New Schutt Big Grill 2.0 Facemask Now Available to the Public

The new Schutt Big Grill 2.0 football facemask is available for immediate sale at Sports Unlimited! The single most intimidating facemask ever created by man, the Big Grill 2.0, made famous by a certain New York Giants defensive back, will transform your game! Available in a wide variety of colors and styles, including the new Aqua Tech specialty color designs.

Schutt Big Grill 2.0 Football FacemaskThe wait is over and one of the most insanely aggressive football facemasks ever devised is finally available for sale to the public! That’s right, the infamous Big Grill 2.0 facemask (made famous by a certain New York Giants defensive end) is here and ready for immediate purchase (at Sports Unlimited).

We all remember where we were the first time we saw the original Big Grill on TV. It was unlike anything else out there; 6 horizontal bars and three vertical pegs made it look like a dangerous Darth Vader mask of intense football aggression. Then the guy goes ahead and one up’s himself…starting the 2012 NFL season with a completely new and even more ridiculously intimidating facemask!

Justin Tuck wearing the Big Grill 2.0The new Big Grill 2.0 revamps the original grid design, creating something completely unheard of. A modified ROPO (Reinforced Oral Protection Only) facemask with a 5 horizontal bar structure, and 12 diagonal bars cutting across the face, literally daring any opponent to just try and get his fingers in there. It’s intense athletic aggression sharpened to a razor’s edge!

Available in a wide variety of colors, Schutt has released the new Big Grill 2.0 in DNA and Super-Pro styles. The Schutt Big Grill 2.0 DNA facemask will fit on your youth or adult Schutt DNA Pro +, and the Big Grill 2.0 Super Pro will fit your youth or adult Schutt AiR XP, AiR Advantage, or XP Hybrid. XL versions of both of these Big Grill 2.0 facemasks are also available for players, to fit your extra large helmets.

For those of you with a brand new Schutt Vengeance, don’t fret; the The Big Grill 2.0 is designed to fit the Vengeance as well! An XL Super Pro Big Grill 2.0 will fit on any Schutt Vengeance helmet easily. But if you’re more interested in the DNA Big Grill 2.0, that will fit as well, with slight modifications. All you’ll need to do is drill holes in the pre-marked spots on the Vengeance shell, and the DNA facemask should fit perfectly.

Big Grill 2.0 Facemask Colors
Big Grill 2.0 Aqua Tech FacemaskFor an even more intimidating and unique look, check out the exclusive Schutt Big Grill 2.0 DNA Aqua Tech or Super Pro Aqua Tech Facemasks! Designed with permanent specialty coloring effects, Aqua Tech graphics turn your face guard into something sleek, beautiful, and dangerous on the gridiron.

Buy your Big Grill 2.0 today, and protect yourself with the single most impressive and aggressive football facemask on the planet!

By Brandon Porter.

Brandon is a product specialist at Sports Unlimited.

123 thoughts on “New Schutt Big Grill 2.0 Facemask Now Available to the Public”

  1. Hey thanks for the extremely excited that you guys released the big grills. But in you thing you say SHOULD INSTALL EASILY…..that doesn’t sound promising. Lol I’ve never drilled into a helmet and the risk of messing something up and/or voiding the warranty has me extremely cautious. This is a big purchase and I don’t want to risk doing it wrong and it snaps off during the game. (tragic) is there a way to have it assembled if I pay extra? Or a video that could help?

    1. Haha, sorry for worrying you Mario. The Vengeance shell has two indentations behind the lower facemask attachment where you should drill the holes, and this does not void the warranty. But if you’re worried about damaging the helmet, which I completely understand, I’d suggest getting the XL Super Pro Big Grill 2.0 instead of the DNA. That facemask would fit on the helmet easily, and without worry of irreparably damaging the helmet. Right now, we’re not set up to attach the DNA facemasks to the Vengeance helmets, but we will definitely be shooting and posting a video blog on how to do it in the very near future.

      1. Is it available in the aqua tech? The black and white style in particular. And are you saying get the large helmet (vengence) with the XL super pro big grill 2.0 And it will fit perfectly? Or should I go for the XL helmet and face mask? Does sports unlimited attach the masks?

        1. We do offer the Big Gill 2.0 in the aqua tech versions, and have a few of the White/Black wide tiger options in stock right now, unfortunately we aren’t stocking the aqua tech in XL. If you’re interested in one though, definitely call our customer service representatives at 800-693-6368 and they should be able to custom order you one! As far as helmet/facemask sizing is concerned, with the Vengeance it definitely seems strange, so I understand your confusion. But because of the Vengeance’s large offset shell, XL Super Pro facemasks will fit on any size Vengeance helmet. So if you normally wear a Large, go with a large helmet, and an XL facemask, and you’ll be fine. And yes, with the Super Pro’s, we can attach them for a $10 fee.

      1. but is the XL like really big from top to bottom like a lineman facemask? and i were a large helmet will it fit on a large vengeance

        1. The way the Vengeance is built, an XL Super Pro facemask will actually fit any size Vengeance shell. So it will definitely fit your Large Vengeance. Size-wise, the XL Big Grill 2.0 is actually exactly the same size, top to bottom, as a typical Schutt ROPO facemask, only the bar configuration is different. So you’ll get the same coverage, top to bottom at least, that you’d get with a standard ROPO running back, linebacker, or defensive back facemask.

    1. It looks exactly like the Super Pro Big Grill 2.0 to me, and in theory, that would fit on his helmet (the Riddell VSR) since that helmet fits standard facemasks. Riddell doesn’t mass-produce facemasks like that, so it’s most likely the Schutt Big Grill 2.0, however it’s possible that Ray Lewis had it custom made for him.

        1. No, most modern Riddell helmets, like the Revo Speed, only fit Riddell-specific facemasks. The VSR 4 is an older helmet that was able to fit most standard facemasks, but it’s actually suggested by Riddell not to wear it anymore (although some players like Ray Lewis still do). These days, typically Schutt facemasks only fit Schutt helmets and Riddell facemasks only fit Riddell helmets.

  2. one more question how is the visibility threw the big grill 2.0? can i still see enough to scan the field?

    1. Your overall visibility is going to be somewhat restricted by the extra bars, but personally I think the eye-level opening is definitely wide enough to get a good scan of the field.

    1. I see what you’re talking about. It’s probably just a difference in the angle of the picture though. The 2.0 image with the helmet was a standard picture directly from Schutt, while the picture of the aqua tech was something I took in the office. The regular big grill 2.0 and aqua tech versions are exactly the same, it’s simply a different coating for style.

  3. can you post a video of the big grill 2.0 being put on a schutt vengeance? and if you did were could i find it?

    1. Tyler, in response to yours, and other’s requests for a similar video, we’re actually going to be shooting one this week, on how to properly attach a DNA facemask and Super Pro facemask on the new Schutt Vengeance. We’ll use a Big Grill 2.0 as an example as well, but the attachments would be the same. I’ll be posting the video right on this blog, and it will also be available on Thanks!

    1. Rian, funny you should ask, because I will be posting a video of exactly that in a few hours. My college Doug and I shot it yesterday, and it explains exactly how to attach an XL Super Pro or DNA facemask (including the Big Grill 2.0) onto your new Vengeance helmet. Check back before the end of the day, and you’ll find it right here!

      1. Like how long??? I need one like now! Is there anyway you can put a big grill 2.0 super pro onto a DNA helmet?

        1. I just checked out Purchase Orders with Schutt, and our next shipment of Black Big Grill 2.0 DNA facemasks is scheduled to come in to our warehouse by Thursday of this week. If the shipment actually does arrive on time, we’ll have the facemask available for purchase by Friday or Saturday at the absolute latest.

        1. Unfortunately no, the free shipping does not apply to packages to Canada. But to make shipping easier for you, we do include the total cost of all taxes, duties and fees in your initial shipping charge, so you don’t have to pay anything upon delivery.

        1. I’ve just re-checked the Purchase Order with Schutt. The shipment with the facemask in it left their warehouse on the 18th (later than originally expected). For some reason I cannot get tracking information on it, but we expect it to arrive in our warehouse early this week. If you’d like, you can go to the product page, select “Black” and enter your email, so you’ll automatically be notified as soon as it comes back into stock. You can also call in at 800-693-6368, speak to our customer service department, and put in a backorder for one, so it’ll ship to you as soon as it comes in. Otherwise, I’ll definitely keep you posted as soon as I get word that it’s been received.

        1. Very sorry for the problem Liam! Everything should be working, and the Black DNA Big Grill 2.0 should be orderable now. Please let me know if there are any more issues.

  4. Does the LT 2.0 XL Super Pro fit on a Large Vengeance? or should I drop down to just a large LT 2.0? And If I called would I be able to get a custom Big Grill 2.0 for my Large ION 4D?

    1. Brandon, any XL Super Pro facemask, including the Schutt LT 2.0 Super Pro XL will fit on a Medium or Large Schutt Vengeance. It’s a little confusing, but a Large Super Pro will not fit on a Large Vengeance, only the XL Super Pro will. As far as the Big Grill 2.0 is concerned, unfortunately, Schutt isn’t mass producing any styles for the ION 4D. They may have made one custom for the NFL, but as a retailer, we probably would not be able to get you a custom made Big Grill 2.0…as much as Schutt likes us.

    1. Unfortunately, Schutt isn’t mass producing any Big Grill 2.0 facemasks for the ION 4D helmet. They may have made one or two directly for NFL players as custom jobs, but they are not making them for retail sale.

    1. Will, right now we don’t have any Gold Big Grill 2.0 DNA XL facemasks on order, but if you could call in to our customer service department at 800-693-6368, any of our representatives would be happy to order one for you!

  5. hey can i put a schutt big grill 2.0 facemask on my helmet which is a ion 4d helmet.and i could drill extra holes for the screws for it

    1. Unfortunately, the new Big Grill 2.0 is not designed to fit the Schutt ION 4D, even with any modifications. The ION uses the energy wedge faceguard system, and Schutt has no plans to develop a Big Grill 2.0 that can fit into that system.

  6. ok well i was going to purchase the regular big grill, not the 2.0, but for the air xp. to me the one for the facemask looks more round, in the eye area, for the air xp, while the dna facemask has the more straighter lines. i had found one that looked just like the dna one but for the air xp on another site so i wasnt sure if it was legit

    1. I can’t say for certain, but the site you saw it on may be using the wrong image for their facemasks. All of the Big Grill images on our site were taken by our photographers, of the exact facemask itself, on the compatible helmet. I’d definitely agree with you though, the Super Pro Big Grill seems to be more rounded in the eye areas, than the ION or DNA versions. But if it makes your decision easier, if you’re looking to attach it to an AiR XP, the Super Pro version is the only one that would be compatible.

        1. Unfortunately, we can’t process any custom facemask orders with Schutt for retail sale. The custom facemasks they, and Riddell, usually do are for NFL players and are typically one-off’s. However, if you’re interested in a custom facemask, I would suggest calling Schutt directly.

      1. thank you very much. also im not sure if you know to much about the rawlings helmet but what exactly facemasks fit on it, the rawlings quantum adult.

        1. Happy to help Jacob! I’ve done some investigating for you, and have a list of facemasks that fit on the Rawlings Quantum adult. I’m not sure if you had anything specific in mind, but I tried to fit a few different Schutt and Riddell facemasks on the helmet, and was unsuccessful. So I’d say that no Schutt Super Pro, DNA, or Riddell facemasks would be compatible with the Quantum, mostly because of its unique bulb-shape shell. That being said, Rawlings offers a bunch of great facemasks for the helmet, designed to compliment any position on the field, including the SO2, SO2R, SO2REG, SO2RU, PO3R, and PO3RU. They also offer XL versions of all of these.

  7. Hi, I just ordered the facemask from Canada, but how does the shipping work? Where will the delivery be made? I know they won’t leave it at the door, so how does it work?

    1. Hi Kyle,

      If you have an order number I can check your exact order for any issues, but barring any unforeseen problems or specific delivery directions from you, your facemask should ship easily to Canada, and be delivered by UPS to your doorstep. We work all of the duties and fees into the shipping costs you paid online, so you won’t have to worry about paying out of pocket when it’s delivered. Let me know if this answers your question.

    1. We are expecting a couple of maroon Big Grill 2.0 DNA facemasks to arrive in our warehouse in the next day or two actually! If you need the Super Pro style in maroon, I’d suggest calling our customer service representatives at 800-693-6368, and they can order you one directly.

  8. hello! looking at all the questions and answers about this big grill facemask see that many of us have ion 4d and want this big grill: you as a company can not make a direct request to schutt a large order for these big grill? greetings from Bogota Colombia

    1. Thanks for the great question, and greetings from chilly Philadelphia, PA! Unfortunately, as great as our relationship with Schutt is, we can’t force them to produce a specific facemask that isn’t in their catalog. I’ve spoken to our representative from the company, and passed on our customers’ interest in a Big Grill 2.0 for the Vengeance and ION 4D to them, but outside of that, there really isn’t much else we, as a retailer, can do to influence equipment production. I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted though, if any new Big Grill facemasks go into production!

  9. I have been checking daily, still there is no maroon face mask, even though you said you would have it in the next day or two ?

    1. I’m sorry for the delay Noah, but we are still waiting on the shipment from Schutt. Their tracking information indicates that the shipment, including the facemasks, should arrive at our warehouse this afternoon. If they do, the maroon facemask will be available for order either tonight or tomorrow. Again though, if you like, you can call 800-693-6368, and place your order directly with our customer service representatives. If you do, the second the facemask comes in, it’ll ship right out to you.

    1. Unfortunately no, there isn’t a Big Grill 2.0 for any Riddell helmet. The Big Grill is designed and produced by Schutt, so it’s only built to fit Schutt helmets like the DNA, AiR XP, and Vengeance. If Riddell comes out with a similar custom facemask at any time though, we’ll be sure to let everyone know, and will definitely be stocking it!

  10. I was browsing through the facemask section and saw that there are two different features on an ion 4d helmet. above the forehead, there is either 2 lubestraps or a plastic covering. my helmet from school has the plastic covering and i wanted a big grill (1st generation) and noticed the example helmet with the facemask had lubestraps, does that matter? and is there a way to get the big grill (first generation) that is compatible with the plastic covering, if the covering matters though

    1. Antonio, I know exactly what you mean, and Schutt actually has used three different bumpers in the passed few years for this helmet; the full plastic bumper you have, 1/4 Turn Loop Straps, and traditional loop straps. So it can get a little confusing. With the original Big Grill for the ION 4D though, you will be fine to attach it to your original plastic bumper, with the integrated loop straps. You’ll have to remove the bumper, attach the facemask to the lower jaw attachments, then reattach the bumper over top of the facemask. It takes a little work, but it will definitely fit.

    1. I’ve heard a few different accounts with regard to visors fitting on the Big Grill 2.0. Some people have been able to attach visor clips to it, and others have had trouble with it because of the diagonal bars. Either way, you can still attach any visor using zip ties, which should keep it secure and stable on the facemask.

        1. The Oakley and Nike visors are very similar in size and design, including their clip system. But because of the diagonal bars of the Big Grill 2.0, there’s really no room to attach the clips needed to secure the visor to the facemask. We suggest using either zip ties, or another type of flexible tie to secure the visor to the bars of the facemask.

  11. Can the Big Grille 2.0 Fit Ridell helmets? i want the facemask so bad but our school helmets are ridell. will it still work?

    1. I’m sorry Michael, but no, the Big Grill 2.0 won’t fit on any Riddell helmet. They’re only designed for Schutt helmets. If Riddell develops their own specialized facemasks though, we’ll be the first store to have them and I’ll be sure to post something about it!

  12. My helmet and facemask was sapost to come today but on the tracking it said that it was to deleverd to the local post office but y would ups drop it off there

    1. Tyson, in addition to using UPS, we also use Sure Post, which is a mailing service that allows us to cut shipping costs and pass that savings on to you. Because of this service, UPS drops some packages off at your local post office, who then deliver your package right to your door. The helmet and facemask should be delivered within the next day or two (at the absolute latest), but if you want to continue tracking it, the USPS tracking code should be available on when you go to track your package.

    1. No not all Schutt helmets. The Big Grill 2.0 comes in two different styles; Super Pro and DNA. The regular Super Pro style will fit Schutt AiR XP, Youth AiR XP, AiR Advantage, Youth Advantage, and XP Hybrid helmets. An XL Super Pro will fit the XL sizes of all of those helmets, in addition to M-L Schutt Vengeance helmets. The regular DNA style will fit M-L Schutt DNA helmets, and can also be used on M-L Schutt Vengeance helmets. XL DNA Big Grill 2.0 facemasks will fit XL DNA helmets and XL Vengeance helmets.

    1. Yes, there are very small shape difference between the Super Pro and DNA styles of the Big Grill 2.0. The DNA is a slightly longer and more narrow, while the Super Pro is shorter and wider. But these differences are small, and not incredibly obvious.

    1. Unfortunately no. Schutt is actually discontinuing production of the ION 4D to refocus its attentions on the new Vengeance, and other new helmets with DCT technology. So they will not be developing any specialized facemasks like the Big Grill 2.0, for the ION 4D.

  13. Riddell came out with the big grill for the speed when will you get those in?

  14. I truly believe shutt has done miss justice to some customers by not making the big grill 2.0 available for ppl who has just recently bought an Ion4D helmet. Justin Tuck has it for his Ion4D helmet!? I think it should be available for that helmet. I’m not made of money, and I’m not going to keep buying new helmet just for up grades. I always been happy with the schutt equipment. And wouldn’t put my sons safety in anybody’s hands or equipment. I’ve bought two ion4d helmets, shoulder pads, hip pads from the company. And my son loves his ion4d. He thinks it’s meaner looking then the vengeance. But was upset that big grill 2.0 isn’t in the ion4d. Please rethink the decision not to have the Big grill 2.0 available for the ion4d.

    1. We have definitely heard this complaint, and completely understand your, and other consumers’ frustration with the Big Grill 2.0 not being developed for the ION 4D. At Sports Unlimited, we have had great success with the ION 4D, and will continue to sell it. However, Schutt has made a purely business decision to discontinue production of the ION, and refocus its attentions on the Vengeance, while updating other helmets like the AiR XP with the new DCT (Dual Compression TPU) technology. Because of their decision, they will also not be developing any other specialized facemasks for the ION 4D, which includes the Big Grill 2.0. I’ve personally spoken to our Schutt rep about this, but Schutt stands by their business decision, and unfortunately, the last specialized facemask for the ION 4D will be the original Big Grill.

    2. I would like to know if I were to purchase a Schutt Vengeance size L and XL Super Pro Big Grill 2.0 Facemask and an Under Armour Visor will all this work together? If I have to do mods that is fine. The most obvious one I think will be the visor.

      1. The sizing you have for each piece is exactly right, and the helmet and facemask will fit together easily. My only hesitation would be the visor, as the clips it comes with will not attach to the Big Grill 2.0 As you said, you’ll definitely have to modify the visor, most likely by using zip ties or another type of secure tie.

    1. No, the Revo Speed facemasks can only fit adult and youth Revolution Speed HITS, Revolution Speed, Revolution Speed Classic, Revolution Edge, Revolution Attack-i, and Revolution Attack helmets.

  15. I was wondering, if DNA and super pro face masks are compatible with the vengeance, does that mean that vengeance face masks are compatible with those helmets as well?

    1. I completely understand your logic, and it should make sense, but unfortunately it doesn’t work the other way around. The Vengeance facemask are specially designed to only fit the Vengeance shell. Because of the hook ups and raised eyebrow design, they will not fit on any other Schutt helmet.

  16. when will you guys have the same exact face justin tuck uses for his ion4d for the new vengeance by schutt

    1. Hi Jamaine, we have good news for you! We offer two versions of the Big Grill 2.0 that fit on new vengeance shells. First, you can take a look at the amazingly lightweight Schutt Titanium Big Grill 2.0 Super Pro XL Football Facemask that fits on Medium and Large Schutt Vengeance shells and then if the less expensive, but heavier carbon steel version of this facemask is an attractive option you can check out the Schutt Big Grill 2.0 Super Pro XL Football Facemask which fits Small, Medium, and Large Vengeance helmets. Thanks for the question and I hope this helps!

  17. In the picture justin tuck has a ion 4D helmet how do I get that specific Facemask he has on,because I have a schutt ion 4D and I would love to have that Facemask on my helmet.

    1. Hi Anthony,

      I’m not sure if we can get the Big Grill 2.0 for the Ion 4D anymore, but you can call into our customer service team and maybe they can order one specifically for you. – 1-800-693-6368

  18. Bonjour,

    Faites vous des grilles avec un style agressif pour les SCHUTT ION 4D ? J’ai regardez les quelques modèles que vous avez et ils ne sont pas aussi terrifiants que le Big Grill 2,0 facemasks. Faites vous le Big Grill 2,0 facemasks pour le ION 4D ?

    1. Jean-Charles,

      I’m sorry, we don’t have the Big Grill 2.0 for the ION 4D. (Désolé , non, nous ne le faisons pas.)

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