New 2013 BBCOR Bats Available at SU

A review and overview of the latest BBCOR bats from DeMarini, the 2013 CF5 Composite Bat and Voodoo Aluminum Alloy Bat. Both utilize the advanced TR3 FLO carbon composite technology to deliver incredibly lightweight, fast, and powerful bats that continue to adhere to all BBCOR standards and regulations.

We know that the past few years have been tough for high school and college baseball players. Since the implementation of BBCOR bat standards, learning, understanding, and conforming to them has forced parents and players to re-think how they shop for new baseball bats. It’s not just about performance anymore! Now you have to be sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you can even use your new bat in a regulation game!

Thankfully though, bat companies like DeMarini have had ample time to assess the new BBCOR standards, and develop incredible technologies and insanely powerful, lightweight bats that knock the guts out of the ball…while still adhering to all standards of performance. Enter the future of your game; the 2013 season DeMarini BBCOR Baseball Bats. Available for pre-order now from Sports Unlimited, these bats are ready to ship May 1st (5/1/12).

DeMarini 2013 CF5 BBCOR Composite Bat

DeMarini 2013 CF5 Composite Baseball BatIn the world of baseball bats, nothing performs like composite. It’s lightweight, strong, and gives you some serious power at the plate. And in the new world of BBCOR bats, there’s nothing that swings, strikes, and slams like the brand new 2013 DeMarini CF5 Composite! You may have swung last year’s version, but nothing can prepare you for the advanced design, feel, and performance of this season’s series.

2013 BBCOR CF5 BatIt starts with the latest in composite technology; the TR3 FLO, or Fused layer Optimized Composite. Using a complex, technical process that is way beyond my high-school grasp of science and engineering, DeMarini randomly fuses carbon fibers to create an incredibly compact carbon composite material. This lightweight, strong material makes up the barrel and handle of the bat, evenly distributing weight for perfect balance, and making for some seriously fast and powerful swings. DeMarini fuses these two pieces together with its Half + Half technology, giving you the largest sweet spot possible, to destroy any fast ball that comes down the line.

Consistently powerful, yet BBCOR certified and ready to play, the 2013 CF5 is the lightest and strongest composite bat in DeMarini’s arsenal.

Available -3 BBCOR certified for adults, or -11 for youth players.

DeMarini 2013 Voodoo BBCOR Aluminum Bat

DeMarini 2013 Voodoo Aluminum Composite Baseball Bat

With sick new barrel graphics and the added performance of the new TR3 FLO composite technology in the handle, the 2013 Voodoo packs the powerful punch of advanced aluminum alloy, with the lightweight speed of composite carbon, for a serious bat that is not to be messed with.

2013 Voodoo Baseball BatMade of X10, a propriety aluminum alloy, the new Voodoo’s barrel is not only incredibly light, but has also been finely tuned to create the ultimate sweet spot. Thin and strong, for that solid trampoline effect off the bat, it still strictly adheres to all BBCOR standards for 2013 and beyond.

Inside the aluminum barrel, you’ll feel a new taper ring. Strategically moved closer to the composite handle, the taper ring lowers swing weight and enhances the sweet spot, so the bat feels lighter and swings faster, without actually reducing weight beyond standards.

Combining the most advanced aluminum alloys and composite technologies in the game, the 2013 Voodoo baseball bat puts ultimate power in your hands, and strikes some fear in the heart of any pitcher you step up to.

Available -3 BBCOR certified for adults, or -13 for youth players.

By Brandon Porter.Brandon is a product specialist at Sports Unlimited.

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  1. We love the new 2013 BBCOR line from Demarini, with the lowest MOI we have ever demoed these bats are second to none in the swing weight catagory

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