How Much Does a Football Helmet Weigh?

Know the weight of football helmets, to find the right helmet for your game! Each helmet from Schutt and Riddell weighs between3 and 5lbs, but even the difference of an ounce can drastically change your performance on the field. So know before you buy.

Recently, we’ve received more than a few inquiries from customers wondering how much does a football helmet weight, both for themselves and for their children, and I found it strange to learn that football helmet weight isn’t readily available. Helmets these days can radically range in weight, from about 3lbs to almost 5, and the difference of a few ounces can dramatically affect player performance.Who much do football helmets weigh Especially in the case of younger players with developing skills and strengths, a heavy helmet can really slow a youth football player down and even strain his neck muscles. So, I can see why it would be so important to players and parents to know how heavy a football helmet is going to be before purchasing a new one. That’s why I thought it’d be useful and helpful to all of you, if we provided a list of football helmet weights, so at a glance, for instance, you’d have a general idea of what a Schutt ION 4D weighs or what that new Riddell 360 weighs.

Keep in mind that more advanced helmets with the latest protection systems, padding, and technologies generally tend to weigh more than more economical helmets, and that the following information has nothing to do with how a helmet will perform or protect on the field. For instance, the best youth football helmet on the market will probably weigh more than a moderately performing one. This is simply a list of helmet weights, to give you, the customer, the most amount of information on the best helmets, so you can make the right football helmet decision for yourself or your kids.

Football Helmet Weights

Please Note: All weights are measured in pounds and ounces for accuracy. Total weight includes either the attached facemask shipped with the helmet, or the standard ROPO facemask designed for that helmet, as well as chinstraps and all hardware. All helmets weighed were size Large. Other sizes will vary slightly in weight.

Helmets Shipped Without Attached Facemasks:
Helmet Weight
(lbs / oz)
Helmet Alone Total w/
Carbon Steel Facemask
Total w/
Stainless Steel Facemask
Total w/ Titanium Facemask
Schutt ION4D Adult 3lbs, 6oz 4lbs, 8oz 4lbs, 1oz
Schutt Vengeance 3lbs, 8oz 4lbs, 10oz 4lbs, 1oz
Schutt AiR XP Adult 2lbs, 13oz 3lbs, 15oz 3lbs, 13oz 3lbs, 5oz
Schutt DNA Pro + Adult 3lbs, 2oz 4lbs, 6oz 3lbs, 12oz
Schutt AiR XP Elite 3lbs, 2oz 4lbs, 4oz 4lbs, 2oz 3lbs, 10oz
Schutt DNA Pro + Elite 3lbs, 5oz 4lbs, 9oz 4lbs, 10oz 3lbs, 15oz
Schutt DNA Pro + w/ Titanium Facemask 3lbs, 8oz 3lbs, 8 oz
Schutt AiR Varsity Commander 3lbs, 6oz 4lbs, 11oz
Schutt ION4D Youth 3lbs, 6oz 4lbs, 8oz 4lbs, 1oz
Schutt AiR XP Youth 2lbs, 11oz 3lbs, 13oz 3lbs, 11oz 3lbs, 3oz
Schutt DNA Pro + Youth 2lbs, 15oz 4lbs, 1oz
Schutt Recruit Hybrid 2lbs, 11oz 3lbs, 10oz
Schutt Recruit Hybrid + 2lbs, 11oz 3lbs, 10oz
Schutt XP Hybrid 2lbs, 8oz 3lbs, 7oz
Schutt XP Hybrid + 2lbs, 8oz 3lbs, 7oz
Schutt Air Standard II 3lbs, 10oz
AiR Youth 2lbs, 9oz 3lbs, 1oz
Helmets Shipped With Facemask Attached:
Helmet Weight
(lbs / oz)
Helmet  w / Attached
AiR Team Youth 2lbs, 9oz
Riddell 360 Adult 4lbs, 8oz
Riddell Revolution Speed (Revo Speed) 4lbs, 2oz
Riddell Revolution 4lbs, 4oz
Riddell 360 Youth 4lbs, 6oz
Riddell Revo Speed Youth 3lbs, 12oz
Riddell Revolution Edge 3lbs, 14oz
Riddell Revolution Attack 3lbs, 4oz
Riddell Revolution Attack-i 3lbs, 5oz
Riddell Revolution Youth 3lbs, 14oz
Rawlings Quantum Adult 4lbs, 7oz
Rawlings Quantum Youth 4lbs, 2oz
Rawlings Momentum 3lbs, 13oz

UPDATE – Schutt Youth Vengeance Helmet Weights:


Since publishing this article, Schutt has released new Youth Vengeance DCT football helmets, including Hybrid, and Hybrid + versions. Below are the average weights, with and without a Schutt Vengeance Youth Facemask, for these new football helmets.

Similar to the above measurements, each helmet weighed was size Large. The facemask used was a Youth Vengeance ROPO-DW.

UPDATE – Schutt Air XP Ultralite Helmet Weights:


Below are the average weights of the new Schutt AiR XP Ultralite helmets. With the Air XP design, a titanium faceguard  and stripped down hardware, this is the lightest helmet system in the game .

Similar to the above measurements, each helmet weighed was size Large. The facemask used was the Titanium EGOP-II included with the helmet (youth and adult respectively). A Titanium ROPO-SW is also available with the Ultralite helmet shell.

By Brandon Porter.Brandon is a product specialist at Sports Unlimited.