How Much Does a Football Helmet Weigh?

Know the weight of football helmets, to find the right helmet for your game! Each helmet from Schutt and Riddell weighs between3 and 5lbs, but even the difference of an ounce can drastically change your performance on the field. So know before you buy.

Recently, we’ve received more than a few inquiries from customers wondering how much does a football helmet weight, both for themselves and for their children, and I found it strange to learn that football helmet weight isn’t readily available. Helmets these days can radically range in weight, from about 3lbs to almost 5, and the difference of a few ounces can dramatically affect player performance.Who much do football helmets weigh Especially in the case of younger players with developing skills and strengths, a heavy helmet can really slow a youth football player down and even strain his neck muscles. So, I can see why it would be so important to players and parents to know how heavy a football helmet is going to be before purchasing a new one. That’s why I thought it’d be useful and helpful to all of you, if we provided a list of football helmet weights, so at a glance, for instance, you’d have a general idea of what a Schutt ION 4D weighs or what that new Riddell 360 weighs.

Keep in mind that more advanced helmets with the latest protection systems, padding, and technologies generally tend to weigh more than more economical helmets, and that the following information has nothing to do with how a helmet will perform or protect on the field. For instance, the best youth football helmet on the market will probably weigh more than a moderately performing one. This is simply a list of helmet weights, to give you, the customer, the most amount of information on the best helmets, so you can make the right football helmet decision for yourself or your kids.

Football Helmet Weights

Please Note: All weights are measured in pounds and ounces for accuracy. Total weight includes either the attached facemask shipped with the helmet, or the standard ROPO facemask designed for that helmet, as well as chinstraps and all hardware. All helmets weighed were size Large. Other sizes will vary slightly in weight.

Helmets Shipped Without Attached Facemasks:
Helmet Weight
(lbs / oz)
Helmet Alone Total w/
Carbon Steel Facemask
Total w/
Stainless Steel Facemask
Total w/ Titanium Facemask
Schutt ION4D Adult 3lbs, 6oz 4lbs, 8oz 4lbs, 1oz
Schutt Vengeance 3lbs, 8oz 4lbs, 10oz 4lbs, 1oz
Schutt AiR XP Adult 2lbs, 13oz 3lbs, 15oz 3lbs, 13oz 3lbs, 5oz
Schutt DNA Pro + Adult 3lbs, 2oz 4lbs, 6oz 3lbs, 12oz
Schutt AiR XP Elite 3lbs, 2oz 4lbs, 4oz 4lbs, 2oz 3lbs, 10oz
Schutt DNA Pro + Elite 3lbs, 5oz 4lbs, 9oz 4lbs, 10oz 3lbs, 15oz
Schutt DNA Pro + w/ Titanium Facemask 3lbs, 8oz 3lbs, 8 oz
Schutt AiR Varsity Commander 3lbs, 6oz 4lbs, 11oz
Schutt ION4D Youth 3lbs, 6oz 4lbs, 8oz 4lbs, 1oz
Schutt AiR XP Youth 2lbs, 11oz 3lbs, 13oz 3lbs, 11oz 3lbs, 3oz
Schutt DNA Pro + Youth 2lbs, 15oz 4lbs, 1oz
Schutt Recruit Hybrid 2lbs, 11oz 3lbs, 10oz
Schutt Recruit Hybrid + 2lbs, 11oz 3lbs, 10oz
Schutt XP Hybrid 2lbs, 8oz 3lbs, 7oz
Schutt XP Hybrid + 2lbs, 8oz 3lbs, 7oz
Schutt Air Standard II 3lbs, 10oz
AiR Youth 2lbs, 9oz 3lbs, 1oz
Helmets Shipped With Facemask Attached:
Helmet Weight
(lbs / oz)
Helmet  w / Attached
AiR Team Youth 2lbs, 9oz
Riddell 360 Adult 4lbs, 8oz
Riddell Revolution Speed (Revo Speed) 4lbs, 2oz
Riddell Revolution 4lbs, 4oz
Riddell 360 Youth 4lbs, 6oz
Riddell Revo Speed Youth 3lbs, 12oz
Riddell Revolution Edge 3lbs, 14oz
Riddell Revolution Attack 3lbs, 4oz
Riddell Revolution Attack-i 3lbs, 5oz
Riddell Revolution Youth 3lbs, 14oz
Rawlings Quantum Adult 4lbs, 7oz
Rawlings Quantum Youth 4lbs, 2oz
Rawlings Momentum 3lbs, 13oz

UPDATE – Schutt Youth Vengeance Helmet Weights:


Since publishing this article, Schutt has released new Youth Vengeance DCT football helmets, including Hybrid, and Hybrid + versions. Below are the average weights, with and without a Schutt Vengeance Youth Facemask, for these new football helmets.

Similar to the above measurements, each helmet weighed was size Large. The facemask used was a Youth Vengeance ROPO-DW.

UPDATE – Schutt Air XP Ultralite Helmet Weights:


Below are the average weights of the new Schutt AiR XP Ultralite helmets. With the Air XP design, a titanium faceguard  and stripped down hardware, this is the lightest helmet system in the game .

Similar to the above measurements, each helmet weighed was size Large. The facemask used was the Titanium EGOP-II included with the helmet (youth and adult respectively). A Titanium ROPO-SW is also available with the Ultralite helmet shell.

By Brandon Porter.Brandon is a product specialist at Sports Unlimited.

35 thoughts on “How Much Does a Football Helmet Weigh?”

  1. Thanks for this info. I could not get a straight answer from the manufactures at all! One question, do you know the weight of the Rawlings Quantum Plus: Youth and Adult?

    1. Very glad you got a lot out of the blog. Happy to help! Unfortunately though, we don’t stock the Rawlings Quantum Plus yet, only the Rawlings Quantum in youth and adult, so I can’t give you first hand knowledge of their weights. I’d imagine they don’t stray too far from the standard Quantum, but again, since we don’t have them on hand I can’t give you exact numbers for those particular helmets.

  2. Thanks Brandon! Would love to see the Xenith helmet comparison as well. I believe their varsity X2 model weighs 4.5lbs and their Youth Small X2 model weighs 3lbs 5oz. while their youth large weighs 3lbs14oz.

    1. Thanks Darren, glad the information was helpful! We don’t stock any Xenith football helmets, so unfortunately, I don’t have first hand knowledge of their weights. If we do ever bring them in, I will definitely weigh them myself and add them to the list! I wouldn’t want to assume and give you generalizations, but the information you provided sounds fairly accurate to me, and falls within the typical range for youth and adult helmets.

  3. i am a high school running back and used a riddell speed this year. from your knowledge would u suggest i get a 360 or a vengance for comfort

    1. If you really liked the Revo Speed, and found the liner comfortable, then I’d suggest upgrading to the 360 over the Vengeance, simply because, although they’re both next-generation helmets, it’s closer to what you’re used to, and what you were comfortable in in the past. The new hexagonal liner system is more comfortable, in my opinion, than the Speed’s liner (as good as that was), and with all of the other improved features, it’s really hard to go wrong. That being said, you’re definitely going to notice some differences between the 360 and Speed that you should take into account. The jaw pads are going to be stiffer than the Speed’s, and with the Occipital Lock, it may feel a bit more snug in the back of the head. Theses are all improved safety features, and are actually doing a world of good, but they also may affect comfort.

  4. Hi Brandon! Do know whats the difference between the rawlings quantum and the rawling quantum plus?

    1. Hi Billy! Now we don’t carry the Quantum plus, only the Rawlings Quantum and Quantum Youth, but from what I’ve read, the Quantum Plus features a larger offset shell than the original Quantum, giving it that more spherical look, like you’d get with a Schutt DNA Pro +. This allows Rawlings to put more of their proprietary C3 (custom comfort cushioning) into the helmet, which improves impact protection without sacrificing weight.

  5. Now that you carry the Air XP Ultra lite, can you get a weight on that helmet too?

    1. Sure can Jon! Weighed both the youth and adult Ultralite helmets with the EGOP-II titanium facemask, and have updated the blog article with the new information. I found both helmets (size large) weigh exactly 3lbs, 7oz with the included facemask.

  6. Brandon, quick question. Your report says the Youth Air XP with titanium facemask weighs 3.3lbs. You added that the new Air XP Ultralite with tiranium facemask weighs 3.7 lbs. I find it strange that the new Ultralite helmet actually weighs 4 ounces more than the origional. Can you confirm this?

    1. Those were the figures we found while measuring the helmets. It is possible however, that a few variables distorted the read-outs by a few ounces in either direction. For instance, the Ultralite was weighed with the facemask attached, and with all of the hardware included. The original AiR XP was weighed separately from the facemask, and the weights were added together when all information was compiled. Also, different scales were used, and since our warehouse is far from a lab setting, the scales themselves may have been calibrated differently.

  7. Sorry, Brandon. One more question. Do you guys carry the Riddell Attack i and if so, do you have a weight on it?

  8. thanks for great info. The weight of 4lbs 8 ounces for R 360 , is that the weight for the titanium mask?

    1. Hi Jeff, the Riddell 360 comes with a “Lightweight Technology” facemask that is noticeably lighter than stainless or carbon steel, but Riddell’s top-secret lab has not provided us with information regarding the material of the facemask. So, in truth, no one knows except Riddell! What we do know is that it is light, durable, and fits the 360. I will be sure to let you know if we ever learn of what the facemasks are made! -Isaac

  9. I am interested in purchasing a new youth helmet and protection is key as well as comfort and weight. MY son is 12 and barley 80lbs. What is your recommendation for the best youth helmet on the market should I get a 360 a vengeance or the ultralight…or something else. I know there are tons of variables but what would be your pick for your son if he was my sons size.

    1. Great question and a tough one to answer. All three are great helmets, although the 360 and the Vengeance both feature the latest technology from their respective companies. The Ultralite has the same great features of the AiR XP with a lighter weight, but doesn’t offer the most up to date technology from Schutt. Like you said, there are a lot of variables, and its really up to you and your son which helmet works best.

  10. Trying to decide between a youth and varsity helmet for my 12 year old. Speaking with Riddell the only real difference beside $ is the varsity has a harder shell?? So taking $ out of the equation, why wouldn’t you buy the Varsity helmet that adds more protection?

    1. Great question, the main difference between youth and varsity helmets is the shell as you mentioned. Youth helmets are generally made of ABS plastic which is softer than the Polycarbonate (PCA) plastic used in varsity helmets. Most youth leagues do not allow (Varsity) Polycarbonate plastic helmets because if one player (majority of youth players) uses an ABS plastic youth helmet and collides with a player using a PCA helmet, the PCA helmet can damage the ABS helmet and cause injuries. Make sure to check with your league which types of helmets are legal before sending your 12 year old on the field. – Isaac

  11. What is the weight for the schutt vengeance adult football helmet with a stainless steel facemask? Is it lighter then the carbon steel facemask?

  12. Good Morning,
    I’m an Italian Football Player. Is there any website where I can measure the Lateral Vision Between SChutt XP and Riddell 360 or Revo Speed? please let me know

    1. Hi Alessandro,

      We haven’t figured out a great way to measure this. It’s hard to put any specific numbers on that without some kind of true scientific experiment that we aren’t capable of. Sorry!

  13. Hello. Great blog. I’ve recently read a fair amount about the SG helmets. They’ve received a 5-star designation from Va Tech and the helmets are supposed to be super light (less than 3 lbs as I understand it). Can you comment on the helmet in general as well as the weight? Do you have weights for this helmet?

    1. We don’t carry SG helmets. I believe that you are right that they are under 3 pounds, but since we do not have them, we cannot weigh them on our scales. I can’t give you an accurate weight because we only provide weights for helmets that we’ve physically weighed ourselves. Sorry that I can’t provide more info on SG. – Isaac

  14. Hi, First of all, thanks For the informations. Is it possibile to know the wheight of the new riddel speedflex? Thanks a lot

    1. The Adult Riddell Speedflex Helmet is 4.55 lbs with facemask and chinstrap and the Youth is 4.2 lbs with facemask and chinstrap.

  15. it seems to me that all the discussion concerning concussions never makes any comments to do with the helmets. with a difficulity of making tackles without having your head on your shoulders. its safe for me to say, as long as football is played there will be conncussions. i keep wondering why with the problem boxing has never done really to solve problem.?

  16. I am a believer in the lighter the helmet , less likely to get a concussion. I believe helmet makers should start going lighter. A few years ago helmet makers kept going heavier. Finally realizing lighter is better

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