Holiday Hypnosis – $10 or $20 Off This Weekend!

If you hadn’t noticed, holiday season has definitely begun for gift-sellers, gift-buyers, and gift-givers. There are no two ways around it. The good news is that with the holiday season, come great sales and promotions and Sports Unlimited is no stranger to giving our customers the best deals. This weekend, we are giving you a crisp Hamilton or Jefferson to keep in your wallet for a few Starbucks drinks or a night at the movies. You don’t have to wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday to get great deals, you can get them right now at Happy holidays and happy weekend, make it a productive one!

Buy More Save More Holiday Sale

Holiday Specials! They Launch Today!

Well, the deals have arrived. This season we will be featuring different special holiday sales that can change at any time! The good news is that we’ve got a Holiday Specials Center that lets you know what deals are going on and an easy way to get to those exact products or even an entire category! Check our specials now as we launch the specials and check often because you might find the best deal out there this holiday season right at Sports Unlimited.

Don’t get stressed out by holiday shopping, believe it or not, it can be quite fun when you find the best deals. So, here are some of our best deals right now. Enjoy!

Holiday Specials from Sports Unlimited

Happy Holidays from Sports Unlimited. EXPLORE!

The Holidays Are Here (Kind Of) – SALE

When November hits, so do the sales because gift-giving is great. They plowed snow off the field in New England before the Pats Broncos game. If that’s not an indicator that the Holidays are coming, what is?

Start your season of giving at with our limited-time sale of 15% off the highest priced item in your cart. All you’ve got to do is enter code GIFTEEN into the promo/coupon field at checkout and you’re ready to go.

Our gift to you is great deals, so keep an eye out for the best products, the best prices, and the fastest processing in the West, er, East!


15% OFF ANY ITEM with code GIFTEEN


Happy Gift-Giving!

Black Friday – Cyber Monday at Sports Unlimited

It’s that time of year again! If you can hear the Jingling Jingle of Jingle Bells then you might want to see a specialist because your ears probably aren’t meant to be experiencing sensation like that, but no matter! This is the Black Friday/Cyber Monday post that you’ve all been anxiously waiting for…

BFCM  is usually a mad scramble for the best deals in stores and on the internet, but hopefully you’ll at least spend a little time with your family.

Here’s a crazy idea: Get all of your shopping out of the way at one place, save a bunch of dollars, and have the ENTIRE day or weekend to spend with your family and friends.

Apply these limited time saving to anything in the store from lacrosse equipment to baseball gloves to football cleats.

Well, with that said, check out the image below for details on our BFCM sale and click anywhere on it to get to our store and take advantage of the deals.


Black Friday Cyber Monday Sporting Goods




By Isaac ClarkIsaac is a Turkey Elf at

Happy Father’s Day

This Sunday, we will recognize one of the biggest supporters in our lives: our fathers. As a family owned company, we at Sports Unlimited value the relationships we have with our families and on this day especially, we are grateful for everything our fathers have done for us.

Family Photo for Father's DayThe smallest things can make all the difference, so why not make this Father’s Day a memorable one? Whether it’s a simple “I love you, dad” or a hand-written card, it will forever be cherished in his heart. Try to think back to your favorite memory you shared with your dad. Maybe it was your first fishing trip, or when he was the coach of your sports team, or more importantly, when he walked you down the aisle on one of the most remarkable days of your life. Whatever it may be, remind him of how special that memory is to you. Spending the time to acknowledge the impact he has made on your life is better than any gift that money could buy.

But, let’s face it; men love their sports and tools. If you are looking to splurge for this Father’s Day, purchasing a small gift for Dad isn’t the worst thing in the world. Maybe you could even buy him something that relates to your cherished memory or perhaps you could try to find something that will be used during your time spent together that day. It could be a day filled with golfing, barbecuing, hiking, etc. However you wish to express your gratitude to dad, remember that the sincerest gift comes from the heart. As one of our Founding Father’s once said, “happiness depends more on the inward disposition than on outward circumstance.” –Benjamin Franklin

Sports Unlimited wishes all families a Happy Father’s Day that is filled with love and memories.

By Alexa Shumate

Alexa is an Advertising Ninja at Sports Unlimited.