Top Rated Product – Soccer Bench

Today we embark on a new milestone here at The Sporting Goods – our first “Top Rated Product” post.  Yes, I agree; it is very emotional indeed.  Over time, “Top Rated Product” posts should become a staple on this blog.  “What are they?” you ask?  “Top Rated Product” posts will be pretty straightforward: they are posts about specific products that have been highly rated by customers who actually purchased the good.  Think of it as your fellow peers offering a friendly recommendation of a product you were either unaware of or unsure whether to buy.

This week’s landmark “Top Rated Product” is the Kwik Goal 6 Seat Kwik Bench Soccer Bench (quite the tongue-twister).  This Kwik Goal Soccer Bench gives your squad a much needed centralized location to rest, bond, and strategize as one unit while they’re on the sidelines.

…Okay, maybe they won’t always be strategizing while sitting on this bench, but you get the point.  It is a comfortable and convenient alternative to finding a patch of grass to sit on.  Oh yeah, it’s on sale too.

But I’ve said enough.  Here are some actual customer reviews:

Great Bench!, August 18, 2010

Posted By: Polonia Soccer Club

The most comfortable bench we have purchased over the years. The back support is excellent! Easy to transport and light to carry. I would highly recommend this bench.

Soccer Bench, June 14, 2010

Posted By: A. Pinner

Our daughter’s team decided to get this for our soccer coach as a gift and what a great idea it was. I’m not sure why we didn’t have this before. We got our money’s worth at the last tournament alone. Highly recommend.

Love it!, July 29, 2010

Posted By: Renee

This is a great sturdy bench! Easy to set up – just slide it open. The carrying case make it super easy to lug around with all the other game day stuff.

And if this bench isn’t quite what you were looking for, go see our entire Soccer Bench collection or all of our Soccer Gear.