2017 Football Equipment Reviews – Youth Pt. II

August is just a few days and away, and football season is even that much closer. Final preparations are being made before camp, as teams and players look to be ready to hit the ground running at the sound of the first whistle. Part two of our 2017 Youth Football Equipment Review takes a look at some of the other gear you might decide to upgrade before the season starts. We covered the essential protection in part one with the helmet, shoulder pads, back plate, and rib protector. But we’ll turn our attention to base layers protection, footwear, and other accessories for this installment. While some of these items may not be as important when it comes to protecting a players, they can be the difference maker when it comes to performance.

Girdle – Sports Unlimited 5-Pad Integrated Girdle 2.0

As one of the most popular items in the Sports Unlimited football apparel line, the integrated football girdle has been redesigned and taken to a new level for 2017. The use of an integrated girdle has become a staple in most football player’s equipment bags.  A newly added lightweight foam with zig-zag pattern has improved the range of motion without sacrificing any protection. Complete coverage is offered with its 5-Pad system, shielding the hips, thighs, and tailbones from heavy impacts.  Its compression fit keeps the pads in place, making sure they are in the right place at the right time. The SU girdle also comes with a pocket for a cup if you wanted to add some extra protection. Works great for youth football, including flag football players that want some addition protection on the field.

Padded Shirt – McDavid Rival Pro 5-Pad Integrated Shirt

Known for making gear that protects better than the rest, the Rival Pro 5-Pad Integrated Shirt from McDavid follows their long tradition. This protective under shirt allows players at any position to give themselves some additional protection, without limiting their mobility. Its 5-Pads cover the area most susceptible to hits, including the shoulders, spine, and ribs. Made from EVA foam, the Flex Air padding was designed with multi-directional vented flex channels for increase air flow to keep you cool. The bio-shape design and compression fit keep the pads in place underneath the shoulder pads. The McDavid Rival Pro Padded Shirt makes for a reliable inclusion to any players game day gear.

Cleats – Under Armour C1N MC JR

Few players in the game can perform as well as Cam Newton does in the spotlight. But thanks to Under Armour, you can get off on the right foot by lacing up his signature cleats, the C1N MC Jr. These youth football cleats let every player feel like they can take on anything that comes at them on the football field. A mold cleat base provides great traction when making turns and cuts. A compression fit sleeve makes these feel light on your feet, and the reinforced upper offers support and breathability. Have your future star stand out with the new Under Armour Cam Newton youth football cleats.

Receiver Gloves – Adidas Adifast 2.0

Build catching confidence from the first practice with the Adidas Adifast 2.0 youth receiver gloves. Designed to make bringing in the ball easier than ever, the scaled down version of the professional gloves give every youth football player an advantage. The palm features the exclusive Adidas GRIPTACK design that help you make the tough catches in any weather. A compression fit is achieved with the a Honeycomb thumb and molded rubber tab, keeping the glove secure and in place. Stand out on the field with both style and performance with the Adidas Adifast 2.0 football gloves.

Visor – Nike Gridiron Youth Eyeshield

No piece of equipment has seen its popularity grow over the years more than the football visor. It seems more players have visors every year, and youth football is no exception. While the style can be appreciated by most, the additional protection cannot be denied. The Nike Gridiron Eyeshield provides players an extra layer of defense from the perils of tackle football. The Nike Max Optics design features a wrapped lens that reduces distortion, giving you a clear view in every direction. The curved shape allows it to fit most helmets, and its polycarbonate construction is scratch and shatter resistant. See the game better than ever with the Nike Gridiron football visor.

Written By Dylan Hamilton, Sports Unlimited






Under Armour HeatGear vs Nike Dri-FIT – The Sports Apparel War

Nike vs Under Armour. Technological sounding names dominate the athletic apparel war between Nike and Under Armour, but what do they mean? Comparing Nike’s Dri-Fit and Under Armour’s HeatGear, we are going to review what these technologies do and which one is better for you!


Under Armour HeatGear vs Nike Dri-Fit

Technological sounding names dominate the athletic apparel war between Nike and Under Armour, but what do they mean?  Comparing Nike’s Dri-Fit and Under Armour’s HeatGear, we are going to review what these technologies do and which one is better for you!  Finding the right performance shirt, compression pants, running shorts, and compression socks for the summer can be tough, but when you discover the right ones for you, you may never go back to wearing regular clothes while working out.

Under Armour built its company with a foundation in performance apparel and turned into something much more significant.  In 1996 the founder of Under Armour created the first t-shirt made of moisture-wicking synthetic fabric, effectively inventing the industry of ‘Performance Apparel’.   To this day, the company continues to produce and improve upon their signature HeatGear.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty about these sportswear rivals.

Under Armour HeatGear


HeatGear uses super lightweight fabrics to keep you cool and dry in warm and hot conditions whether you’re out for a walk, training hard, or dominating the football field. Its exceptional moisture transport systems wick sweat away from your body, while maintaining ventilation. Sounds like any ‘performance apparel’ I’ve ever heard of, so let’s dive a little deeper to get a greater understanding.

What Does Under Armour HeatGear Provide?


Moisture Transport Systems: Hydrophobic fabrics wick the moisture from your body and pull it through the material so that it evaporates quickly, keeping your clothes light and your body cool and dry.

Odor Control – Anti-microbial technology resists the growth and spread of bacterial odors within the fabric. The evaporation of sweat quickly and efficiently combined with the anti-microbial technology reduces odors better than any other system.

UPF – Ultra-Violet Protection Factor – UPF protects you from the sun, plain and simple. Extra protection from UV rays is always a good thing for your skin, body, and overall health and Under Armour has added this screen to their impressive arsenal.

Some Under Armour gear is equipped with additional features.  Check the tags for the following!

Strategic Ventilation +  Armour Stretch

Modular Protection Zones + 360 Degree Reflectivity

Wind Resistance + Armour Grip

Those features are the foundation of HeatGear, but HeatGear is separated into different fabrics to help you differentiate what gear you need for what situation. Here is a run-down of Under Armour’s lineup.

Under Armour Heat Gear Shirt TechUnder Armour Tech –

This is the classic, super-soft, natural feeling material that mimics cotton, but provides the performance benefits of synthetic material. Traditional UA look and feel and is generally the most affordable option.

Underarmour Heat Gear Shirt Charged CottonCharged Cotton –

It’s cotton, but better. With Charged Cotton, you get the feel, weight, and comfort of cotton with the impressive moisture transport system that wicks 5% faster. This cotton dries 5x faster than standard cotton. Perfect for athletic activities or just relaxing, it’s a soft garment with performance tech built in.

Underarmour Heatgear Shirt CatalystUnder Armour Catalyst –

Surprisingly made entirely of recycled plastic bottles, Catalyst is super soft and smooth. Incredibly light with body temperature regulating tech, the best feature of this fabric is how light and smooth it is.

HeatGear coldblackUnder Armour coldblack –

It shocks me how noticeably coldblack affects the temperature of the garment and in turn, your body. The technology makes dark fabrics act more like light fabrics in the sun, retaining less heat during performance. Oh, and it makes light colors act like nothing at all. Providing the best moisture-wicking tech and all other HeatGear benefits with the temperature regulation technology makes athletes flock to coldblack.

Under Armour Flyweight Women's ShirtHeatGear Flyweight –

Ultra-light and smooth fabric with strategically positioned mesh panels to help regulate heat and allow sweat to evaporate faster. Raglan sleeve design and smooth Flatlock Seams do not restrict range of motion. This is lightweight, lightweight, lightweight.

All of these different fabrics are available in multiple fits: Compression, Fitted, Semi-Fitted, and Loose.

Under Armour Running ShortsHeatGear Sonic –

The newest innovation from Under Armour, Sonic is a compression material that increases muscle power through ultra-tight fit. They call it a “second skin” because it provides the benefits of compression technology without sacrificing comfort so that you can wear it all day.  Shirts, tanks, pants, shorts, they have it all.

Shop Men’s and Women’s HeatGear

This isn’t all about Under Armour. It’s Under Armour vs Nike, so let’s get to Nike!

Nike Dri-FitNike Dri-FIT graphic


Dri-Fit uses microfiber, polyester fabric to wick moisture from your body to the outer surface of the fabric so that it can evaporate quickly to keep you cool for a… dry fit. This sounds mighty similar to Under Armour’s signature moisture transport system.

What Does Nike Dri-Fit Provide?

Moisture Wicking – It does that whole ‘wick moisture from your body’ thing. This allows sweat to evaporate to keep you light and dry.

Dri-Fit UV – Provides minimum of 30 SPF to protect you from ultraviolet rays. This is only in certain Dri-Fit products so make sure you look for it on the label or tags!

Drifit Shirt For WomenNike Pro Dri-Fit –

Mesh panels and flat seams are featured in the Nike Pro Combat line to fit smoothly to the body for a close and comfortable fit. Different Pro products can be made of different materials so be sure to take closer looks at these.

Nike Drifit Legend ShirtNike Legend Dri-Fit –

Crew neck and inside taping bring comfort through mesh design. Made of 100% recycled polyester and is constructed with flat-seam to reduce chafing.

Nike Drifit Miler ShirtNike Miler Dri-Fit –

Basically the same as the Legend, but with added panels in the side improve mobility. 100% recycled polyester.

Nike Drifit Tailwind SleevelessNike Tailwind Dri-Fit –

This line features a mesh fabric panel and three eyelets in the underarm to provide air flow and reduce chafing. Nike designs this with flat seams to improve range of motion as well. Body is made of Dri-FIT 85% polyester/15% cotton. Side panel constructed of Dri-FIT 86% polyester/14% cotton. Also this line has a cool zip pocket at the waist/back for easily securing valuables when running.

Nike Drifit Knit WomensNike Knit Dri-Fit –

56% polyester and 44% nylon, the knit line is a soft touch Dri-FIT moisture-wicking fabric.   Knit fabric is designed with mesh panels for lightweight ventilation.

The Conclusion:

We can breathe easy, the information dump is over.

The major benefit that these workout clothes provide is their moisture wicking/transportation systems. If you have never tried these products before, it is amazing how different a run, a game, or a workout can feel when wearing clothes that are specifically designed to improve your performance rather than simply not get in the way.

Both brands of performance apparel are great choices for your athletic activities, but there are so many fabrics and so many lines just within the HeatGear and Dri-FIT names. In my years of using these fabrics and diving deeper into their technology and construction, it seems as though any of the Nike products would work for me and feel great, but I can find the proper sportswear specific to my needs through the fabrics and fits that Under Armour provides.

Nike has proven that people love their comfortable, performance fabric, but it seems as though Under Armour, the originator of performance apparel, may have a multitude of additional benefits and defined options.

Making informed decisions is the best way to choose between Nike and Under Armour, but sometimes it takes trying both to truly understand!

What do you think?

Top 10 Best Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves of 2013

Check out our choices for the top ten soccer goalkeeping glove for 2013! The best soccer goalkeeper gloves this year include some fan favorites, consistent classics, new comers, and world-cup level gloves from the top brands in the industry, like Brine, Select, Uhlsport, Nike, and Reusch.

Watch the video and read about our choices for best soccer goalkeeping gloves of 2013:

Brine King 5X

10. Brine King 5X

An advanced keeper glove from Brine, the King 5X cushions your hand with thick 5mm palm padding, and improves your grip with super sticky latex. To maintain the grip, they’ve added new Tuff Palm patches right where you slide, preventing fraying and shredding. Backbone-style removable finger stays give you incredible support and protection from hyper-extension. A great fit and stand-out color combination make this a perfect glove for an advanced keeper.

Reusch Keon SG Plus Finger Support Jr.

9. Reusch Keon SG Plus Finger Support Jr.

Junior-sized gloves from Reusch, packed full of advanced technologies you’d usually only find in elite-level adult keeper gloves! Perfect for those serious youth goalies, the Keon SG is designed with high quality SoftGrip foam, wrapped over a huge palm for extra grip and control. Added finger supports sewn into the glove let your fingers flex forward, but prevent bend back, preventing injury. Advanced with the classically cool Reusch look, the Keon is great for committed youth players looking to hone their skills without breaking the bank.

Select 3 Guard Finger Protection Youth8. Select 3 Guard Finger Protection Youth

Hands down the best youth finger-support keeper gloves for the money! Incredibly durable, and built to last well into the season, these gloves are great for practices and matches, and feature strong finger protection spines, preventing injury when catching or stopping the ball. High strength and advanced technology at an affordable price.

Brine King 4X7. Brine King 4X

A cool looking, highly protective glove at an even better price! Removable finger spines provide high-performance finger protection, while 4mm thick latex palm foam cushions hard shots and gives you great grip on the ball. Delivers popping black and red colors and the classic Brine King design, with plenty of high-end comfort and technological features. Perfect as a practice glove for elite players, or as a match glove for intermediate or advanced players.

Nike GK Spyne Pro6. Nike GK Spyne Pro

Goalkeeper finger protection and high-end performance from the masters at Nike, all at a more affordable price. This Nike glove features T90 Spyne finger supports to protect against injury, 3mm soft latex palm foam with a flat palm construction for great grip, and a pre-curved fit to keep you in a catch-ready position at all times. Affordable, advanced, and protective…this is a solid match glove for any advanced keeper. Plus, it’s Nike!

Uhlsport Cerberus Supersoft Bionik5. Uhlsport Cerberus Supersoft Bionik

A favorite among top keepers for years now, the Uhlsport Cerberus gives players the fit they demand with the technologies they need to play at the highest levels. The famous Cerberus cut delivers incredible flex and dexterity for great control, enhanced here with the exclusive Supersoft foam for grip. Bionik frame finger supports and ShockZone backhand protection across the knuckles set this glove above the competition, and the price simply can’t be beat.

Nike GK Confidence4. Nike GK Confidence

The top keeper glove by the top soccer company in the word, the Nike Confidence has become a mainstay among pro goalkeepers around the world. Now in black and pink for 2013, this glove is all about confident aggression in goal. Built with articulated 6mm palm foam for great stopping power, and enhanced with the Power Punch Platform in the backhand for massive punching strength, you’ll never hesitate to attack the ball in the air or out of the box. Plus, it’s Nike! Nuff said.

3. Uhlsport Ergonomic AbsolutGrip Bionik

Uhlsport Ergonomic AbsolutGrip BionikThe Ergonomic AbsolutGrip Bionik is the top glove from one of the best companies in the industry today. Developed to be massively comfortable, highly protective, and incredibly high performing, this glove is built to do it all. In a bright red color, the AbsolutGrip advanced foam palm grips, cushions and protects from hard shots, performing in any condition. Unique, individual micro-injected silver ShockZones run up the fingers, giving you flexible and strong punching power exactly where you’ve always needed it. Finally, the innovative Bionik frame support stays integrate into the glove for stability, flexibility, and finger protection. Truly an elite-level match glove for top keepers.

2. Reusch XOSA Pro X1 Ortho-Tec

Reusch XOSA Pro X1 Ortho-Tec

First seen on the game’s top keepers in the 2010 World Cup, these unique, colorful and elite-level gloves continue to be used by pro-level goalies from teams around the world. Used by Cup-caliber keepers from Brazil, South Africa, Switzerland, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Argentina, they are truly pro-tested, pro-approved. Designed with X1 Wet N Dry all-weather palm foam for versatile performance and grip, and enhanced with an embossed foam backhand for comfort and maximum flexibility. Advanced and un-matched finger protection with Reusch’s exclusive Ortho-Tec finger stay system lets you attack the ball and stop anything that comes your way!

1. Reusch Magno Deluxe M1 Ortho-Tec Soccer Goalie Gloves

ReusMagno Deluxe M1 Ortho-TecOne of the single best selling keeper gloves of all time, and our personal favorite, the Reusch Magno Deluxe has been the cream of the crop for years, and has yet to meet an equal. The most technologically advanced keeper glove, from the company known world-wide for its keeper innovations, the Magno is loaded with tech from head to toe. M1 Mega Grip palm foam delivers a solid grip that flexes naturally for perfect ball control. Soft backhand foam, embossed at strategic breakpoints, combined with a stretchable PU material, delivers maximum flex without sacrificing the tight fit and feel you need. But for the serious glove techies, the Magno is enhanced with DuraGuard palm patches to prevent palm shredding, SSG lining for improved ball contact, AirVent mesh between the fingers for massive breathability, an advanced backhand ShockShield for serious punching power, and Reusch’s famous Ortho-Tec stay system, which uses individual two-piece braces in each finger to prevent fingers from bending backwards, without sacrificing forward flexibility. A top reviewed, widely loved glove year in, year out, you truly cannot beat the Magno for technology or performance. And with the sweet black and yellow colors, it can’t be beat for style either!

By Brandon Porter.Brandon is a product specialist at Sports Unlimited.

What’s New with Hoodies These Days?

Check out the latest performance and athlete-inspired hoodies from Nike, Under Armour, and Burton, to make your fall and winter more comfortable, and more active!

Not just for teenagers anymore, hooded sweatshirts (or hoodies, as anyone besides my Mom calls them), have quickly become an essential in just about everyone’s closet. The reason? They’re flat out comfortable! Made of cozy, warm, and soft cotton fleece, most people laze around in a hoody on chilly Sundays, grab one before they head out on a fall afternoon, keep one in the car or the office in case the temperature drops, or use them as a layer under a jacket when shoveling snow off the driveway. They’re as comfy as they are versatile…but at the same time, haven’t they become a little stagnant? In this new age of performance wear; moisture wicking shirts, waterproof/breathable shells, quick-drying fleece, electronically heated jackets, and alike…why are our hoodies still the same old, same old? If you read this blog often, you see where I’m going with this.

Womens HoodiesNow, thanks to the same companies (Nike and Under Armour, I’m looking at you) that updated our wardrobe with those high-performance shirts, jackets, socks, pants, and yes, even underwear, we at SU, have in stock, the latest in hoody technology! High-performance, moisture-wicking, weather-resistant, lightweight, athletically-inspired, and still super cozy women’s and mens hoodies are here, and let me tell you, they are some of the best hoodies I’ve ever worn!


KO Hoody / All Time Hoody

Nike HoodiesAvailable as pullover hoodies for men, girls, and boys, in a variety of colors and styles, the Nike KO Hoodie has been around for a few seasons, and was one of the first true “performance hoodies” on the market. The All Time Hoody and All Time Swoosh are similar performance hoodies for women, specifically designed with more feminine seams and styles.

Every Nike KO and All Time Hoody is made with their proprietary Therma-FIT microfiber fleece fabric, a combination of cotton and polyester that is lightweight, breathable, insulated, and wind-blocking, keeping you warm and protected from the elements, without weighing you down.Nike Therma-FIT The material is really comfortable and smooth to the touch, noticeably different than traditional, rougher and natural-feeling cotton fleece.

Other important features include:

  • Dri-FIT moisture wicking mesh-lined hood, perfect for regulating temperature when you get active
  • Flat-lock stitching that prevents chafing when moving
  • Athletic design and fit that is more tapered than generously cut, for a great and flattering look

Nike KO Hoodies go well with Nike KO Fleece Pants, available for girls and boys, and made of the same performance Therma-FIT and Dri-FIT materials.

Under Armour

Team Fleece Hoodies

UA Charged Storm Youth HoodieA classically styled pullover hoodie, the popular Under Armour Team Fleece Hoodie may look basic, but like every piece of Under Armour ColdGear, its design is anything but! Made of proprietary 2-Layer ArmourFleece polyester material, these sweatshirts are made to seal in heat and seal out the elements, while breathing, wicking moisture, and leaving you feeling comfortable and cozy.

  • An inner layer of brushed, soft, and comfortable polyester fleece fabric feels great against the skin and pulls sweat off the body.
  • A smooth outer layer is quick-drying and water-resistant, for a unique feel, and incredible performance.

Perfect for running, practicing, or training in cold, light rain, or snow, these loosely fit, minimally styled pullover hoodies are as comfortable as your favorite traditional cotton sweatshirt, but do so much more. Available for adults and youth.

Charged Cotton Storm Hoody

The latest and greatest addition to the world of performance hoodies, and possibly one of the best hoodies I’ve ever worn, the Under Armour Charged Cotton Storm is the first high-performance cotton hoodie that also slices through water, rain, snow, sleet, and hail like a samurai sword!

UA Charged Cotton Storm HoodieUtilizing Under Armour’s now-famous Charged Cotton material, which dries faster and wicks more moisture than any other cotton fabric out there, the Storm hoody takes it one step further, adding a DWR (that’s Durable, Water-Repellent) finish, to keep moisture out of the fabric. That means you can throw this baby on in the rain, sleet, or snow, and jog to the gym, bike to the store, or just run to the car, and come out safe (and dry) on the other side. It also means you can get as active as you want on chilly or cold days, and this hoody will wick that sweat off you, and keep you warm and dry…all with the look, the touch, the feel of cotton.

Available as a pullover or zip up hoodie, in dozens of colors, with Under Armour Charged Cotton Storm Fleece Pants to match, these water-resistant hoodies will blow you away!


Bonded Fleece Hoodie

If you’re looking for a sick snowboarding or skater hoodie to keep you warm and dry on the mountain this year, the fine people over at Burton have something really special for you. The unique and best-selling Burton Bonded Hoodie is the perfect combination of rider-inspired comfort and performance, designed with a brushed and soft interior, and a harder “shell-like” smooth outer. Performance-ready, the DryRide Thermex fleece fabric is incredibly breathable, quick-drying, and warm, with a really cool feel. That means while the rest of your friends are trying to shred powder, freezing and soaked through in their old (and quite lame) cotton sweatshirts, you’ll be cutting them up in something way above their heads.

By Brandon Porter.Brandon is a product specialist at Sports Unlimited.

Nike Finally Reveals New NFL Jerseys

Nike unveils brand new NFL jerseys for all 32 franchises. All new Nike NFL jerseys now available at Sports Unlimited!

Nike NFL JerseysTuesday night, in the low lights of a Brooklyn film studio, and somewhere between the muddy fields of the NFL and sleek runways of Bravo, Nike finally unveiled its long-awaited, newly designed NFL jerseys. Sleek and modern, yet somehow comfortingly familiar, all 32 franchise jerseys have been re-imagined by the sporting goods giant for the 2012 season.

In a huge media display, starring top players from every team, Nike showed off the new look, feel, material, and performance of each jersey, demonstrating their sleek design, closer fit, innovative ventilation system, durable fabric, and enhanced stretch and movement.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was on hand, and explained that the Nike redesign combined tradition and innovation.

“You can put innovation into the uniform without changing the look, necessarily, about it.” Goodell said.

New Nike NFL UniformsLeaning more towards the “tradition” end of the spectrum, most franchises chose not to follow the trend of some college teams, like the Oregon Ducks or Maryland Terps, and left their classic colors and styles largely unchanged. Other teams, like the Seattle Seahawks, took a turn for the flashy, upgrading their look with bright neon and metallic linings. But all in all, every jersey got the full Nike treatment, for a cooler-than-ever look.

“Seattle has the hottest uniform right now,” New Orleans Saints running back Pierre Thomas admitted. “So I’m a little jealous. But I still love my all black. I think it looks nice.”

After many years with Reebok, the NFL signed an exclusive deal with Nike in early 2012, to supply all 32 teams with new jerseys, belts, pants, socks, and gloves.

And now that they’ve been revealed, Sports Unlimited is happy to announce that we have a full shipment of Nike NFL jerseys in stock and ready to go! Available in youth sizes, our wide selection of jerseys from all your favorite teams and players will let you take your fandom into the next generation! Complete replicas of what your favorite player will wear on the field all season long, these new Nike NFL jerseys will be with you from the stands to your couch while you root for your team every Sunday.

NFL Jerseys

Available for purchase starting at 12 AM, Friday May 27th.

By Brandon Porter.

Brandon is a product specialist at Sports Unlimited.

The Latest Under Armour, Nike, and Mizuno Catchers Gear Sets

Behind the plate, you need that perfect combination of lightweight performance and durable protection in your gear, to enhance your natural abilities and keep you off the DL. Thankfully, in 2012,  the three big names in baseball catchers gear are back with new catchers sets that combine industry experience, technological advancements, and new performance materials to improve your game like never before!

Nike Pro Gold 2012 Adult Baseball Catchers Gear Set:

Nike Pro Gold SetPlay like a pro, and look the part too, in this advanced and striking catchers gear set from the masters at Nike. Designed for advanced, adult catchers looking to up their game, each piece in this set is built for lightweight manuverability, comfortable ventilation, and tough-as-nails durability. We particularly love the Camo Cage technology in the helmet, which tints the inside of the facemask giving you a clearer, unobstructed view of the field.

Other interesting specs include:

  • Lightweight four-layer chest protector, designed with Dual-Density Energy Arrest Padding, that kills ball rebound, to keep wild pitches in front of you and speed up throws out to the field.
  • Layer of “diamond vent pattern” padding vents out hot air and reduces the weight of the chest protector.
  • Precision Protection System in the shin guards shifts protection to the medial side of the leg, covering high-risk areas not normally protected.
  • Reinforced high-wear areas keep the shin guards playing like new longer.

Mizuno Samurai 2012 G4 Pro Youth Baseball Catchers Gear Set:

Mizuno 2012 Pro Youth Catchers Gear SetThe next generation of Mizuno quality behind the plate; the G4 delivers improved comfort, ventilation, protection, and performance for the youth catcher. Trusted by parents and loved by players all across the country, Mizuno catchers gear is designed for serious, competitive play and high performance.

The new Samurai G4 catchers helmet improves on last year’s popular design, with a 3-layer, impact absorbing EVA foam liner and adjustable, moisture-wicking jaw pads, for a safer, more comfortable fit.

The Mizuno G3 chest protector uses a DryLite liner to wick moisture and lessen weight, for quicker manuevering. Detachable, customizable wings and shoulder pads let you strike the perfect balance between protection and performance.

Flexible, durable, and protective, the Mizuno G3 leg guards utilize a detachable kneepad and triple knee cap, for maximum performance and fit. Stainless steel buckles and a Grip-Tech slip-proof coating maintain the perfect fit all game long.

Under Armour Senior Pro Baseball Catchers Gear Set:

Under Armour Pro Catchers Gear SetBuilt with innovative Under Armour technology, performance materials, and strikingly intimidating style, the Under Armour Pro Series Catchers Gear Sets are perfect for the serious catcher of any age. With sets designed for adult, senior, junior, and softball catchers, Under Armour gives everyone the quality, performance, and comfort they need behind the bag.

  • Injection molded ABS shell helmet with I-Bar vision cage gives you pro-level protection with maximum visibility
  • Chest protector enhanced with plastic throat, shoulder, and abs inserts, plus low-rebound foam to keep the ball in front of you.
  • HeatGear material wicks moisture and kills odor-causing bacteria in the chest protector
  • Shin guard with triple knee cap and thicker plastic in high impact areas for maximum protection.
  • Breathable mesh lining and 38 ventilation holes keep legs cool and comfortable all game long.
By Brandon Porter.

Brandon is a product specialist at Sports Unlimited.

Top Rated Soccer Goalie Gloves – Nike Spyne Pro Goalie Gloves

We’ve long believed that the difference between high quality and low quality soccer goalie gloves can have an immense impact on soccer goalies’ level of play. That’s why we make sure to find the best gloves out there so goalies can play their best, all while protecting their fingers from harms way.

According to a recent ranking by Yahoo!, the best soccer goalie gloves available are the Nike Goalkeeper Spyne Pro Soccer Goalie Gloves, which you can find at SportsUnlimited.com.

From the Yahoo! ranking report:

1. Nike Goalkeeper Spyne Pro Soccer Goalie Gloves

Buy them for only $59.99 at Sports Unlimited Inc.com . These gloves are available in sizes 7-9 for youths. With 3M shock absorbers and T90 Spyne finger supports for hand protection, your goalie won’t come home with aching or damaged fingers.

Find more great soccer goalie gloves and kids soccer goalie gloves at your soccer headquarters, SportsUnlimted.com.

Note: The Nike Goalkeeper Spyne Pro Soccer Goalie Gloves are Men’s sizes, not youth.

New Spring Apparel and Footwear: New Running Shoes and New Running Apparel

We have plenty of brand New Spring Apparel and Footwear that has just come in!  From brands including The North Face, Under Armour, Nike, STX, and Burton, we have all the fresh gear you want for the season ahead.  We’ve got especially good news for the runners out there: There’s a whole lot of new running gear for you to stock up on this Spring.  Some highlights include:

Nike Zoom Structure Triax+14 Mens Running Shoes

Selected as an Editor’s Choice from Runner’s World, the innovative Nike Zoom Structure Triax=14 Mens Running Shoes offer advanced technology in the running shoe world.  Advanced features include Nike Zoom Construction, which provides ideal feel and aggressive maneuverability by bringing the foot closer to the ground with lightweight, thin, super-responsive cushioning.  Nike Flywire Technology helps provide ultra-lightweight support and comfort for your foot.  Strategically placed thin Nylon fibers placed on the upper of the shoe hold the foot in place, helping reduce slippage during your run.  Because material is used only where it’s needed for proper structure, less material is used, resulting in less weight and a lighter feel.  On top of all of that, these running shoes feature Nike+ Ready technology so you can measure and monitor your workouts.

The North Face Better Than Naked Womens Crew Shirt

Pop Quiz:  Are you female?  Do you run?  If you answered yes to both of these questions, congratulations; you passed.  The North Face, known for their outdoor superiority, has done it again with The North Face Better than Naked Womens Crew Shirt.  This female running shirt is designed for running, even in slightly lousy weather.  Along with being extremely lightweight, the Better Than Naked Shirt has a streamlined design with flatlocked seams which prevent abrasion and chaffing while running.  Super comfortable, water resistant, and breathable thanks to a strategically bonded ventilation system, it will instantly become your favorite running shirt!