Retraction: Football Helmet Weights

An update of the most accurate football helmet weights, in pounds and ounces, including facemask weight, to give you the most consumer information possible, to find the best football helmet for you!

In July, I posted an article, “How Much Does a Football Helmet Weight?” which listed the weights of almost every football helmet we carry at Sports Unlimited. Upon further review, it became obvious to me that our original findings were not presented as clearly as they could have been, and may have been inadvertently misleading. Also, we did not include the weights of other facemask options, such as stainless steel or titanium facemasks.

To correct this oversight, I have re-weighed every helmet and facemask, and have updated our list of football helmet weights. The new findings are listed in lbs/oz, for more weight accuracy, and to make it easier to see just how much, or little these adult and youth football helmets differ in weight. They can be found listed below, and in the previously published article.

I hope these more accurate football helmet and facemask weights help you find the right helmet for you and your child! Please let me know if you have any questions at all.


Please Note: All weights are measured in pounds and ounces. Total weight includes either the attached facemask shipped with the helmet, or the standard ROPO facemask designed for that helmet, as well as chinstraps and all hardware. All helmets weighed were size Large. Other sizes will vary slightly.

Helmets Shipped Without Attached Facemasks:
Helmet Weight
(lbs / oz)
Helmet Alone Total w/
Carbon Steel Facemask
Total w/
Stainless Steel Facemask
Total w/ Titanium Facemask
Schutt ION4D Adult 3lbs, 6oz 4lbs, 8oz 4lbs, 1oz
Schutt Vengeance 3lbs, 8oz 4lbs, 10oz 4lbs, 1oz
Schutt AiR XP Adult 2lbs, 13oz 3lbs, 15oz 3lbs, 13oz 3lbs, 5oz
Schutt DNA Pro + Adult 3lbs, 2oz 4lbs, 6oz 3lbs, 12oz
Schutt AiR XP Elite 3lbs, 2oz 4lbs, 4oz 4lbs, 2oz 3lbs, 10oz
Schutt DNA Pro + Elite 3lbs, 5oz 4lbs, 9oz 4lbs, 10oz 3lbs, 15oz
Schutt DNA Pro + w/ Titanium Facemask 3lbs, 8oz 3lbs, 8 oz
Schutt AiR Varsity Commander 3lbs, 6oz 4lbs, 11oz
Schutt ION4D Youth 3lbs, 6oz 4lbs, 8oz 4lbs, 1oz
Schutt AiR XP Youth 2lbs, 11oz 3lbs, 13oz 3lbs, 11oz 3lbs, 3oz
Schutt DNA Pro + Youth 2lbs, 15oz 4lbs, 1oz
Schutt Recruit Hybrid 2lbs, 11oz 3lbs, 10oz
Schutt Recruit Hybrid + 2lbs, 11oz 3lbs, 10oz
Schutt XP Hybrid 2lbs, 8oz 3lbs, 7oz
Schutt XP Hybrid + 2lbs, 8oz 3lbs, 7oz
Schutt Air Standard II 3lbs, 10oz
AiR Youth 2lbs, 9oz 3lbs, 1oz


Helmets Shipped With Attached facemask:
Helmet Weight
(lbs / oz)
Helmet  w / Attached
AiR Team Youth 2lbs, 9oz
Riddell 360 Adult 4lbs, 8oz
Riddell Revolution Speed (Revo Speed) 4lbs, 2oz
Riddell Revolution 4lbs, 4oz
Riddell 360 Youth 4lbs, 6oz
Riddell Revo Speed Youth 3lbs, 12oz
Riddell Revolution Edge 3lbs, 14oz
Riddell Revolution Attack 3lbs, 4oz
Riddell Revolution Youth 3lbs, 14oz
Rawlings Quantum Adult 4lbs, 7oz
Rawlings Quantum Youth 4lbs, 2oz
Rawlings Momentum 3lbs, 13oz


By Brandon Porter.Brandon is a product specialist at Sports Unlimited.

9 thoughts on “Retraction: Football Helmet Weights”

  1. Hello Brandon. I have found your site very helpful in determining which direction to go for my boys. I have ordered the Schutt Vengeance for my two older boys (14-15) as I feel they can better handle the extra weight that helmet brings in comparison to their school issued Riddell helmets. We live out here in Vegas so I like the benefit of TPU in this weather. Where I am struggling is which direction to go with for my younger boy (11). Initially I settled in and was going to buy a youth Vengeance whenever it is that they come out…but as I think about it I become more concerned about the weight. He currently has a Recruit Hybrid which I bought not knowing enough about what I was doing or I would have went with the +.. Anyway…whats your thoughts there? Should I maybe settle in with a lighter Revo Speed given that he is in youth helmets and the higher impacts wont be coming even though it will be a little hotter on his head? Do kids adjust fairly well to the extra lb worth of Vengeance so that it will eventually be no big deal? Sooo torn on which way to go. Hard to beat the all around protection of the Vengeance…at least from what I can tell with the information provided. Or… am I over thinking the whole thing and a cheaper Recruit Hybrid + will do just fine? Help a fella out! Thanks in advance

    1. Thanks for the great questions Allen, and as always, I am really happy to hear that this blog is helping people make appropriate and well reasoned decisions on their sports gear. I hope your older boys do well with the Vengeance! As far as your younger son goes, it doesn’t sound like you’re over thinking it at all. It sounds like you care about his health on the field, and want the best options for him…which is something I think we’d all like to see more of in sports. In my opinion, and based on your comments here, it sounds like you trust and prefer the performance of TPU cushioning, and because of the dry heat you get in Vegas, I don’t blame you. That’s why I think the DNA Pro + Youth helmet would be a great choice for your younger son. At 2lbs, 15oz, it’s a great weight for youth players, and it still provides all of the impact protection and heat management you’re looking for, with full TPU cushioning. The large offset and wide field of vision would also let him see more of the field. If you really like the Vengeance though, we did just start carrying the Youth Vengeance helmet. It is heavier than the DNA Youth, but some kids definitely adjust to the weight quickly, so it may be mute if you think he can handle the weight. If you do go with the Youth Vengeance DCT, I’d suggest having him wear it around the house for a few hours at a time to get used to the weight. But then again, I generally think that’s a good idea for any younger player buying a new helmet. Let me know if you have any further questions, or need additional clarification. I hope this helps narrow things down for you!

      1. Thanks! At one time through the process I had planned on the DNA Pro+ for him….just had that nagging feeling I wasn’t doing enough for him. I see the Youth Vengeance on the site as a pre-order…is it in stock now?? I will have to continue giving it some thought I guess.
        I do have a couple of further questions if you don’t mind?
        1. Shockbox….is it worth it? I saw the one review on the main site involving the person dropping it on a pillow then a counter top but that doesn’t really reflect what it would do when inside the helmet underneath all of its protection. That said I am not interested in spending that much money on a gimmick.
        2. TPU in shoulder pads…does it matter? I hear of complaints that it sets the pad to high on the shoulders interfering with the helmet…especially in the younger kids.

        Thanks in advance.

        1. I’m sorry Allen, that was an oversight on my part. The Vengeance Youth is not in stock yet, and we’re still awaiting product from Schutt. I thought we had received a few in, but my warehouse manager says they’re are still waiting for the order. I was mistaken. Definitely give it some more thought, but I think especially for youth players, the DNA is a great combination of age-appropriate weight, and age-appropriate protection.
          In response to your other questions;
          1. I personally haven’t been able to try the Shockbox for myself yet, so I can’t give you a first hand account of its performance. But from everything I’ve read and customer feedback I’ve seen, it seams to be an interesting technology that is just starting to be fine tuned. Do I think it’s completely fool-proof and accurate with no bugs whatsoever? Of course not. But I do think there’s no such thing as too much information, especially when it comes to kids and concussions. It’s a new science of course, and definitely an extra expenditure. But if you’re really worried about it, and think in his league, the possibility of concussions exist, it doesn’t hurt to have more information. It’s certainly not a necessity though.
          2. As far as the AiR Maxx TPU youth shoulder pads are concerned, I don’t want to dissuade you, and trust me when I say, they are great shoulder pads, but I honestly don’t think they’re really designed for the average youth player. They’re a much bigger investment than most youth shoulder pads, and in my opinion, are really designed for the slightly older, or more elite-level youth players. Although the TPU does provide good protection and impact absorption, some players do find it rides a little high and may interfere with the helmet as well. Popular youth shoulder pads like the Schutt Y Flex, Adams Beast, and even the new Wilson X-Pad 2.0 shoulder pads are great choices for the average youth player, and are much more affordable and reasonable options in my opinion.

  2. Thanks again for the great reply. No worries about the Vengeance…its an easy mistake. They are actually overdue.

    Good insight on the Shockbox…I guess we will see what the budget looks like. I know I definitely wont be getting the hit detecting system that has a light on the chin pad… that’s just a challenge to opposing players to see if they can make it change colors!

    Okay…good info on the pads.I am looking at the Gear Pro-Tec Z-cools for the boys instead of Air Maxx. Though the adult versions are a little pricey the youth ones are right on point. Plus I think they will be a big plus out hear in the desert heat.

    Other than that….I think you have answered my big questions so thanks a bunch. I will be sure to come back and do a proper review on each item we purchase from you guys on the main site. Keep up the good work!

    1. Very good point about that hit detection system. I actually haven’t seen it myself, but that does seem like more of a challenge to other players than a deterrent system. Good call on the Gear Pro Tec as well. The moisture management and breathability features would be great in the Vegas heat. Looking forward to your reviews Allen, and I’m always happy to help. I hope all of the new gear works out, and wish the guys good luck in the new season!

      1. Its the Battle Science Impact Indicator Chinstrap. Thanks! I’m sure it will be a great season and Ill pass on your good lucks to the boys.

  3. Hello Brandon, I have been looking for a football Helmet for my little cousin for his up coming season. He is 10 weights about 95 pounds going into jr pee wee he has always been one of the hardest hitting kids on his team. so im looking to upgrade his helmet from the ones our football league give us. but I dont want to get a helmet that is too heavy for him I like the new vengeance.
    do you think maybe the vengeance with titanium facemask will be light enough for him? or should I go with something like the schutt AIR XP Ultralite helmet? also do guys carry the titanium facemask for the vengeance?


    1. Hi David, thanks for the question. I’ll be taking over the blog for the time being and I am happy to give you the best answer I can! It is always very exciting coming into a new season and I think you are asking the right questions. Always keep safety as your top priority and with that in mind, I think that either of the options you are considering are viable for your cousin. At 10 years old, he will be hitting stride in his young football career. I would lean toward the new Vengeance DCT Youth with Titanium mask. It will be slightly heavier for him, but it is still light enough to give him great performance and increased preventative technology like Duel Compression TPU, while looking pretty mean! Also, the titanium facemasks that we carry for the adult vengeance will fit on the youth version of the Vengeance. I do think your cousin will have a great season with either of those helmets, whichever one you decide to go with, and I hope my this helped!

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