Best Basketball Hoops – Driveway In-ground Adjustable Hoops

The sun is out and here to stay in much of the great USA.  Going outside and shooting hoops is a popular way to spend time out in the spring and summer months, which is why we fully loaded our basketball hoop lineup for you this season.  If you are looking for a driveway basketball hoop, is your home to find the perfect basketball system for your needs.  And it’s never been easier with our fully updated Basketball Hoop Comparison Chart, where you can find the systems organized by type and size in a straightforward manner.

We’ve compiled a ranking of the top residential adjustable basketball hoops for the current season.  The rankings are completely subjective, and are compiled incorporating price, quality, and value of the basketball hoop.  Without further ado, the top driveway basketball hoops are:

1. Spalding Arena View 88724AGP In-Ground Adjustable Basketball Hoop – $2499 + Free Shipping

   The Spalding Arena View 88724AGP is the baddest of the bunch.  It has an absolutely massive 8″ square steel pole made of 3/16″ steel, giving it supreme rigidity, or stability, which is the truest measure in quality for basketball systems.  The Arena View has a 42″ x 72″ heavy-duty tempered glass backboard that measures 1/2″ thick, providing superior reboundability (new word) that trumps any other backboard material on the market.  A 180 degree flex action breakaway rim and stadium style pole pad finish the touch on this beast, while an official four-foot regulation offset allows you to play under-the basket and reduces the risk of injury from running into the pole.  Adjusting the behemoth has never been easier, as an ergonomically designed U-Turn Pro system allows you to easily adjust the system from 7′ to regulation 10′ heights.  It’s supported by a bolt down anchor system, rather than a concrete in-ground bury, meaning if you end up moving, you can remove the system and take it with you.  If you’re looking for the best basketball hoop for your driveway, this Spalding Arena View Basketball Hoop is the end-all be-all system for you.

2. Triple Threat TPT554-LG Adjustable Basketball Hoop – $1299 + Free Shipping

   The Triple Threat TPT554-LG Basketball Hoop is, quite frankly, the new kid on the block.  It’s supported by a 5″ square post, and just like the Spalding Arena View, it is supported by a bolt down anchor base system rather than a concrete burial.  The TPT554-LG has a 36″ x 60″ Tempered Glass backboard that is 1/2″ thick, and a spring aided crank makes it simple to adjust the hoop from 10 feet all the way down to 5 feet!  The system comes with a free post pad and backboard pad, and has an offset of 48″ between the backboard and the pole, enhancing the safety of the hoop and reducing injury.

3. Goalrilla GS II Adjustable Basketball Hoop – $1499 + Free Shipping

   The Goalrilla GS II Basketball Hoop is a mega-popular, best-selling basketball system from the highly recognized Goalrilla Basketball brand.  The GS II has a 6″ x 6″ one-piece pole, providing exceptional rigidity, so it won’t shake when you shoot.  It features a 38″ x 60″ tempered glass backboard that measures 3/8″ thick, which is not quite as thick as the Spalding Arena View or the Triple Threat TPT554LG, yet it is still a high quality backboard.  A Breakaway Heavy Flex Rim allows you to play aggressively without fear of damaging the rim, as the breakaway design reduces pressure on the backboard when pulled down, hence the “breakaway” designation.  Again, adjusting the system is very simple, thanks to the All-Steel Actuator which allows you to adjust the system with ease.  Broomsticks need not apply.

4. Tie – Bison Atlantis Adjustable Basketball Hoop/Bison Smoked Atlantis Adjustable Basketball Hoop – $999 + Free Shipping

Just to clear things up, the Bison Atlantis and the Bison Smoked Atlantis Basketball Hoops are the same exact systems, with the only difference being the “Smoked” backboard on the Smoked Atlantis system.  The “smoked” glass is tinted, offering a modern look while reducing the glare from the sun.  Other than that, the two hoops are exactly the same. The Bison Atlantis Basketball Hoop is an affordable, quality basketball system perfect for many driveways across the nation.  The Atlantis has a 4″ x 4″ 1-piece pole that has 0.12″ walls, providing ample rigidity, yet not quite as much as the previously mentioned systems.  It features a 36″ x 54″ Clear TruGlass Backboard (Bison’s version of the tempered glass backboard), and the QwikLift System allows for infinite adjustment from 7.5′ up to 10′, meaning if you want the hoop to be set at 9’3″, have at it hoss.  Finding the ideal height is a reality with the Atlantis Hoop from Bison.  The Atlantis also has a 36″ safety setback distance (aka offset), and comes with the often overlooked free fitted post pad.  All in all, a great value for many households.

 5. Spalding Triple Eight Series 88830G 60″ Glass Basketball System – $1499 + Free Shipping

And last, but certainly not least, is the Spalding Triple Eight 88830G Basketball Hoop.  This Spalding Triple Eight Basketball System has a 38″ x 60″ glass backboard that measures 3/8″ thick, and even has a one-piece, 6″ square pole for supreme rigidity.  It has the U-Turn Pro Lift System for easy height adjustments, and it comes with a heavy-duty post pad that will significantly reduce the risk of injury for players under the basket.  Speaking of under the basket, this Triple Eight Hoop has a 3 foot offset, providing plenty of room for under the basket play.  An NBA logo on the pad finishes off the look, giving it that “official” touch.  This is a great system for those looking for the Spalding System without breaking the bank.

11 thoughts on “Best Basketball Hoops – Driveway In-ground Adjustable Hoops”

  1. I love the Triple Threat Hoop. I just installed one in my home and it’s been a huge benefit for my family. It’s helped eliminate a gym membership and all of my kids enjoy it.

  2. I had a First team 60″ acrylic backboard (I think it was called attack pro when I bought it 10 years ago). I’ve since moved and am looking at buying the Triple Threat Triple Threat TPT554-LG. Thoughts on that hoop vs the First Team? The pics/specs look similar – 60″ board, 5″ square pole. Is the quality comparable? Also, how does the glass backboard hold up on cold temps of Massachusetts? Would I be better off with acrylic? Thanks!

    1. Kyle, you have chosen a great backboard, and you really can’t go wrong with either First Team or Triple Threat, mostly because they are actually the same company! Triple Threat basketball equipment is actually First Team’s more economical line, designed with great materials for more residential, over commercial use. First Team equipment uses typically thicker poles and backboards, which tend to be more expensive, so they came out with Triple Threat about a year ago to compete in the more economical basketball market. The quality is comparable though, and is along the same lines as Goalrilla and other such companies. We carry the Triple Threat 553-MD adjustable hoop and Triple Threat 664-XXL adjustable hoop, both with tempered glass backboards that should be great for your needs.

      Comparing glass backboards to acrylic though, you really have nothing to worry about when it comes to temperatures. Both materials hold up well in extreme cold. The only major difference you’ll see is in performance. Glass is going to be more rigid, for truer rebounds and banks, than you’d get with acrylic. This isn’t to say that acrylic doesn’t perform well, or isn’t a popular choice, it just isn’t as rigid as classic glass backboards.

  3. You sell the Triple Threat basketball system by Iron Clad Sports… do you also sell their FullCourt Hoops line? I was interested in this line because of the arena view. Price on the 72″?

    1. Thanks for the comment Dave! Right now we don’t sell any of the Iron Clad Full Court Hoops line. However, we do offer some comparable residential basketball hoops from First Team and Triple Threat. The First Team Titan Arena Adjustable Basketball Hoop is probably your best bet. It’s slightly more expensive than the Full Court Hoop line, but with First Team you’re getting uncompromising quality that cannot be beat. The Triple Threat TPT644-XXL Adjustable Basketball Hoop is another comparable choice, and gives you very similar specs at a more cost-effective price-point than the Full Court line. If you have any questions, or would like some more info on any of these hoops, please let me know!

    1. I’ve honestly never heard of Pro Dunk basketball systems before, but I just looked them up, and you’re definitely right! They look similar, and are at similar price points to our collection of adjustable basketball hoops from First Team, Bison, and Goalrilla.

    1. We love both of those brands and really I think that comes down to your budget. The Bison is a little cheaper and has a slightly smaller backboard and adjusts only down to seven and a half feet, while the Triple Threat has a six inch wider backboard and goes all the way down to 5′ and has a bigger offset. It also uses a 5×5 pole vs a 4×4 pole on the Bison. Both are great hoops. Those are a few of the differences between the two.

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