What’s the Difference Between Replica and Authentic MLB Jerseys?

Learn the difference between replica and authentic MLB jerseys. Find the right MLB jersey for you, to start the season with. Whether it’s a full-featured authentic jersey, loaded with performance materials and top-quality stitching, or a more cost-effective replica jersey, detailed with tackle-twill team logos and colors, it’s hard to go wrong once you know what kind of jersey is right for you!

The boys of summer are back, and like most fans, I’ll be gearing up for another long-overdue baseball season with a new MLB jersey. I’m a die-hard Phillies fan, and even though I’m not feeling 100% confident this year, I still love the team and want to show my support. So whether I’m at that Park, on my couch, at the bar, or visiting family in NY and furiously rooting against the Mets, I plan on wearing my new Phillies jersey. But even I (a product specialist at Sports Unlimited) got a little confused when looking for new authentic MLB jerseys!

What exactly is an authentic jersey? How is an authentic jersey different from a replica jersey? Should I get my name on the jersey, or go with one of my favorite players? (For the record, Ruiz is my boy!)

These were all questions I found myself asking, and honestly, I had a hard time finding the answers. Thus, I decided to do some research and put all of my findings right here, in hopes that I could help others get the right MLB jersey for them, as the 2013 baseball season gets underway:

Authentic and Replica Jerseys Inforgraph

The final, and probably most important difference between replica and authentic jerseys, is the price. For that authentic MLB look, you’re going to be paying anywhere from $150 to nearly $300, while you can usually snag a replica MLB jersey for around $75. Obviously, you’re getting what you pay for, with the incredibly high quality Majestic always brings to the table. It’s just up to you and your budget, which jersey you’d rather go for!

Ok, so now you know the difference between authentic and replica jerseys. But did you know there are still almost endless options available to you?

You can get an authentic home jersey, authentic away jersey, authentic alternate jersey, replica home jersey, replica away jersey, replica alternate jersey, batting practice jersey, personalized authentic / replica jersey complete with your own name and number, or an Any Player authentic / replica jersey, with the name and number of any current roster player!

Whew, that’s a lot of decisions to make!

Oh and I almost forgot, they’re all available in men’s, women’s, and kids sizes too.

So to help you in your tough decision, here’s one final piece of info;

Our Top Ten Best Selling Baseball Player Jerseys:

Derek Jeter

Albert Pujols

Matt Kemp

Mike Trout

Josh Hamilton

Bryce Harper

Justin Verlander

Prince Fielder

Buster Posey

Mariano Rivera

By Brandon Porter.Brandon is a product specialist at Sports Unlimited.