleans 2-1 – The Saints are fine, for now.  Despite losing this past weekend in OT, they should be fine with Drew Brees at the helm.  But the last place rushing attack has to be of concern.  However, don’t panic yet: their next four games are against Carolina, Arizona, Tampa Bay, and Cleveland – all very winnable.  Expect to see them at 6-1.

5. Chicago Bears 3-0 – The Bears are the last unbeaten in the NFC, and have impressive W’s against Dallas and Green Bay.  All three games, including a Week 1 win against Detroit, were hotly contested and decided by a single score, so don’t get too high on them, yet.  But a fantastic start for Chicago, nonetheless. Continue reading “NFL Power Rankings – Week 4”

Halloween Gifts: Part 1 – NCAA Halloween Pumpkins and Halloween Pumpkin Candy Bowls

October really is the ultimate sports month, isn’t it? I mean, think about it. Football is in full swing, Hockey is just taking off and oh yeah, playoff Baseball! Other stuff happens in October too, like Halloween and Leif Ericson Day. But we all know that the month is really about sports. So you know what we did? We put together a huge selection of sports Halloween costumes and decorations so even when you’re celebrating the other things October has to offer, you can still be focusing on what’s really important.Throughout the month, we’ll be highlighting these cool new twists on the traditional Halloween decorations.

The first products we’re sporting really hit the sweet spot. Inject some college life into your decorations with some College Halloween Pumpkins and College Halloween Pumpkin Candy Bowls!

Made by Cumberland Designs, the Halloween Pumpkins are realistic looking resin pumpkins that emblazon your favorite school’s logo.

The Halloween Pumpkin Candy Bowls are ceramic treat jars that not only contain your favorite candy, but also show off your alma mater/favorite school’s logo prominently on the front. Continue reading “Halloween Gifts: Part 1 – NCAA Halloween Pumpkins and Halloween Pumpkin Candy Bowls”

Top Rated Product – Soccer Bench

Today we embark on a new milestone here at The Sporting Goods – our first “Top Rated Product” post.  Yes, I agree; it is very emotional indeed.  Over time, “Top Rated Product” posts should become a staple on this blog.  “What are they?” you ask?  “Top Rated Product” posts will be pretty straightforward: they are posts about specific products that have been highly rated by customers who actually purchased the good.  Think of it as your fellow peers offering a friendly recommendation of a product you were either unaware of or unsure whether to buy.

This week’s landmark “Top Rated Product” is the Kwik Goal 6 Seat Kwik Bench Soccer Bench (quite the tongue-twister).  This Kwik Goal Soccer Bench gives your squad a much needed centralized location to rest, bond, and strategize as one unit while they’re on the sidelines. Continue reading “Top Rated Product – Soccer Bench”