Father’s Day Gifts for Sports Dads

If your first memory of dear ol’ Dad is him throwing you in the air (a little too close to the ceiling) when his alma mater scored a fourth quarter touchdown, I think we can safely assume that Father’s Day gifts are a breeeeze to find. That is mainly because there is a treasure trove of trinkets, clothes, and gear with that block M, bulldog, Jayhawk, or whatever emblem signifies his glorious school. There is an endless list of items with that logo right there reminding him of the good ol’ days before you were born. Is he an aspiring grill master in need of a sweet Nittany Lion grill mat? How about a Crimson Tide tailgate canopy? I’m not yet a father, but I’ve started to think about having kids just so they can buy me Michigan gear on Father’s Day. Just kidding, don’t tell Emma.

Imagine this: Daddio sits on the front lawn in a tailgate chair with a cooler of his favorite icy-cold canned beverage (you know what it is) by his feet and a canopy shading him from the summer sun. Next to the canopy is his shiny metal grill (that you sometimes think he cares for more than he does you) and under the grill are the colors and logo of his favorite team. He’s got the window to the house open and through it, he’s turned the living room TV to face out the window and he’s run speakers out so he can have the sound of the TV there with him. He’s grillin’, chillin’, and cheerin’ like the goof you’ve admired and made fun of for your whole life.

Is that the happiest you’ve seen him? Is he giddy with his favorite things on a Saturday afternoon? My guess: yes.

The best part about this vision of your crazy father is that you can actually make it happen. Now that I’ve given you the Don Draper, I’ll be forthright when I say that not only do we want to help you make your dad happy and connect you with him this year, we also want you to make that connection through Sports Unlimited. We’re running a sale for 10% off some of the cool things that will make him happy and you can find those college and pro tailgate gear and mats right at our Father’s Day Sale section.

Make sure you get your shopping done early so it has time to arrive by Father’s Day 2015 (June 21st). And remember, he roots for you just as much as he roots for his team.


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