Schutt Justin Tuck Facemask Available at SU

Schutt ION 4D Justin Tuck FacemaskBy now you’ve probably seen it, and thought to yourself, “Wow…since when did Justin Tuck start wearing a chain-link fence around his face?” But then it probably dawned on you that now, nobody’s fat fingers can get at him, making him virtually impervious to grabs, eye injuries, and neck torques on the line! And later, I’m sure you found yourself thinking, “You know what, that actually looks pretty sweet and intimidating! Where can I get one?” Well funny you should think that my friend, because we’ve got them right here at Sports Unlimited!

Justin Tuck Facemask
Schutt ION 4D Justin Tuck Facemask

Designed to fit his Schutt ION 4D football helmet, the strong carbon steel “Justin Tuck Custom Facemask” tweaks the traditional ROPO (Reinforced Oral Protection Only) facemask, delivering six horizontal bars across the face, just under the eyes, for maximum facial protection on the field. With this bar setup, there’s no space for other players to grab onto, keeping your eyes and face safe from pokes and gouges, and making it almost impossible for someone to twist your neck from your facemask. And bonus; it also looks incredibly awesome!

Energy Wedge Facemask
Schutt Energy Wedge Facemask Integration

Because it’s built for the Schutt ION 4D, the Justin Tuck facemask uses the popular energy wedge technology, integrating entirely into the helmet. With this specialized attachment, the facemask becomes a shock absorber; actually absorbing 15% more impact energy when you get hit. It also gives you an insanely wide field of vision, so even with the added bars, you get a great view of the field through the facemask.

Justin Tuck Facemask for Schutt DNA Helmet
Chris Canty wears Justin Tuck facemask on DNA Pro+

This sweet custom football facemask is also available for the Schutt DNA Pro + football helmet. Worn by New York Giants DT Chris Canty, the Schutt DNA ROPO “Justin Tuck” Custom Facemask packs the same aggressive look and protective six bar design in a facemask that fits the popular Schutt DNA line of helmets.

Everyone’s talking about it, and for good reason. So pick one up today and hit the grid iron with one of the baddest football facemasks in history!

By Brandon Porter.Brandon is a product specialist at Sports Unlimited.

94 thoughts on “Schutt Justin Tuck Facemask Available at SU”

  1. Love the Justin Tuck facemask! He looks like a beast on the field. I’m ordering one right now for my ION 4D helmet.

  2. I’ve been looking for the exact Justin Tuck facemask everywhere and thought he was the only one that could wear it or something. Go Giants!

  3. is grey the only color that facemask comes in? My son wants it but they have to have black

  4. Hi does this facemask fit a revo speed helmit and if not will their be one by this upcoming season to fit the revo speed.
    Elliott Reyes.#91 FAULKNER EAGLES

    1. Elliot and michingae,

      The Schutt DNA Pro + Justin Tuck Facemask only fits the Schutt adult and youth sized DNA Pro +, the youth Recruit Hybrid, and youth Recruit Hybrid + helmets. Typically, Schutt facemasks are designed to only fit Schutt helmets, so it’s unlikely that they’ll produce a version for the Riddell Revo Speed. However, if we hear word of one, or if Riddell designs a similar facemask for their helmets, we’ll be sure to stock it and let you know!

    1. Jacob,

      Schutt face masks are exclusively designed to fit Schutt helmets. Although I personally haven’t tried to fit the Schutt “Big Grill” onto a Xenith helmet, I’m fairly certain it wouldn’t fit.

      Thanks for your question!

    1. Eric,

      We now offer 6 different versions of the “Big Grill” facemask, all in a wide variety of colors, to fit almost any modern Schutt helmet, in any size, you may use.

      Super Pro “Big Grill” Facemask fits the Adult and Youth AiR XP, AiR Advantage, and XP Hybrid helmets, sized small through large. But for those extra larger helmets, we also offer an XL Super Pro “Big Grill” facemask.

      Ion 4D “Big Grill” Facemask is exclusively designed to fit the Schutt Ion 4D, in any size small through large. For XL Ion 4D helmets, we have an extra large Ion 4D “Big Grill” available.

      DNA “Big Grill” Facemask fits any small – large adult or youth Schutt DNA Pro + helmet. A DNA “Big Grill” XL Facemask is also available for those extra large helmets.

      Please let me know if you have any questions, or need any further assistance. Thanks for the comment!

    1. Carter,

      Unfortunately, Schutt facemasks, like the Big Grill, are not designed to fit anything but Schutt helmets. If Riddell designs a similar facemask for their helmets, we’ll definitely keep you posted, and be sure to stock it.

      Thanks for your question!

        1. Unfortunately no. The Big Grill 2.0 is a Schutt facemask, and will only fit Schutt helmets. If Riddell ever develops a similar specialty facemask though, we will definitely carry it and let everyone know!

    1. It’s hard to tell just from the image what kind of helmet this is…but if the description is right, then the facemask is probably a custom job from Riddell. The Big Grill facemasks we stock still only fit Schutt helmets.

        1. I’d suggest calling our customer service department at 800-693-6368. They may be able to get in touch with Riddell about custom-making a Tuck-like facemask for the Revo Speed.

    1. We haven’t heard word from Schutt or any facemask manufacturer as to when or if these facemasks will be made available to the public. But rest assured, if they are, we’ll have them in stock and let you know!

  5. I am looking for a justin tuck facemask but i cant find one that is a XL and for a ion 4D?

    1. The “Big Grill” facemask worn by Justin Tuck is actually produced exclusively by Schutt, and designed to only fit their football helmets. So unfortunately, there aren’t any Justin Tuck facemasks out there for retail sale that can fit Riddell football helmets, like the Revo Speed.

    1. The DNA Recruit helmet is not listed as a possible fit for the DNA Big Grill facemask, and although it may actually fit, since it’s a fairly older helmet, we don’t have one in stock here to check directly ourselves. So, I would say it may possibly fit your helmet, but we can’t guarantee it, and wouldn’t suggest it for an older youth helmet.

    1. I was able to get one on the Big Grill Super Pro and DNA versions, but it would not fit on the ION4D version, right out of the box. So if you have an ION4D helmet / facemask, I wouldn’t recommend the Oakley visor, unless you were comfortable with setting up a custom hook up using vinyl zip ties.

      If you do have the Ion, I’d would suggest trying the Bangerz ProVU HS-9000 Football Eyeshield.

    1. It may be in development, but according to Schutt, they are only producing the Big Grill and Big Grill 2.0 (that’s Tuck’s new facemask with the diagonal bars) in DNA and Super Pro versions. I’ll definitely be keeping everyone posted, though, as I get more info on the new Big Grill facemasks.

  6. wait so sports unlimited is now going to make justin tucks new facemask the one that looks like a train??

    1. We’re not making it here, but we have a great relationship with Schutt, the company that does make them, and we will actually be one of the first stores to stock the new Tuck facemask, with the diagonal cross bars. They’re not out of production yet, but we’ll keep you posted and let everyone know as soon as they come in!

      1. what helmets are they making them for? and is it true schutt makes custom facemasks for anybody or do u gota be like a pro

        1. The Big Grill 2.0 (what Schutt is calling the facemask now) will be available for the Schutt Youth and Adult DNA Pro+, AiR XP, Youth AiR XP, AiR Advantage, Youth Advantage, and XP Hybrid helmets. Also, I haven’t heard of Schutt making any custom facemasks for non-pro players, but if you’d like to call our customer service department at 800-693-6368, they’d be able to connect you with Schutt and look into it for you.

  7. Ive seen a revo speed facemask or a version like this in alot of college games, do yall offer it or will yall soon.

    1. The Big Grill facemask is a Schutt product, and only designed to fit Schutt helmets. This isn’t the first I’ve heard of people seeing them on Revo Speed helmets, but I haven’t heard of Riddell mass-producing any custom Tuck-like facemasks for retail sale, on their helmets. Right now, we only offer the Big Grill, and up-coming Big Grill 2.0, for Schutt helmets.

  8. Do you know if i could get a coustomized slasher justin tuck facemask, the one with the diagonal bars?

    1. Brandon, we are expecting a full shipment of the latest Tuck facemask (with the diagonal bars), nicknamed the Big Grill 2.0, within the next few weeks. We are set to be one of the first stores in the country to offer them, and we should have them in a full array of colors too. I’ll be posting on the blog as soon as they come in, and are available for order. So be sure to check back!

        1. Definitely! The shell sizing of the youth and adult Ion 4D is actually the same, so the Big Grill facemask will easily fit on your youth Ion 4D. Keep in mind though, that the Tuck facemask is on the heavier side, because of the extra bars. So just make sure he can comfortably support that weight, and you should be good to go!

  9. Would there be any way to put the Big Grill 2.0 DNA facemask on the vengeance? I’ve seen pro’s and college players with the vengeance shells but DNA facemasks. I have the vengeance and I would like to put that facemask on it but don’t want to waste money if it won’t fit.

    1. You can modify the Vengeance to fit a DNA facemask by drilling holes in the sides of the helmet. Unfortunately, this voids the warranty, and although in theory it should fit, I haven’t personally tried it with the Big Grill 2.0. I don’t see why it wouldn’t fit, but just keep in mind that you’d have to modify the helmet first.

    1. Schutt has shifted its attention from the Ion 4D to the new Vengeance and the popular DNA Pro +, so as far as I know, those are the only helmets they’ll be designing the Big Grill 2.0, and other specialty facemasks for.

  10. Because of the weight of the Big Grill 2.0 in carbon steel, any idea if there are plans to make them out of titanium?

    1. The original Big Grill facemasks are in stock and on sale now at If you mean his latest facemask, nicknamed the Big Grill 2.0, we have them available for pre-sale now, and should have them in stock by the first week in December! They’re sure to sell out quickly though, so get your pre-order in today.

    1. Unfortunately no. Going forward Schutt is mainly focusing on the popular AiR XP, DNA Pro + and the new Vengeance helmets. As for now, all of their specialty helmets, including the Big Grill 2.0, will only be designed in Super Pro and DNA versions.

        1. Unfortunately no, the new Big Grill 2.0 is only being designed in DNA and Super-Pro styles. We’ll be getting them in stock this week, but so far there are no NEW specialty facemasks from Schutt for the ION 4D.

      1. Will the big grill 2.0 fit on the vengeance becaus it says the vengance can fit DNA facemasks and Xl facemasks

        1. I’m waiting to get full confirmation from Schutt that drilling holes and attaching a DNA facemask on the Vengeance is OK, and will not void the warranty. As soon as I hear from them, we’ll be shooting a “How To” video to make it easier to adapt a DNA facemask to the helmet. As far as XL Super Pro facemasks go, attaching them is fairly easy and doesn’t require drilling any holes. I see no reason why an extra large Super Pro Big Grill 2.0 wouldn’t fit on a Vengeance, since it is basically a glorified standard ROPO facemask. We should have the XL Big Grill 2.0 Super Pro in stock early next week, so as soon as it comes in, I’ll be sure to test it myself to make sure. Also, be on the lookout because the day they come in, I’ll be posting a big spread on all of our available options for this new facemask.

        1. Yes and no, Mark. If you buy an XL Super Pro Big Grill 2.0, we can easily attach that to a Vengeance for a $10 fee. If you’re looking to attach a DNA Big Grill 2.0, we’d have to drill holes in the Vengeance to attach it. We can do this, but it would have to be a special order, which you’d have to call in to request (800-693-6368). Attaching that facemask to the Vengeance would cost $20.

    1. Walker, I’m guessing you mean the Air Varsity Commander, Schutt’s XXL football helmet? If that’s what you’re referring to, then no, the Big Grill 2.0 won’t fit on that helmet.

  11. I’m going to get a new helmet and definitely want the Big Grill 2.0, but i see it wont be compatible with the ion 4d. I was wondering if the original Big Grill will be available for the ion 4d? and if there are any plans for the big grill 2.0 in the future to be made for the ion 4d because you mentioned they aren’t focusing on that helmet right now.Also, which helmet do you personally think is better, the AiR XP or the DNA Pro +?

    1. Antonio,
      You’re right, the new Big Grill 2.0 is not compatible with an ION 4D, like the original is. We will continue to stock the first Big Grill for the ION 4D, but unfortunately, there are no plans to develop a Big Grill 2.0 for that helmet. As far as which helmet I think is better, I think it really depends on personal preference. Both are really great helmets, but the biggest difference between the two is the shell; the DNA uses that big offset, bubble of a shell, while the AiR XP uses a more traditionally sized, lightweight shell. Both offer great protection with TPU cushioning and an inflatable liner, so the real question is which look do you want, and what kind of mobility do you need. Honestly, you really can’t go wrong with either one though.

        1. No problem Antonio, happy to help! If you have a custom order, I’d suggest calling in at 800-693-6368. Our customer service representatives can help you out with any custom orders you may have!

    1. Almost any, yes. The original Big Grill is available in three different styles; “DNA” for all Schutt DNA Pro + helmets, “ION 4D” exclusively for the ION 4D helmet, and “Super Pro” style which fits AiR XP, Youth AiR XP, AiR Advantage, Youth Advantage, and XP Hybrid helmets. We also stock XL versions of all three facemask styles, for XL sizes of all compatible helmets.

  12. looking for the big grill in white for the ion4d youth. cant find it on the website is it available?

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