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It’s here. I repeat. It’s here. Holy smokes does this helmet look and feel incredible. As people obsessed with football gear, we have been impatiently awaiting the arrival of the Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet because it’s the most exciting helmet release in recent history. With new protective tech and design aspects we’ve never seen before, Riddell has built a game-changer.

Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet Images

If you’re looking for the nitty-gritty details, features, and specs, head on over to our SpeedFlex page for more specific information on the Flex System, Composite Energy Management, new Ratchet-Loc retention system, and other crazy cool tech. We will be getting in all sorts of colors (including matte colors) and sizes so that you’ll be able to find the exact helmet you want and need. We actually stock these helmets right in our warehouse so that they can ship out the same day if ordered before 3 PM ET because when you buy a SpeedFlex, you get it quickly.

One of the coolest new features about the SpeedFlex is the new Ratchet-Loc retention system that helps you adjust your chinstrap quickly and easily. With ridges in the straps that lock into place with proprietary tech from Riddell, you can just tug on the strap until it is in the proper position and keep moving. This helps with getting the helmet to fit right on your head and comfort in the chin. Safety is by far the most important aspect of the game in our eyes and getting your chin strap in the proper position consistently helps make your helmet safer for you.

Additionally, this helmet passed “The Test” and by that we mean the Virginia Tech Helmet Study. SpeedFlex got a 5-star rating, and although the VA Tech Ratings system has its flaws, it is sure as heck better to score 5-stars than not.

We can’t wait to see these out on football fields all over the world this spring, summer, and right into the season this fall.

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  1. I just purchased the SpeedFlex for my son and when I tried to put an Oakley visor on it, it seemed like it would put a lot of stress on the quick release pins and was very difficult to mount. Does anyone have this problem or is there a better solution? My concern is that with the visor curved so much to fit the face mask that it will either break the visor into my sons face or pop the QR pins holding the face mask and it will come off during a big hit. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Brandon,

      It’s really hard for us to comment on this for legal reasons. I’m truly sorry I’m not able to be more helpful here. – Isaac

  2. What’s the difference in weight between the speed and the speed flex. Say size M adult

  3. No problem, here is what I did. After watching one of IKF video. IKF said that has used zip ties in the past where mount clips have not worked. I used zip ties and it has worked just fine plus you can find them for cheap in a variety of colors to match your facemask For anyone else who is wondering about it. My son loves the helmet and his teammates are always complimentary.

  4. Is there a real size and weight difference between the youth version and adult of the speedflex? I see the adult weighs 4.55 pounds but cannot find anything on the youth for weight. Also wondering about overall size difference if you have any idea, thanks

    1. The youth Speedflex weighs 4.2 lbs compared to the 4.55 lbs of the adult. The sizing is the same though. The major difference is that the adult version uses a polycarbonate shell and the youth version uses an ABS plastic shell. This is a very important distinction. If you play in a youth league, ALL helmets should be ABS plastic and if you play in an Adult league (high school) ALL helmets should be polycarbonate. It is dangerous for players on the same field to be using different shell materials.

  5. Just bought my son a Silver(grey facemask) youth speedflex from your site. Do Riddell Revo Speed facemasks fit the Speedflex? And is it possible to get a youth facemask for the Speedflex in any other color than grey from your site?

  6. With the ratchet-loc chin strap system is there a way to be able to put on and take off a chin cup cover. My son prefer the fabric over the chin cup as opposed to the plastic/foam lining. Also, riddell offers the hard chin cup in small/medium/large but gives no recommendations on what size is best dependent upon size of athlete. Any help on these?

    1. To be honest, we have not had any experience with putting on and taking off any chin cup covers. We recommend using the provided chin strap or purchasing a hard cup. As for the sizing of the hard cup chin strap. Usually S/M fits youth players and L/XL fits adult players. There are some exceptions, but that should be a decent guideline in general.

    1. The visors/eyeshields that work with other Riddell helmets also work with the SpeedFlex. Some of the best visors are the Oakley Visor, Under Armour, and Nike. There isn’t a specific “best” visor for the SpeedFlex, but many players prefer the Oakley visor.

  7. i just got a speedflex and wanted to put a nike cover on the chinstrap. I was wondering how you take the chinstrap off to put the cover on

    1. There should be a release on the inside of the helmet to remove the chinstrap.

  8. What kind of colors does the speed flex come in and are they in gloss or mate ? If I buy a speed flex in navy is it in gloss or mate ?

    1. Hi Sebastian, matte helmets will have the word matte. For instance “Matte Black” vs “Black”. Currently, we don’t have any matted colors other than black. For the standard style paint helmets, we have black, white, forest green, gold, maroon, navy, orange, purple, royal, scarlet, and silver metallic. Those can all be found here. Thanks for the question!

  9. I have a high school player and he has the speed flex. When he has it on, if he looks down, it presses his Adam’s apple. He got tackled last week and the chin strap actually cut his neck right above the Adam’s apple requiring stitches. Are we doing something wrong?

  10. Will the ratchet loc chin strap fit on any helmet? I was looking to buy one for my youth player but want to make sure it will fit on his helmet first.

    1. Yup, the UA visors will work with all of the SpeedFlex facemasks and the youth and adult helmets.

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