Benefits of Training Basketballs

If you want to be a better basketball player, there is only one way to do it. Arriving early and staying late. Countless hours in the gym putting up an endless number of shots. Relentlessly working on the fundamentals of the game, with an uncompromising will to improve. Yes, we are talking about practice… not a game, but practice. If you ask around the NBA who the hardest working players were, one name rises to the top.

In his decorated 20 year career, Kobe Bryant never once stopped working to get better. Everyone has their favorite Kobe workout story, but they all share a common theme. He was up before anyone else, worked out harder than anyone else, and showed an unrivaled determination every single day. Most teammates of Kobe will agree, he was a rare breed. Even those with similar abilities couldn’t match his work ethic. And as the next generation of basketball talent begins to develop its game, they’d be wise to learn a thing or two from one of the best to ever do it.

While you may not be to the point of matching Kobe’s 800 shots a day in your workout routine, there are ways to work more efficiently with your time on the court. Maker of the official NBA game ball, Spalding has also developed a series training basketballs that are designed to improve all facets of your game. Offering both weighted and oversized basketballs that feel and bounce just like regular balls. These tools can be the difference between a good player, and a great one.

Weighted basketballs have been around for years, and their effectiveness is backed by the testimonials of players everywhere. Many think a weighted ball is just for improving shooting range, which it does. But using a weighted ball to improve dribbling, passing, catching, and rebounding is just as impactful. The weighted basketball builds up the muscles in the arms, as well as strengthens the fingers and wrists. This leads to better grip on the ball and more control. Spalding makes balls weighing both 3 lbs and 6 lbs, allowing you to choose the appropriate size for your abilities. So whether you’re unleashing a lethal crossover or sliding a pass to a back door cutter, your command of the ball will provide confidence you need to take over the game.

Similar to the weighted balls, oversized balls can be a useful basketball training aid, as they too promote arm strength and enhanced ball control. But what these 33” sized balls do best is improve accuracy. The increased size is 12% larger than a standard ball, forcing players to be more precise with their shots. These balls can be particular effective for shots that require extra touch. Low post hook shots and in-the-lane floaters are both challenging, and demand additional practice. The inclusion of an oversized ball to the training regimen can play a vital part in the improvement with these specific skills.

You may not show up for practice 7 hours early like Mr. Bryant would. But you can take your training to the next level, and see your game elevate to its potential. Add a training basketball to your routine and take a step towards greatness.

Written by Dylan Hamilton, Sports Unlimited


Kobe Bryant’s Mask Keeps Him on the Court

Kobe Nose Guard DunkAlways one step ahead of the trends, Kobe Bryant is sporting a new look these days! Donning a “Richard Hamilton-style” clear plastic mask over his face and nose, the LA Lakers star admittedly looked a bit funny on the court Wednesday night. His dominating performance against the Minnesota Timberwolves, though, quickly quieted any lingering laughter in the crowd or at home. With 31 points, seven rebounds, and eight assists, all while wearing a new and custom-fit nose and face guard, Kobe showed what it means to play hurt.

Kobe Nose Guard

During Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game, an awkward foul from Miami Heat guard and buddy Dwyane Wade left Kobe with a broken nose, headaches, and dizziness, sending him back to Los Angeles worse for the wear and in the hands of physical trainers and doctors. After a battery of tests and concussion-reviews this week, Bryant was cleared to play Wednesday night’s game, with the custom nose guard, of course.

“It happens,” Bryant said. “You just have to deal with it and try to heal up as quickly as you possibly can, and get back on the court.”

Bangerz Nose GuardKobe’s sentiments are echoed by athletes across the country who refuse to let injuries keep them sidelined. From wrestlers to soccer stars, basketball players to martial artists, competitors young and old trust nose guards and face protectors to keep their injured noses safe and healing, so they can stay active and useful to the team. Although they may look awkward and funny to some, masks like the Bangerz HS-1500 Nose and Face Guard are safe and effective. They also feel comfortable and don’t hold you back. Just ask Kobe. A concussion and broken nose won’t keep him off the court. You think looking a little strange is going to stop him? I’ll let Wednesday night’s scoreboard answer your question there; 104 – 85, Lakers.

By Brandon Porter.

Brandon is a product specialist at Sports Unlimited.