The Best Portable Soccer Goals

School’s almost out which means you’re about to have a lot more time to hone your soccer skills. If you’re looking for a new portable soccer goal, let me tell you about a few of the best currently on the market.

Kwik Goal Portable Soccer Goals

Kwik Goal Flex Soccer Goals 

Kwik Goal just introduced a new line of soccer goals called the Flex series. Available in a few sizes: 6.5’ x 12’, 4’ x 6’ and 2m x 3m (Futsal play) to meet your needs. Weighing in at 30 lbs or less per goal, the Kwik Goal Flex goals feature an ultra-durable fiberglass and metal frame that is expandable with a snap button construction. Quick and easy set up and take down with a true soccer goal appearance. These goals are ideal for recreational leagues, practice or backyard training.

PowerNet Portable Soccer Goals 

PowerNet also makes a superior portable goal, offered in multiple size options. It’s lightweight design can be set up in under 3 minutes without the use of tools. Steel and fiberglass poles plus ground stakes create a durable construction that flexes with each shot resulting in a stable base.  It can also be used as a rebounder when laid on it’s side. Packs up conveniently in the included bag, making it ideal for coaches and backyard training or pick-up games. Check out this quick video to see the PowerNet 6’ x 4’ Soccer Goal in action! 

Bownet Portable Soccer Goals

Bownet offers portable soccer goals in all sizes from as small as 3’ by 5’ to as large as official regulation size (8’ x 24’). All set up in less than 3 minutes and can be done without the use of tools. Bownet’s EAS (Energy Absorption System) technology diffuses ball energy throughout the goal to create better stability and extend the life of the goal. Rubber, non-marking feet help maintain stance making Bownet great for indoor or outdoor use. See how quickly a Bownet portable soccer goal can be set up below.


Whether you are looking for a small indoor or a large outdoor goal, Sports Unlimited has the perfect portable soccer goal for your needs. All Bownet, PowerNet and Kwik Goal portable goals ship free and many even ship out the same day if ordered before 3pm EST. So don’t wait, get a head start on your summer soccer training!

Reusch World Cup 2018 Soccer Goalie Gloves

The 2018 World Cup of soccer in Russia is just around the corner and Reusch created limited edition goalie gloves for its professional athletes. Called the Prisma Pro G3 Fusion Evolution, this goalkeeper glove features the most advanced palm foam ever for the best grip in all weather conditions.

Reusch Prisma World Cup Goalie Gloves

G3 Fusion Foam combines a G3 foam base sprinkled with hard ground and wet condition latex foams on the surface. With 11 different host cities across Russia, many with differing climates, Reusch created the Prisma Pro G3 Fusion Evolution to offer superior performance in all conditions. The Aqua latex with Hydrograin technology provides exceptional grip in rainy conditions. The G3 foam base is ultra soft and includes special adhesive additives while the solid latex speckles within the foam increase durability.Reusch G3 Fusion Latex Goalie Glove


A brand new wrist band closure constructed of sport mesh offers added protection for the wrist bone while remaining breathable and comfortable. The asymmetrical slip on design provides a better fit and is easy to get on/off. Reusch’s Ortho-Tec finger and thumb stay system features free-floating stays that can be removed through a zipper for customized protection.

Along with the Prisma Pro G3 Fusion Evolution, Reusch created a full line of gloves with the same World Cup themed backhand pattern of blue, black and orange. So even if you aren’t as advanced as the professionals, you can still wear the same World Cup design at a more affordable price.  See all the Reusch Prismas here.

And make sure to keep your eye out for these limited edition gloves on your favorite keepers all tournament long! Play kicks off June 14th!

– Steph

Hugo Lloris and his Goalie Gloves

There are no secrets about the importance of a keeper in Soccer. While strikers attract the headlines and record transfer fees, the back bone to a successful club begins with the player between the sticks. With a sport that is simplistic in its equipment demands, the most significant piece for the most important position, are the gloves. Designed to provide protection, grip, and confidence; a good set of goalie gloves are worth their weight in gold. Most keepers will test out several types of gloves in their pursuit of the right ones. And once they find a brand they like, they become incredibly loyal for years to come.

This exact tale transpired for goalie Hugo Lloris. As the Captain of his club team Tottenham Hotspurs and national team France, he knows a thing or two about stop the ball. During his academy days, he had experimented with various styles and brands of gloves. He soon fell in love with a particular pair, and has since then stuck with them through thick and thin. With a combined 459 appearances for his club and country, it’s safe to say he has depended on his gloves on more than a few occasions.

goalkeeper Hugo Lloris of France during the UEFA EURO 2016 final match between Portugal and France on July 10, 2016 at the Stade de France in Paris, France.(Photo by VI Images via Getty Images)

Regarded as one of the top goalkeepers in the world, it’s no wonder Uhlsport has made him the face of their brand. Hugo began to wear Uhlsport gloves in the early 2000’s during his time spent in the OGC Nice academy. Over a decade later, he still depends on them to provide him the confidence he needs to perform on the biggest stages. During the 2016 UEFA EURO Cup final with France, Hugo debuted the Uhlsport Eliminator SuperGrip in his signature Black, Blue, and Green. He has since continued to wear them for his matches with the Tottenham Hotspurs, where he has accounted for 10 clean sheets and allowed the least amount of goals among regular starters.

BOURNEMOUTH, ENGLAND – OCTOBER 22: Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Hugo Lloris during the Premier League match between AFC Bournemouth and Tottenham Hotspur at Vitality Stadium on October 22, 2016 in Bournemouth, England. (Photo by Catherine Ivill – AMA/Getty Images)

What makes these goalie gloves so special is the SuperGrip foam used in the construction of the palm. It’s designed specifically to provide remarkable grip in any condition, which has been beneficial for the rainy conditions of the U.K. They also feature a silicon and high frequency latex backing with a 3D-embossed SCHOCKZONE. This allows the high rebound foam on the back of the hand to enhance the punching performance and provide additional protection. Complete with Uhlsport’s Easy Entry System and 360 wrap, a secure fit is effortlessly achieved with this glove.

While a great pair of goalie gloves isn’t the only thing that makes Hugo Lloris such a formidable present in goal, it’s certainly doesn’t hurt. Gear up with all your goalkeeper needs at Sports Unlimited.



Written by Dylan Hamilton, Sports Unlimited

Who Should I Root for in the 2014 Soccer World Cup?

If you’re like myself and many other Americans, you may not know very much about soccer or the World Cup.  However, you don’t want to be left out.  Did you know that the World Cup is estimated to draw approximately 1.3 billion viewers worldwide in the final match?  Compare that to the Super Bowl’s 110 million viewers.  Wow!

Let’s have a little fun with this whole World Cup thing.  This creative flow chart will help you decide exactly who to root for or will just make you laugh.

World Cup 2014 Flow Chart

The first match is this Thursday,  June 12th and with the championship game being held on July 13th.

– Mike

Black Friday – Cyber Monday at Sports Unlimited

It’s that time of year again! If you can hear the Jingling Jingle of Jingle Bells then you might want to see a specialist because your ears probably aren’t meant to be experiencing sensation like that, but no matter! This is the Black Friday/Cyber Monday post that you’ve all been anxiously waiting for…

BFCM  is usually a mad scramble for the best deals in stores and on the internet, but hopefully you’ll at least spend a little time with your family.

Here’s a crazy idea: Get all of your shopping out of the way at one place, save a bunch of dollars, and have the ENTIRE day or weekend to spend with your family and friends.

Apply these limited time saving to anything in the store from lacrosse equipment to baseball gloves to football cleats.

Well, with that said, check out the image below for details on our BFCM sale and click anywhere on it to get to our store and take advantage of the deals.


Black Friday Cyber Monday Sporting Goods




By Isaac ClarkIsaac is a Turkey Elf at

Neymar To Barcelona, Will Play Alongside Leo Messi

Neymar To FC Barcelona

Next season we’ll be seeing what has now been hyped for quite a few years.  Neymar will be playing in Europe and to the chagrin of Madrid, he will play alongside Lionel Messi at FC Barcelona.  The Brazilian phenom is 21 years old and has the offensive prowess of hmmmm, I don’t know, Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.  He may not yet be in their realm of quality, but he soon will be in their local realm and hopefully will use the opportunity to learn from two of the greatest players alive as a teammate and as a rival.

Lio Messi Ballon D'OrNeymar will leave Santos, his boyhood Brazilian club, for the big stage. This should excite soccer fans around the world; to see this young superstar play on field with the likes of Messi, Iniesta, and Xavi Hernandez.  I have only seen the fun-haired Neymar sparingly in televised Brazil national games, but have watched highlights of the deft-footed and silky smooth forward on YouTube countless times.  He doesn’t have a jersey number yet, but Blaugrana fans have been clamoring for jerseys ever since the news of his signing.  The soccer season just ended in Europe, but Neymar to Barcelona is already prepping the world for an incredible and exciting year.

Maybe it’s time for me to swap out my Barcelona, Ronaldinho jersey for another Brazilian?

By Isaac Clark

Isaac is a writer at Sports Unlimited.

Liverpool FC Star Luis Suarez Scores Gordie Howe Hat Trick

Shame on you, Luis

Luis Suarez bit an opponent, again.  He also mesmerized with an assist and snagged a last-gasp equalizer to complete the Gordie Howe Hat Trick. As I watched the Liverpool Chelsea clash on Sunday and saw the same struggles Liverpool has dealt with all season, it seemed like yet another winnable match that they would, in the end, lose due to poor finishing and avoidable turnovers. That is not exactly how it played out. With a brilliant first goal from the Reds that was reminiscent of the glory days of the Kop, rather, the touches were so impeccable that there is nothing to which to compare it except for those brief moments of perfect football that before you acknowledge their existence, are gone to the land of replays. It wasn’t until after the converted penalty from Eden Hazard in the second half (given due to Suarez handling the ball in the penalty area), that Suarez bit Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic.

It was shocking to see a player, and one of such quality, literally sink his teeth into another player. Both hands grasped the arm as if it were a turkey leg and he the guest of honor at a feast in the heart of the Dark Ages. It is hard to imagine that Suarez had an understanding of what he was doing as he began his descent into the flesh of another Look here ref, bite marks!person because what could possibly be rationally going through his mind? This is not even the first time he has bit a fellow player during a professional match. While playing for Ajax in the Netherlands, he was fined and served a long ban for biting an opponent. It seems as though, in our sad reality, he has a reputable history of biting players now. A fine from Liverpool FC will not do.

Oh boy, Luis Suarez at his strangest. And of course, at his finest as he equalized in the 97th minute to deprive Chelsea of the vital three points.

Do defenders need now wear protective gear for the flesh of their arms?  What do you think?

By Isaac Clark.

Isaac is a writer at Sports Unlimited.

Top 10 Best Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves of 2013

Check out our choices for the top ten soccer goalkeeping glove for 2013! The best soccer goalkeeper gloves this year include some fan favorites, consistent classics, new comers, and world-cup level gloves from the top brands in the industry, like Brine, Select, Uhlsport, Nike, and Reusch.

Watch the video and read about our choices for best soccer goalkeeping gloves of 2013:

Brine King 5X

10. Brine King 5X

An advanced keeper glove from Brine, the King 5X cushions your hand with thick 5mm palm padding, and improves your grip with super sticky latex. To maintain the grip, they’ve added new Tuff Palm patches right where you slide, preventing fraying and shredding. Backbone-style removable finger stays give you incredible support and protection from hyper-extension. A great fit and stand-out color combination make this a perfect glove for an advanced keeper.

Reusch Keon SG Plus Finger Support Jr.

9. Reusch Keon SG Plus Finger Support Jr.

Junior-sized gloves from Reusch, packed full of advanced technologies you’d usually only find in elite-level adult keeper gloves! Perfect for those serious youth goalies, the Keon SG is designed with high quality SoftGrip foam, wrapped over a huge palm for extra grip and control. Added finger supports sewn into the glove let your fingers flex forward, but prevent bend back, preventing injury. Advanced with the classically cool Reusch look, the Keon is great for committed youth players looking to hone their skills without breaking the bank.

Select 3 Guard Finger Protection Youth8. Select 3 Guard Finger Protection Youth

Hands down the best youth finger-support keeper gloves for the money! Incredibly durable, and built to last well into the season, these gloves are great for practices and matches, and feature strong finger protection spines, preventing injury when catching or stopping the ball. High strength and advanced technology at an affordable price.

Brine King 4X7. Brine King 4X

A cool looking, highly protective glove at an even better price! Removable finger spines provide high-performance finger protection, while 4mm thick latex palm foam cushions hard shots and gives you great grip on the ball. Delivers popping black and red colors and the classic Brine King design, with plenty of high-end comfort and technological features. Perfect as a practice glove for elite players, or as a match glove for intermediate or advanced players.

Nike GK Spyne Pro6. Nike GK Spyne Pro

Goalkeeper finger protection and high-end performance from the masters at Nike, all at a more affordable price. This Nike glove features T90 Spyne finger supports to protect against injury, 3mm soft latex palm foam with a flat palm construction for great grip, and a pre-curved fit to keep you in a catch-ready position at all times. Affordable, advanced, and protective…this is a solid match glove for any advanced keeper. Plus, it’s Nike!

Uhlsport Cerberus Supersoft Bionik5. Uhlsport Cerberus Supersoft Bionik

A favorite among top keepers for years now, the Uhlsport Cerberus gives players the fit they demand with the technologies they need to play at the highest levels. The famous Cerberus cut delivers incredible flex and dexterity for great control, enhanced here with the exclusive Supersoft foam for grip. Bionik frame finger supports and ShockZone backhand protection across the knuckles set this glove above the competition, and the price simply can’t be beat.

Nike GK Confidence4. Nike GK Confidence

The top keeper glove by the top soccer company in the word, the Nike Confidence has become a mainstay among pro goalkeepers around the world. Now in black and pink for 2013, this glove is all about confident aggression in goal. Built with articulated 6mm palm foam for great stopping power, and enhanced with the Power Punch Platform in the backhand for massive punching strength, you’ll never hesitate to attack the ball in the air or out of the box. Plus, it’s Nike! Nuff said.

3. Uhlsport Ergonomic AbsolutGrip Bionik

Uhlsport Ergonomic AbsolutGrip BionikThe Ergonomic AbsolutGrip Bionik is the top glove from one of the best companies in the industry today. Developed to be massively comfortable, highly protective, and incredibly high performing, this glove is built to do it all. In a bright red color, the AbsolutGrip advanced foam palm grips, cushions and protects from hard shots, performing in any condition. Unique, individual micro-injected silver ShockZones run up the fingers, giving you flexible and strong punching power exactly where you’ve always needed it. Finally, the innovative Bionik frame support stays integrate into the glove for stability, flexibility, and finger protection. Truly an elite-level match glove for top keepers.

2. Reusch XOSA Pro X1 Ortho-Tec

Reusch XOSA Pro X1 Ortho-Tec

First seen on the game’s top keepers in the 2010 World Cup, these unique, colorful and elite-level gloves continue to be used by pro-level goalies from teams around the world. Used by Cup-caliber keepers from Brazil, South Africa, Switzerland, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Argentina, they are truly pro-tested, pro-approved. Designed with X1 Wet N Dry all-weather palm foam for versatile performance and grip, and enhanced with an embossed foam backhand for comfort and maximum flexibility. Advanced and un-matched finger protection with Reusch’s exclusive Ortho-Tec finger stay system lets you attack the ball and stop anything that comes your way!

1. Reusch Magno Deluxe M1 Ortho-Tec Soccer Goalie Gloves

ReusMagno Deluxe M1 Ortho-TecOne of the single best selling keeper gloves of all time, and our personal favorite, the Reusch Magno Deluxe has been the cream of the crop for years, and has yet to meet an equal. The most technologically advanced keeper glove, from the company known world-wide for its keeper innovations, the Magno is loaded with tech from head to toe. M1 Mega Grip palm foam delivers a solid grip that flexes naturally for perfect ball control. Soft backhand foam, embossed at strategic breakpoints, combined with a stretchable PU material, delivers maximum flex without sacrificing the tight fit and feel you need. But for the serious glove techies, the Magno is enhanced with DuraGuard palm patches to prevent palm shredding, SSG lining for improved ball contact, AirVent mesh between the fingers for massive breathability, an advanced backhand ShockShield for serious punching power, and Reusch’s famous Ortho-Tec stay system, which uses individual two-piece braces in each finger to prevent fingers from bending backwards, without sacrificing forward flexibility. A top reviewed, widely loved glove year in, year out, you truly cannot beat the Magno for technology or performance. And with the sweet black and yellow colors, it can’t be beat for style either!

By Brandon Porter.Brandon is a product specialist at Sports Unlimited.

Top Rated Soccer Goalie Gloves – Nike Spyne Pro Goalie Gloves

We’ve long believed that the difference between high quality and low quality soccer goalie gloves can have an immense impact on soccer goalies’ level of play. That’s why we make sure to find the best gloves out there so goalies can play their best, all while protecting their fingers from harms way.

According to a recent ranking by Yahoo!, the best soccer goalie gloves available are the Nike Goalkeeper Spyne Pro Soccer Goalie Gloves, which you can find at

From the Yahoo! ranking report:

1. Nike Goalkeeper Spyne Pro Soccer Goalie Gloves

Buy them for only $59.99 at Sports Unlimited . These gloves are available in sizes 7-9 for youths. With 3M shock absorbers and T90 Spyne finger supports for hand protection, your goalie won’t come home with aching or damaged fingers.

Find more great soccer goalie gloves and kids soccer goalie gloves at your soccer headquarters,

Note: The Nike Goalkeeper Spyne Pro Soccer Goalie Gloves are Men’s sizes, not youth.

Top Rated Product – Soccer Bench

Today we embark on a new milestone here at The Sporting Goods – our first “Top Rated Product” post.  Yes, I agree; it is very emotional indeed.  Over time, “Top Rated Product” posts should become a staple on this blog.  “What are they?” you ask?  “Top Rated Product” posts will be pretty straightforward: they are posts about specific products that have been highly rated by customers who actually purchased the good.  Think of it as your fellow peers offering a friendly recommendation of a product you were either unaware of or unsure whether to buy.

This week’s landmark “Top Rated Product” is the Kwik Goal 6 Seat Kwik Bench Soccer Bench (quite the tongue-twister).  This Kwik Goal Soccer Bench gives your squad a much needed centralized location to rest, bond, and strategize as one unit while they’re on the sidelines. Continue reading “Top Rated Product – Soccer Bench”