EvoShield – The Future is Cool, Welcome to It

EvoShield uses dispersion technology with their custom molding shields to defend your body better than traditional protective gear.  This advancement in protection has rapidly changed the way players of all sports protect themselves and shows no sign of slowing down.  It is hard to believe that something so lightweight and thin can protect you as well as these Shields can, but RG3 knows it.  The cutting edge is pretty sharp these days and that is what makes EvoShield so exciting. Learn more about EvoShield’s technology here.

EvoShield at SportsUnlimited.com

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By Isaac Clark

Isaac is a dude at SportsUnlimited.com

Roger Federer Is The Best at Tennis

To those who watch the sport and those who do not, this is my humble plea for you to sit down and watch one, singular game or set or match and witness one of, if not the, greatest tennis players of all-time, at his best stage, Wimbledon, because Federer deserves the awe he inspires.

Federer Backhand at WimbledonRooting for Roger Federer over the past ten years has been, well, nice.  Because the man is just that, nice.  There is so little to dislike about him from his philanthropic endeavors to his adorable family to his flopping hair behind the headband.  Roger Federer is about as epitomic of an idol as one can find in the world of media driven sports these days with never-ceasing access to players’ lives.

Wimbledon LogoThis Wimbledon, we should all take a moment to consider how lucky we are to have been able to witness the era of Roger Federer and the brilliance of Rafa Nadal, the rise of Novak Djokovic and the ‘for-queen-and-country’ Andy Murray.  While all four players are truly great at the game of tennis, I find it hard not to pull for Federer with the smoothest of backhands that with one-handed ease makes fools of some of the best athletes in the world.

To those who watch the sport and those who do not, this is my humble plea for you to sit down and watch one, singular game or set or match and witness one of, if not the, greatest tennis players of all-time, at his best stage, Wimbledon, because Federer deserves the awe he inspires.

By Isaac Clark

Isaac is a Roger Admirer at SportsUnlimited.com

Unlimited Potential Project: Ryan Marquez

The Unlimited Potential Project is going to shine a spotlight on some of our Sports Unlimited athletes around the world to acknowledge their sporting achievements because family involvement, community involvement, and playing sports we love are such important parts of life.

Relatively new to SportsUnlimited.com, I (Isaac) have been striving to provide content on the blog and e-commerce site that is engaging and positive for the sports community in general.  While it does help for SportsUnlimited.com to sell products, the idea is to not just provide the newest, coolest, and best products to the customer, but to provide the right product that will make that customer the happiest.  This has led me to develop a side project that allows me to have a bit of fun and not sell, sell, sell with something I’m calling “The Unlimited Potential Project”.

The Unlimited Potential Project is going to shine a spotlight on some of our Sports Unlimited athletes around the world to acknowledge their sporting achievements because family involvement, community involvement, and playing sports we love are such important parts of life.

I am very happy to announce that for the first ever Unlimited Potential Project post, I will be highlighting a remarkable 10-year-old boy from Carrollton, Texas…

Ryan Marquez

Ryan Marquez - CatcherTeam: Brooklyn

League: North Texas Little League

Favorite Team: Texas Rangers

Favorite Player: Nolan Ryan

Favorite Active Player: Mike Napoli

Hits: Switch (L/R)

Throws: Right

Ryan plays ball for Brooklyn in the North Texas Little League and has had quite the year.  Primarily a catcher, Ryan has also put in some time as a pitcher and third baseman, but his favorite part of baseball is, in no great surprise, hitting!  Using his skills as a switch hitter, which he has honed since he was just five years old, Ryan leads the team in RBIs.  Through natural athleticism, great focus and instruction from his hitting coach, JT Blair, Ryan has had many keys hits this year to help his team to a 12-1 record, which has Brooklyn tied for 1st place in the league.

Ryan Marquez

One example of his prowess as a hitter occurred early in the season with a lot on the line. In a game against arch rival Yankees (12-1), Ryan was up to bat with 2 outs and the game tied.  Providing Brooklyn with some clutch hitting that the team has become accustomed to seeing from Ryan, he drove the ball to the opposite field and went on to win the game by a score of 6-5.  Being able to achieve consistent success for the team in critical situations signifies the drive and the ability of an extraordinary player even at such a young age.

Hitting can often times affect the result, but defensively, the skill of the catcher affects the game every single inning.  The catcher must work with the pitcher, block pitches, block the plate, throw out runners attempting to steal, and keep the defense in control of the inning.  Ryan’s poise behind the plate has come to him not only because he has the innate ability of a catcher, but because he practices hard and trusts his protective gear.  His father, Joe Marquez, and some of the other coaches have worked with him over the past year on getting quickly to his knees and taking short hops and bad pitches off his chest protector.  When we see major leaguers, not so much Mike Napoli anymore, but perhaps someone like Yadier Molina, blocking a bad pitch in the dirt, we take for granted how difficult it is to willfully put our bodies in the way of a pitch to prevent runs.  Ryan, through his desire to help the team in any way he can, does just that, in what he calls, his “Samurai Warrior Gear“.

Ryan_making the tag

With remarkable intuition and secretive hand signals with his first baseman, Isaiah Escalona, Ryan uses ‘snap throws’ to pick off unsuspecting runners who have strayed off base.  If you fall asleep on first, Ryan and Isaiah will get you out before you even realize it happened.

With clutch hitting, smart defense, and all-around athleticism, Ryan is a Little League All-Star in his league and an Athlete of Unlimited Potential for SportsUnlimited.com.  We are proud to highlight Ryan’s year and wish him and Brooklyn the best of luck in the playoffs.

I’d like to extend special thanks to Ryan’s very gracious father, Joe Marquez, for his willingness to participate in the project.

Do you think you or your son/daughter is an Athlete of Unlimited Potential?

Shoot me an email at iclark@sportsunlimited.com with your story and for all of your youth catchers gear and other baseball needs, shop Sports Unlimited!

By Isaac ClarkIsaac is a writer at Sports Unlimited.

Left Handed Rawlings Players Series 9″ Youth Baseball Glove – Product Spotlight

Left handed baseball glove

Finding a left-handed baseball glove for kids is not always easy, but we’ve asked around, we’ve done our research, and we found one that seems to be unanimously loved by kids and parents alike.  This left handed youth baseball glove from Rawlings brings high quality at a low price.  With the Basket Web pattern, the glove is already broken in and easy for the player to squeeze, all you have to do is put the kiddo’s hand in the glove, adjust the kid-friendly Velcro back, and send him or her to the field to play!

Baseball Glove - Lefty

Perfect for T-ball players aged 3-5, the glove is 9 inches and can be used at any position.  It is such a joy to watch your child, nephew, or grandson playing the sport we’ve grown up loving. and lefties can get discouraged by not finding a good youth glove, but the solution is here and it comes with a soft-core training ball for free.

Of the sixteen reviews that parents and grandparents have posted about this glove, all 16 gave it 5 stars.  Seems like a no-brainer to feature this product in the Product Spotlight!


Kids Playing Baseball

Joanne says, “I looked in every retail store I could think of to find a left-handed glove for my 5-year old. Finally decided to look online and came across this one.  It’s PERFECT for my little boy!! Fits his little hand nicely! Well-made and fast shipment too!! THANK YOU!!”

Denise: “Perfect size for my 3 year old!”

Susan calls it an “A+ Mitt” and says, “This mitt is everything I wanted! It’s difficult to find a leftie mitt in the 9″ size…thanks for helping my 4 year-old to play ball.”

It feels pretty good to provide a great and affordable left handed baseball glove to kids who want to play the game. Thanks Rawlings for doing it right!

Find it at SportsUnlimited.com

By Isaac Clark

Isaac is a writer at Sports Unlimited.

Product Spotlight: Schutt Vengeance DCT Hybrid Youth Football Helmet

Vengeance!The health and safety of youth football players is paramount to players, coaches, parents, and us at Sports Unlimited.  At the core of the safety concern is the helmet; the one piece of equipment that is designed to protect the brain.  Using an improperly-sized helmet is just as detrimental as wearing a helmet that does not provide great protection from cushioning systems and advanced shell construction.

As safety is the most important portion of the decision-making process for buying a football helmet, price and style still have their place because gearing Junior up for football season is time-consuming and cash-consuming.  With all exaggerated grandeur, I do now present to you the new Schutt Vengeance DCT Hybrid Youth Football Helmet!


With Schutt’s mastery of helmet design and construction, the Vengeance DCT Hybrid is built with advanced protection technology in the most critical areas at an affordable price.  The front, crown, and back parts of the helmet are strategically protected with Dual Compression TPU (DCT) technology that has elite protection against high and low velocity hits.  This is accomplished with one layer of hard TPU supplemented by one layer of soft TPU to maximize the absorption of shock from impact.  Schutt’s extensive research and development have determined those areas (front, crown, and back) as the highest levels of impact, needing the most advanced defense.  The sides of the helmet are lined with a vinyl nitrile padding that supports and protects the rest of the player’s head. The comfort liner allows the DCT Hybrid to rest properly on the youth player’s head for a snug fit, which is not only important for comfort, but also for safety through proper fit.Back of Vengeance Hybrid

The immediately noticeable difference from this helmet to others is the brand new Vengeance shell design.  The largest standoff of any helmet manufactured, the Vengeance shell provides greater impact absorption as well as strength.  The shell is made of ABS plastic, which is lightweight and is featured on all Schutt youth helmets to bolster protection for any young player on the field.  Another impact of the new shell design is a redesigned Faceguard Line with offset eyebrow bars to augment impact absorption. Along with the face mask change, Schutt introduces the Twist-Release System to aid in the event of injury.  This allows the facemask to be removed quickly and easily.

AiR Maxx Jaw Pads TPU

Schutt is really pushing their TPU technology, which is yet again in the AiR Maxx Jaw Pads to protect the youngster’s face.  TPU is the same material used to make United States Armed Forces fighter pilot helmets.  The advanced protection of this helmet through Dual Compression TPU, Vengeance Shell design, and new Faceguard Line is truly shocking at the $84.95 price.

Expertly designed and packed with new protection technology, this helmet is one that we recommend with great fervor.  You can’t beat the price at Sports Unlimited and don’t forget that we’re rooting for the overall safety of all players and of course, your team!

I leave you with a video of  the Doug, our Web Team Leader and the DCT Hybrid…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXeeI3x_pKc]

By Isaac Clark

Isaac is a writer at Sports Unlimited.

2013 Sports Unlimited Football Equipment Draft – Top 10 Picks

Let's Get Started!Welcome to the 2013 Sports Unlimited Football Equipment Draft. With all of our minds on the upcoming NFL Draft, we decided to present our own style of draft that features the best of the best football equipment that you can find at SportsUnlimited.com because we want to equip you with what you need to make 2013 the most memorable season of your life.

We have randomly generated a draft order for some of our expert compatriots at SU and I will be documenting the draft so that you can stay informed with the top-of-the-line, most advanced products in the industry.  Here are the top ten picks!

1.  Schutt Titanium Big Grill 2.0 Super Pro XL Football FacemaskTitaniumBG2.0XL

With the luck of the draw, the coveted first overall pick in our draft goes to Andre from the Customer Service department. With every product still on the board, Andre selects the Schutt Titanium Big Grill 2.0 Football Facemask. Lighter and stronger than steel, this facemask brings the performance of a No.1 pick.  Peak performance with the most intimidating and wicked design on the market make the Titanium Big Grill 2.0 one fearsome mask only available at Sports Unlimited.

Quarterback and Wide Receiver Shoulder Pads

2.  Schutt AiR Maxx Flex Adult Football Shoulder Pads – QB / WR

With so many incredible products remaining, Jason felt the pressure when he was on the clock and let it get down to 00:01 before deciding that the Schutt AiR Maxx Flex Adult Football Shoulder Pads – QB / WR were worthy of the 2nd pick. I have to agree with him because the Quarterback to Wide Receiver connection can put six points on the board on any given play. Ultimate protection with strategically placed TPU and superb range of motion give these pads the best draft rating in the biz. Drafting performance and protection for some of the most important positions on the field is always an excellent choice.

3.  Cutters X40 C-Tack Revolution Adult Football Receiver GlovesBest Football Gloves on the market!

In an early shock, Steve from our Web Team is going deep with the Cutters X40 C-Tack Revolution Adult Football Receiver Gloves. Equipped with a self-restoring C-Tack grip and available in an array of colors, these gloves make plays. Steve knows that fumbles and drops can cost dearly on the gridiron and he wasn’t afraid to snag an elite pair of ‘hands’ this high in the draft. Great pick!

Mean looking helmet with superb protection with Dual Compression TPU lining4.  Schutt Vengeance DCT Adult Football Helmet

The fourth pick belongs to our wise leader and President, Don who makes the most popular pick of the draft with the Schutt Vengeance DCT Adult and Youth Helmets. Don goes with the numbers here because he knows this popular helmet lives up to the hype and “has been our number one selling helmet this year”! The TPU in the DCT is the same material used in United States Armed Forces fighter pilot and paratrooper helmets. Combined with a re-imagined shell design, I wouldn’t have been surprised to see this go first overall!

5.  Riddell 360 Adult Football HelmetThis may be the best football helmet in the world!

Having had head and jaw injuries in the past, I knew from the start that I needed to draft a great helmet. With Don having taken the Schutt Vengeance DCT off the board, my decision became a lot easier because my internal argument was between the former and the Riddell 360 Adult Football Helmet. With Concussion Reduction Technology, Flex Face Guard, and Riddell’s Hexagonal Liner System, I may have just picked up the best helmet in the world.

Vision on the field6.  Oakley Football Eyeshield

Web Team is here with another pick, and Steph, with an understanding of how important vision is on the field, dashes to our imaginary podium to select the Oakley Football Eyeshield. Steph trusts the Plutonite construction and HDO (High Definition Optics) technology from Oakley because wherever you are on the field, your decision-making relies on vision. The value here is playing smart and Steph’s team is going to be built on great vision and smart decisions.

7.  Schutt Vengeance DCT Hybrid+ Youth Football HelmetDual Compression TPU Padding

At the seventh pick, Doug, the feared Web Team Manager, picks up the product at the top of his draft board, the Schutt Vengeance DCT Hybrid+ Youth Football Helmet. “I like the combination of all the latest protection technologies and the value you get versus the Youth Vengeance DCT.” The innovative combination of Dual Compression TPU and traditional vinyl nitrile padding makes this youth helmet high in protection and low in price. This could be the steal of the draft!

New Balance Men's Football Lacrosse Cleats8.  New Balance 993 Mid Mens Lacrosse / Football Cleats

Michele, one of our Customer Service Supervisors, has the football knowledge and competitive spirit to know that winning on the gridiron takes great footwork and her strategy is speed, speed, speed.  She’s getting some traction with the New Balance 993 Mid Mens Lacrosse / Football Cleats.  These cleats were designed to have the versatility, durability, and lightness to make a player dangerous.  Speed with stability can go a long way.

9.  Wilson TDS Leather High School Football Approved for High School Play

We have back to back Customer Service Supervisor picks and this one belongs to Jamie.  One of the friendliest people around, he cares about our products and our customers, which is why he is going with the Wilson TDS Leather High School Football.  Without a ball, you can’t play and this beauty is approved by NFHS for high school play.  Practice your skills with the ball or play some catch out back because a tight spiral just looks better with an official ball. You can see and feel the quality with 899 full-grain leather.

All Purpose for any player on the field!10.  Schutt Y Flex All Purpose Youth Football Shoulder Pads

Ryan received the tenth and last pick in the draft, but with the expertise he has as a Buyer and Customer Service Manager, he can draft in any position and come out with a winner. He calls the Schutt Y Flex All Purpose Youth Football Shoulder Pads, “great youth shoulder pads that our customers love for all positions. Value is excellent.” Ryan picks for strength and versatility with these youth shoulder pads that feature Air Flex tech and vapor holes to maintain protection with great comfort. Safety is paramount whether you are developing football skills or playing at an elite level.

There you have it, our inaugural Sports Unlimited Football Equipment Draft is complete. I’d like to thank the participants for lending their expertise. I’ll declare the draft a success due to my personal happiness with my pick and I know you all were rooting for me. This draft could have gone any which way because the top ten draft picks were only a tiny sample of what SportsUnlimited.com has to offer!

Good luck this season folks!

By Isaac Clark
Isaac is a writer at Sports Unlimited.

5 Things to Know About New 2013 NCAA Lacrosse Head Regulations

Know the latest NCAA lacrosse rules for stringing your lax head in 2013.

In September of 2012, the NCAA announced plans to update and change a number of lacrosse regulations, all of which go into effect at the start of the 2013 season. For some, this might be old news, but I’ve found that many parents and players are still unaware of, or confused by the changes.

So here’s what you need to know;

1. Shooting strings can no longer extend more than 4″ from the top of the crosse.

Basically, this rule attempts to prevent really low shooters, and makes any V or U shooting strings illegal, restricting players to two basic two cross shooting strings. This ruling may seem frustrating, since most players are used to stringing their lacrosse heads with a V or U shooting string, but the NCAA’s aim was to prevent unfair pocket hold, and not directly outlaw V stringing.

2013 NCAA Lacrosse Pocket Rules

2. Only one sidewall string is allowed on each side of the head.

This rule keeps additional strings off the sidewalls, reducing excess hold on the ball.

3. All lacrosse sticks are subject to a reverse pocket test.

Reverse Pocket Stick Check

When any pocket is stick-checked, in addition to tipping the crosse forward and backward, referees must also ensure that the ball can come out of any pocket, when placed in the back of the pocket, and pushed in to create a reverse pocket.

Refs will hold the lacrosse shaft parallel to the ground, face down, and then push the pocket through to create a reverse of the pocket. With the ball in the deepest part of the reverse pocket, the ball must come out when turned 180 degrees.

4. Any lacrosse stick deemed illegal during a game cannot be used again in the game.

If any lacrosse stick fails a random stick check, the team gets a 1 minute foul, and the stick is kept at the scorer’s table until the game is over. This is different than previous rulings, which allowed a player to fix his pocket, to meet regulations, and then return the stick to play.

5. All of these rules currently only apply to NCAA men’s lacrosse, or any high school league, club, or team that follows NCAA rules.

It’s important to note though, that while the new rules may not directly apply to all high school lacrosse players, many clubs and colleges across the country are now encouraging younger players to re-string their heads to meet these NCAA rules, to prepare them for upper levels of play.


In all, these new lacrosse rules make it easier, or at least more reasonable, to knock the ball out of the pocket, with the aim of maintaining fair play, retaining the merit of the game, and keeping players safe.

The NCAA and other officials noticed that attackers and middies were continuously running through traffic without ever losing the ball, despite significant pressure from the defense. It quickly became obvious that ball handling lacrosse skills were not solely to blame for this, and that some modern stringing methods were basically making it nearly impossible to dislodge the ball from the pocket.

What these new 2013 NCAA lacrosse rules attempt to accomplish is a game that focuses more on moving the ball than moving with the ball, while at the same time, trying to prevent escalation as defenders learn to check harder to get the ball out of deep pockets.


As with most rule changes in sports, there are people on both sides of the argument. Some players and coaches find the changes erroneous and arbitrary, and believe they will do little besides slow down the game and confuse players and parents. Others see this as a step forward to making the game fairer, and faster with more ball movement.

However, there are still others who have almost no opinion at all, and have simply changed and moved on, understanding that rules change and players adapt. Most believe, that at some point, master stringers and kids will find news ways of stringing their heads within the new rules, to develop the same solid hold they could get from low shooters and multiple side wall strings. For them, it’s only a matter of time.

But how about you? What do you think of these new lacrosse rules, and what do they do for the game as whole?

By Brandon Porter.Brandon is a product specialist at Sports Unlimited.