The Hike

Sports Unlimited Hike4Hope

We hiked to the Pinnacle on a fine day in late June. There were rocks to climb and branches to wade through, but there is little that we cannot do when we’re together and striving for a collective goal. As you must already know, our goal was to raise funds and awareness for Progeria Research Foundation through HIKE4HOPE. This, we achieved raising tens of thousands of dollars as well as awareness through our online efforts.

To remain forthcoming, the hike was challenging and the views were sublime. We thought about our friends Nathan and Bennett. We thought about our cause. We thought about how inspiring the  rolling hills of Pennsylvania are from up high. It was a good day.

Sports Unlimited Group Picture Hike
Sports Unlimited Hike4HopeThe Appalachian Trail SignDoug Ponders Existence
Sports Unlimited Owner Dave Neff on Hike