Today’s Best Football Helmets: Riddell 360 vs. Schutt Vengeance

Compare the design and features of the Riddell 360 and Schutt Vengeance football helmets, to decide which is the best football helmet today!

A lot of people have been asking, lately, what is the best football helmet; the Riddell 360 or the Schutt Vengeance, and I’ve found it a really tough question to answer!

Both of these helmets are the absolute pinnacle of performance and protection, from two companies at the top of their game. Schutt and Riddell have spent decades dominating the football equipment industry, and each of their next-generation football helmets are the end result of vast experience, endless experimentation, advanced research and development, and countless hours of on-field testing and hit-analysis. They both not only protect the player better, but with the latest facemask and shell designs, create a more aggressive look than ever before. And while it’s hard to say which the best football helmet is, what I can say is that both are really impressive!

To give you a better idea of what each football helmet offers, and help you decide which the best football helmet is for you, we’ll delve deep into each new helmet, investigate their advanced features and technologies, and review their designs. So without further ado, I give you the Schutt Vengeance vs Riddell 360:

Riddell 360Riddell 360

In a Nut Shell:

After analyzing over 1.4 million helmet collisions with their HITS impact-severity recording devices, Riddell concluded that many of the impacts that result in concussions are caused by massive forces to the front of the head. So with major re-designs and improvements to the traditional helmet, the 360 utilizes new features and technologies to not only protect the entire head, but shifts the focus of protection to the front of the helmet and the jaw area.

Most Interesting New Features:

Flex Impact System: To improve frontal protection, Riddell’s new Flex Face Guard, combined with new facemask hinge clips, absorbs more impact force, reducing the shock felt by the player and the force transferred to his head.

Enhanced Facial Frame: Expanded to protect more of the front and jaw areas, Riddell improved the face frame of the polycarbonate shell, reducing impact force from side hits.

360 Hexagon LinerHexagonal Liner System: One of the most noticeable new features of the 360, the unique hexagonal helmet liner not only looks cool, but is made of energy-managing foam that absorbs more impact force, while improving and securing helmet fit, and delivering comfort and stability to the helmet. This liner is extended around the sides of the football helmet and the jaw areas, adding even more protection to the front of the head.

Occipital Lock: Placed in the back base of the helmet, this new feature cradles the back of the head, creating a more secure fit, and improving comfort and helmet stability. It also helps protect the head in the case of backward falls and tackles.

All-Points Quick Release Facemask System: You saw the Quick-Release face guard system in the Revo Speed. Now the 360 steps it up a notch, giving you quick-releases at each of the four facemask attachment points, letting you remove the new facemask faster and more easily than ever before.

Our Impressions:

This is a serious helmet for serious players. If you liked the Revo Speed, you are going to love the 360. It is definitely heavier than the Revo Speed, but the new liner and frontal protection, along with the lightweight facemask make up for the added weight. It delivers a stiffer, more secure fit inside as well, so you’ll feel almost indestructible. The increased shell offset and more aggressive shell detailing are really impressive too, and give you a great look on the field. Because of its price and weight, I’d suggest it to high school, college, and pro-level players, although it also comes in a lighter-weight youth 360 version, which is great for really serious younger, middle school players.

Schutt Vengeance

Schutt Vengeance Adult HelmetIn A Nut Shell:

Three words; Dual Compression TPU! Years of clinical and on-field research showed that football concussions can result from consistent low-impact collisions, as well as less-frequent high-impact, violent collisions. So Schutt went about improving the popular TPU cushioning system, found in the ION 4D and DNA, to protect the player from both levels of impact force. DCT adds a second layer of less-dense TPU, on top of the traditional stiff TPU cushioning, designed to protect you from both the typical, low-impact hits, and the infrequent hard, high-force collisions, changing helmet protection forever!

Most Interesting New Features:

Two-Layer TPU: An outer layer of stiffer, harder TPU cushioning, and an inner layer of softer, less-dense TPU, protects the player from every type of impact on the field. TPU never compresses, cannot be cracked, won’t break down, and resists heat, mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Vengeance Mechanical Cushioning AttachmentsMechanically Attached Padding: Different than any football helmet before it, the Vengeance TPU cushioning system is now attached directly to the helmet shell with screws instead of Velcro. These mechanical attachments stabilize the TPU cushioning and keep it exactly where it needs to be, even after hard hits.

Aggressive Mohawk Shell: With the largest shell offset of any Schutt football helmet, the Vengeance packs more Dual Compression TPU in, for enhanced protection without a significant weight or profile increase. The aggressive shell also features a new Flexural Resistant Shelf, which makes for a stronger, more impact-resistant back-of-the-head.

Vengeance FacemasksNew Vengeance Facemask: In a radical move, Schutt completely re-designed the traditional football facemask, creating one of the most innovative, high-performing, and aggressive-looking facemasks ever seen. Its larger offset, flexible design and arched brow take the place of the popular Energy Wedge system, and absorb even more impact force than before, while also providing an incredibly wide field of view. Also, by not using the energy wedges, Schutt lets you use existing DNA and XP XL facemasks on the Vengeance as well as the specially designed face guards.

Fit Liner System: High-impact foam inside the football helmet’s liner increases impact protection to the front and crown, helping to improve force-absorption in critical and vulnerable hitting areas.

Our Impressions:

The Vengeance is a bold, aggressive, and unique looking helmet, that delivers inside and out. The new two-layer TPU is incredibly cool and seems to really absorb a wide variety of impact forces, while the new liner and foam system cradle the head and feels secure and comfortable. The new facemask takes some getting used to, but it looks sick, definitely absorbs more force, and gives you crisp and wide field visibility. Overall, it’s a heavier helmet, but with the aggressive new look and vastly improved protection features, absolutely perfect for upper-end high school, college, and pro players.

There you have it, my review of the top two helmets in football today. I hope this has helped you gain a greater understanding of what these helmets have to offer, and maybe answered the question for you, which is the best football helmet.

By Brandon Porter.Brandon is a product specialist at Sports Unlimited.


127 thoughts on “Today’s Best Football Helmets: Riddell 360 vs. Schutt Vengeance”

  1. So which is the best helmet? I didn’t really see that question answered. Looks like both have good features to offer but which one would you put your son in and why?

    1. Terry,

      Thanks for the comment! My aim was to provide as much information on both helmets as possible, to let you and other parents and players decide which helmet would be best for them. That’s because, unfortunately, there really isn’t a “best football helmet” out there, mostly because what works for one player may not work for another. Personal preference, fit, comfort, and performance are all variables that greatly depend on the person wearing the helmet, and not exclusively the helmet itself. Since a properly fitting, snug, and comfortable helmet is going to protect a player better than an ill-fitting one, and a helmet a player likes to wear is going to perform better than one he feels uncomfortable in, I can’t say which helmet is “better” because it really, and honestly depends on the player, and what he needs. What I can say, is that these are the two most technologically advanced helmets on the market, resulting from more concussion and impact testing, research, and development than any other helmet out there. But there’s a reason every player in the country, and in the NFL, doesn’t wear the same helmet, and even chooses to wear older, less technologically advanced helmets…and that’s based on personal preference and personal performance.

      If my son liked the 360, and it fit his head better than the Vengeance, I’d probably go with that helmet…but in the same regard, if it were the other way around, I would certainly go with the Vengeance! They are both amazing helmets, which have tested incredibly well. The only way to really go wrong would be to buy one that your son either didn’t fit in comfortably, or was too heavy for him to play well.

    1. Thanks for the question! Honestly, Sports Unlimited has never carried Xenith football helmets, and my personal experience with them is fairly limited, so I couldn’t give you first-hand insight into how the helmets perform against each other. What I can say, is that the Xenith X-1 scored a 4 (star rating .356), while the Riddell 360 scored a 5 (star rating .239), in the Virginia Tech STAR helmet rating tests (the Schutt Vengeance has not been tested by Virginia Tech yet), and generally, I’ve found Schutt and Riddell products to be pretty unequaled in on-field performance and protection technology. Xenith does use a lot of interesting and innovative protection technologies in their football helmet designs, and I’ve heard good buzz about their helmets, but at the end of the day, I personally have more experience with Schutt and Riddell, and would always suggest their top-of-the-line helmets first.

  2. All of these helmets do not address the dangerous hard shell. They surface creates nearly elastic collisions which is what hurts the players. Why hasn’t either helmet company stepped up and created a helmet which deforms slightly or at least has a thin elastic film on top which disperses energy instead of transferring it right to the players brain. I’ve seen two hits so far this week in NFL games that have knocked people clean out. Obviously, something’s not working. I understand neither the NFL or helmet manufacturers want to admit there’s anything wrong with the current design because litigation, but at some point they should make a genuine effort at protecting players. If the NFL adopts a safer helmet so will everybody else.

    1. That depends on a few factors, and I could really only speak generally, since growth spurts, genetics, helmet durability, and other variables are hard for to predict. But how old is your son, and what helmet does he use?

  3. Do you ever see a design/safety improvements coming forward that will eliminate the indentations and hoels and make it look more like a pre-Revolution style helmet where the surface is even? For example, the helmet Drew Brees wears is traditional in look.

    1. All of the new, top-of-the line football helmets coming out these days from Schutt and Riddell feature holes and indentations in the shells, but these design features aren’t just for a more modern look. They actually make for a safer and more comfortable helmet. The holes in the shell help to ventilate the helmet, keeping your head cooler. The indentations, especially those in the back of the shell, actually make the shell stronger and more durable, protecting against hard hits and handling impact more efficiently. The older, more even-looking helmets like the one Drew Brees wears, do not provide the same kind of advanced protection and performance. In fact, Brees’ helmet, the Riddell VSR 4, is actually a discontinued model. It has consistently scored fairly low in impact tests, and even Riddell has encouraged players to stop wearing it. Obviously, Brees likes his just fine, and like any players, is entitled to his personal preference, but if you’re looking for a football helmet that will provide high-quality protection and performance, you’re best to look for new helmets with those indentations and vent holes.

  4. Is there anyway you can purchase only the internal components of the helmet? Because, i currently have a dna pro plus and the air lining doesnt hold air anymore(broken valve i think) and i would like to upgrade the padding if i have to replace it anyway. But, im not sure if the linings would be compatible.

    1. Actually, we have replacement crown and lateral air liners for the Schutt DNA in stock, if you’d like to replace them. Please feel free to give us a call at 800-693-6368 and we can set you up with new air liners quickly and easily. If you mean to upgrade your liner to the one in the Vengeance, I’m sure we could get it for you, but I honestly don’t think they’d be compatible. The shells are differently designed, and with the addition of the new TPU in the Vengeance, I don’t think its liner would fit. Also, the Vengeance components are now mechanically attached (instead of with Velcro as they are in the DNA), so they would not easily attach to a DNA shell.

  5. if i were to purchase a large vengeance helmet, could i use regular size dna facemasks? or would i have to buy an xl facemask?

    1. The Schutt Vengeance DCT can accommodate a DNA facemask, but to make it fit correctly, you’re going to need to drill holes in the helmet’s shell. If you have a large Vengeance, a Large DNA facemask will be fine, but expect to have to drill holes, which can affect the warranty and performance of the helmet.

  6. Do you know if the vengeance fits like the dna. Im looking to buy a vengeance and i was wondering if they fit they same. I know with riddell i wear a size bigger thats why im asking

        1. The sizing for Schutt helmets has stayed the same, so you should be fine. The only difference in the fit, will have to do with the different liners. The Vengeance uses a totally new liner than what you have in the DNA, so it will feel differently. As far as sizing goes though, I would stick with the size you have comfortably worn in the past.

  7. i have a schutt air advantage size large if i was to buy a large vengeance facemask would it fit properly

  8. I know that how good a helmet is depends on comfort and how it feels, but I dont know where to try the 360 or Vengeance on. Would I just have to by one of the helmets without knowing what it feels like?

    1. I could, and would be happy to describe how each helmet feels and fits, at least from my perspective, but as always, actually wearing the helmet is the only true way to know what it feels like. If you’ve worn other Schutt or Riddell helmets in the past and have a preference, I can say that the helmets fit similarly to others in the product line, and you should go with whatever felt comfortable for you. But if there is a sporting goods store near you, even a smaller store should have at least one of these new helmets to try on as a sample.

        1. Sure thing. Please keep in mind though, that these are descriptions of how the helmets fit on my head, and your actual fit or opinions may vary:

          The Riddell 360 provides a solid fit all around the head, with a cushioned, comfortable feel, especially on the top of my head, with its new hexagonal liner. It felt secure, but with the liner, felt cool and comfortable, with good breathability. The soft, smooth forehead pad was a nice bonus, and felt cool to the touch. Personally, I felt the jaw pads to be a little too firm for me, but they did a good job of securing the fit of the helmet. As far as weight goes, I felt the 360 was about average, and certainly not too heavy to hold me back.

          The Schutt Vengeance is also really comfortable, but is definitely shaped differently than the 360. Its shell shape gave it a more secure fit around the forehead and back than I felt in the 360. The TPU cushioned liner is comfortable and soft, with good breathability, giving my head a cool feeling all over. The same liner material is in the forehead pad and jaw pads, giving the entire helmet a cushioned, soft feel inside. The 360 liner is certainly different, as it is made of a moisture wicking textile material, while the Vengeance liner is a series of cushioned wedges with a durable covering. Both are good, but they definitely feel differently. Weight wise, I personally thought the Vengeance was similar to the 360, and had no problem moving around.

          Let me know if I can provide any further details Bailey.

        1. Back in July I posted an article on football weight, where I weighed every helmet in our line (size Large), with different facemasks. In my study, I found the Schutt Vengeance to weigh 3lbs, 8oz without a facemask, 4lbs, 10oz with a carbon steel facemask, and 4lbs, 1oz with a titanium facemask. An Adult Riddell 360, with its attached facemask, weighed 4lbs, 8oz.

  9. I was wondering about how a visor would fit on the vengeance because this year i had a visor on a helmet my school gave me, then they switched me to an ion 4d for a better fit and the visor didnt fit at the top of the facemask. i looked at the top bar or “eyebrow” for the vengeance and was wondering if a schutt visor is the only one, if any at all, that would fit on the vengeance.

    1. Antonio, thanks so much for your question. Most football visors from Nike, Under Armour, or Schutt should fit on your Vengeance helmet. The only possible issue may come from your facemask. If, for instance, you wear an EGOP facemask, the bar configuration may interfere with the fit. But with any standard facemask, like an ROPO design, you should be good to go! Your old visor most likely did not fit on your ION 4D because it is more narrow in the face than a lot of other helmets. The Vengeance, on the other hand, offers a wider field of view, more like a DNA helmet. This makes it easier to fit most visors.

      1. thank you so much! i never would have figured that out on my own. this blog is such a help. You are the best around, and ill always be ordering from sports unlimited!!

        1. Thanks so much Antonio! Very happy to help! And please let me know if you need further clarification on anything. That’s what we try to do through the blog, give people as much information on their gear as we possibly can.

  10. Hi, I was wondering if a different face mask can be put on either of these, specifically the big grill 2.0?

      1. So, if I were to buy a vengeance size large, which face mask would I need to purchase(big grill 2.0) Also, just wondering about your opinion, I play middle linebacker and I obviously have to have a lot of contact or I’m not doing my job right, which helmet would be the best for protection? In your opinion of tpu vs foam ? Thanks

        1. Sizing with the Big Grill and Vengeance can definitely be a bit confusing, so I’ll try to explain it as best I can. If you need any further explanation though, definitely check out the video I linked to last week. For a Large Vengeance, you’ll need either an XL Super Pro or regular DNA Big Grill 2.0. It sounds strange because you’d assume that an XL facemask would only fit on an XL helmet, but because of the shell size of the Vengeance and the short depth of the super pro facemasks, you’d need an XL Super Pro to fit on a M or L sized helmet. With a DNA style facemask though, sizing on the Vengeance is traditional; a regular DNA facemask fits a M or L helmet, and an XL DNA fits an XL helmet.

        2. Concerning my opinion on TPU vs foam, that’s a tough question to answer, since football helmet performance has a lot to do with personal preference and comfort, which varies person to person, and helmet to helmet. But I can say, that we’ve had a lot of great feedback on the latest Dual Compression TPU from Schutt, and I’d recommend it for any player who has used a TPU helmet in the past, and liked the performance. I personally think the more traditional foam helmets offer a little more in terms of comfort, but in terms of consistent impact absorption, it’s tough to do better than TPU in my opinion.

        1. I haven’t heard any indication that Riddell is making any facemask comparable to the Big Grill 2.0. I have seen images of a possible Riddell facemask similar to the original Big Grill, designed for the Revo Speed. We’re looking into it now, and if it is available for retail sale, we’ll definitely bring it in.

  11. Hi I want to buy the vengeance in large, and a big grill 2.0. As far as I understand I should buy a super pro xl facemask for the large vengeance?

    1. Between the 360 or the Vengeance? That’s hard to tell, since both are incredibly advanced helmets, with redesigned facemasks and shells for a wide field of view, which is obviously great for receivers. Their weights are also pretty comparable; the 360 averaging 4lbs, 8oz, and the Vengeance at 4lbs, 10oz. So you’d probably be able to generate basically the same speed while wearing them. Honestly, I really couldn’t tell you which one is “better” for you as a wide receiver. Both are going to protect you more than almost anything else out there. The determining factors are your personal preferences; Do you like the moisture wicking hexagonal liner of the Riddell 360, or the innovative and breathable Dual Compression TPU cushioning of the Vengeance? Do you like the aggressive Mohwak offset of the Vengeance shell, or the extended jaw protection of the Riddell 360’s? These are questions that you can only answer, based on your preferences as a receiver.

        1. Thanks for the comment Ryan. My aim in the article wasn’t to directly “recommend” one over the other. I simply wanted to provide as much information on both helmets as possible, to let you and other parents and players decide which helmet would be best for them. Unfortunately, there really isn’t a “best football helmet” out there, mostly because what works for one player may not work for another. Personal preference, fit, comfort, and performance are all variables that greatly depend on the person wearing the helmet, and not exclusively the helmet itself. These are simply the latest, and most advanced football helmets on the market today, both the results of the most in-depth research, development, and testing available. I thought it would be beneficial for players to get a better idea of what each helmet offered, and use that information to decide if investing in the one of these next-generation helmets would be worth it for them.

    1. Great question Liam. I actually just saw a test-model of the new Schutt AiR XP Pro for the first time the other day, and yes, it’s definitely designed to outperform the original AiR XP in impact absorption. The Dual Compression TPU will give you the same type of high-end impact protection you’d get from the new Vengeance, but with that classic lightweight performance people have loved in the original XP. I expect that some players will still prefer the original, and I haven’t actually witnessed it in action, but I’m pretty excited to see how the new DCT will perform in the new AiR XP Pro. We’re hoping to be one of the first stores to carry it when it comes out.

        1. We’re waiting on production and stock from Schutt before we are able to bring the helmet in. We’re hoping for April, but everything depends on production from the manufacturer right now.

    1. That depends on your personal preferences and fit. Both helmets are going to provide great impact protection, and are designed to take the big hits you get as a linebacker. They deliver pretty comparable fields of view, and their difference in weight is only about 2oz. So it really depends on what type of cushioning you prefer, and how you feel in the helmets. If you like the traditional cushioning and comfort of Riddell helmets, I’d go with the 360. If you prefer the newly innovative protection of the Dual Compression TPU, and generally prefer the feel of Schutt helmets, I would go with the Vengeance. Either way, it’s hard to go wrong!

  12. hi, i play high school football and Ive had about 4 concussions in a season so i was pretty much out for the whole season. I really need a helmet that’s gonna protect my head and i seen the Schutt Vengeance helmet and i was reading about it and it seems good but i need more detail, also im planning on getting the big grille 2.0 face mask so do you if its able to fit on the helmet?

    1. Hi Tousiant, I’m so sorry to hear about your multiple concussions last season! That’s a scary thing, and I hope you have fully recovered. As to your question, what details were you looking for on the Vengeance in particular? The padding is a dual-layer TPU, layering a higher-density TPU over a lower-density TPU, designed to absorb a wide variety of impacts. This cushioning is mechanically attached to the shell, so it never moves or needs to be re-positioned. Over the cushioning is a comfortable padded liner, making the helmet really comfortable to wear and adding another level of impact absorption. The shell is polycarbonate, with a mohawk offset for greater cushioning and more room for impact force to dissipate, in key hitting areas. Also, I can say that since writing this, Schutt has tested the Vengeance using the same methods and laboratory used during the famous Virginia Tech STAR helmet study. After the testing, they determined that the Vengeance received a 0.185 STAR value (publicly posted ratings mark 5-STAR helmets as those rating between 0.200 – 0.2999 STAR Value), making it the highest rated helmet ever tested in that system.

      As to the Big Grill 2.0, you can definitely fit one on the Schutt Vengeance. Actually, I recently wrote an article and shot a video on how to attach a new Big Grill to the Vengeance. Depending on what size helmet you wear, you can attach either an XL Super Pro or DNA style Big Grill 2.0 to the Vengeance helmet. Check out the article and video for more details.

  13. Do these helmets come in youth sizes? I have a 10 yr old who has played for 4 years and a 6 year old just starting. I am worried about concussions as they move up in their football careers. Don’t want them out before they have really started. If these aren’t available can you recommend helmets that are?

    1. I see what you are saying. My only guess is that the original product images provided by Schutt to retailers like us, featured a prototype ROPO-AB facemask, that did not eventually become the exact facemask that was produced for mass retail sales. I can say that every Vengeance facemask pictured on our site is the most recent, updated, and exact image of the product you will receive. Also as a note, currently the main image we have of the Schutt Vengeance DCT on our site, features the ROPO-DW facemask.

  14. Ok, thanx. So do you know how I could get a facemask ROPO-AB like the pictures?
    Wich helmet is bigger? Riddell 360 or Schutt Vengeance?
    Do you have black faceguard clips?

  15. I play as a Fullback and Linebacker, which is the best helmet for that role ?
    I have weared a Schutt ION 4D for two years and i feel really comfortable with the TPU… But many of my teammates tell me that the Riddel 360 is a better helmet than the new schutt.. Thanks for help
    ( and sorry for my bad english but i am Italian 😛 )

    1. Great question Alex, thanks for posting. Both helmets are good for fullback and linebackers positions, as they provide great coverage and wide visibility, and offer many facemask options to protect you anywhere on the field. However, while your teammates are definitely correct, in as much as the 360 is a great helmet (and keeping in mind that I’m giving an opinion based off of only the information provided in your questions), I would suggest going with the Schutt Vengeance in your case, only because of your great experience and comfort with the feel of other Schutt products, like the ION 4D. The Vengeance will provide a similar fit and feel, with the added protection of new DCT padding and new facemask design. In my experience, and from all of my research, I’ve found that the more comfortable a helmet fits, the more it’s going to protect you, and the better it’s going to perform for you. If you’ve felt good in an ION 4D, chances are that you’ll also feel really comfortable in a Vengeance, more so than you probably would in the 360, which is still a great helmet, but definitely feels and fits differently than Schutt products.

  16. size wise i found a youth helmet equivalent to what i wear in an adult size but my only question would be if the material is the same strength and protection wise?

    1. That’s typically the case Brandon. Adult and Youth helmets, particularly those high-end ones from companies like Schutt and Riddell, use the same shell designs and sizes, so a youth Large would fit exactly the same as an adult Large. The only difference between these adult and youth helmets are the materials you are talking about. In youth helmets, the shell material is typically a high-impact ABS plastic, while adult helmet shells are made from a lighter and stronger polycarbonate material. Helmet cushioning and liners can also vary from youth to adult helmets, with adult helmets typically offering more impact absorbency, to protect from the harder hits adult players take and can inflict.

  17. Hi there I’m a high school football player, and I was wondering if I could use the youth versions of the helmet. I know everyone says that the polycarbonate in the adult helmet is harder than Abs, but is it that big of a factor that I can’t use it for at least one season.

    1. Thanks for the comment, and great question! Yes, polycarbonate adult shells are definitely harder and stronger than the ABS plastic shells of youth helmets, however, this is not the only reason you should be wearing an adult helmet in High School. You’d have to check with your school in particular, but most High Schools, and High School-Age leagues around the country actually stipulate that their players used adult, polycarbonate shell football helmets. Because of these rules, you may not actually be allowed to wear a Youth helmet in your league. The reasoning is simple; since polycarbonate is stronger than ABS, if you wear an ABS plastic youth helmet on the field, and get into a helmet-to-helmet hit with a player wearing a polycarbonate adult helmet, you may actually crack your helmet and risk very serious injury. This is why most leagues stipulate that in youth leagues, all players must wear youth helmets, and at a certain age, all players must use polycarbonate helmets.

    1. It’s hard for me to say, since I do not know your preferences or playing characteristics, which are all factors to take into account when selecting a new helmet (especially one’s at the highest level, like these helmets). What I can say to help guide your decision, is that both helmets provide incredible protection and comfort, but do so in very different ways. The Vengeance offers the breathability, hygienics, and advanced protection of Dual Compression TPU padding, with the comfort of an inflatable padded liner. The Speed uses more traditional padding, and a moisture wicking, breathable, and padded fabric liner. Both also utilize aggressive and advanced shell designs to improve impact protection. So the question I would ask, is what helmets are you most comfortable in, and what are the features you are most looking for? If you tend to heat up easily in your helmet, and need a lot of breathability, I would suggest the Vengeance, as TPU is naturally breathable, and you’ll get more airflow with that helmet. If you like the comfort of an advanced liner, I would suggest going with the Speed, for its lightweight and comfortable feel. But either way, it’s really hard to go wrong.

  18. I have a Vengeance with the Vengeance ROPO-DW facemask. I tried to put on my Nike visor and it really doesn’t seem to work out. I was wondering if you or anyone else has had a similar problem and what a solution would be. Besides not having a visor.

    1. We’ve attempted to put visors on the Vengeance here before, and have found the only way to do it is by removing the front twist-off bumper. Thankfully, the Vengeance allows you to do this, and comes with loop straps to attach your facemask in a traditional way. So my suggestion would be to unscrew the bumper, and attach the ROPO-DW facemask with loop straps. Then you should have room for the visor tabs to install correctly.

      1. Thanks, the issue I’m having is that the actual facemask, and where you attach that visor to the facemask. The facemask bends up at the side where the attachment gets made, and putting it on the lower bar almost seems like the visor is too low.

        1. We attempted to attach an Oakley visor to the ROPO-DW facemask, and definitely see your issue. We were, however, able to finagle the clips to fit over the slight bend in the facemask. Here are some images of how we did it. Hopefully they help!

  19. I’m looking to get my 13 yr old a new helmet. He plays 135 lbs linebacker We purchased the Xenith X-1 last year but he quickly outgrew it. He really wants Ray Lewis’s facemask I’ve done a little research but it looks like only Schutt makes it the Big Grill 2.0. and we are looking to get the Riddell 360 helmet. Does that face mask fit the 360? Does Riddell make a similar face masks?

    1. Unfortunately, Riddell does not currently offer any Big Grill facemasks for the 360. Only specialized Riddell 360 Facemasks fit on that helmet. There are some great options from Schutt that you can attach a variety of Big Grill 2.0 Facemasks to, but if you are intent on going with the Riddell 360, you will have to choose from Riddell’s special options for that helmet, which are also fantastic masks. Both the youth and adult 360’s that we offer at Sports Unlimited come with a great 360 facemask included in the price. Good luck this season and stay safe!

  20. If I attach a visor onto the Vengeance I would have to remove the bumper but if I do remove it would I be be risking any downsides to the performance of my Vengeance?

    1. Hi Justin, you are right, attaching a visor to the Vengeance does require you to remove the bumper. Simply use classic loop straps and there will be no detrimental effect on performance. The Twist-Release system used in the new Vengeance does not affect on-field performance, its real benefit is quick removal of the facemask in case of emergency. It is up to your judgement if you are willing to go without the twist-release bumper, but it will not have any effect on the performance of your helmet. Great question and good luck this year!

      1. Thanks a lot and also in the Riddell Revolution 360, is the new Hexagonal Liner System a foam based material or is it different like in this case the TPU?

        1. The Riddell Revolution 360’s Hexagonal Liner System uses an energy-managing foam to combine with the other Riddell Concussion Reduction Technologies such as the new Flex Impact System. Schutt has the only helmets that use TPU, unless you’re talking about USAF fighter pilot and paratrooper helmets, they use TPU as well!

  21. Hola yo vivo en MExico, necesito comprar un casco en su tienda, tienen alguna tienda en Chicago, voy seguido para allá.

  22. Hi I was trying to decide between getting a revo speed or a Schutt vengeance (unfortunately my school doesn’t offer 360s). I’m 6’3, 170 lbs. I play fullback and linebacker. Since I go to a small school i play both sides of the ball, and usually play most of the game. I was wondering if you had any particular recommendation for me. Oh yeah and I play tight end and defensive end sometimes, not sure if it makes a difference…

    1. It’s great that you have such versatility on the field with the ability to play multiple positions, luckily both of the helmets you’ve mentioned share that versatility. My recommendation truly depends on your preferences, but I can definitely try to help guide you.

      The Vengeance provides breathability, hygienics and the impressive Dual Compression TPU along with the inflatable padded liner. TPU is the same material used in USAF fighter pilot and paratrooper helmets, so if you have any doubts about its protection and credibility, that should eliminate them. The Speed has traditional padding with a moisture wicking, breathable, padded fabric liner.

      Both helmets provide advanced protection on the field, so the determining factor will probably be comfort. What kind of helmet are you most comfortable in? Vengeance provides great breathability if you heat up easily on the field because TPU is naturally breathable and promotes airflow. The Speed provides the comfort of an advanced liner for lightweight performance.

      Additionally, a lightweight facemask (Titanium) can also improve the comfort of your helmet and is stronger than the popular carbon steel versions. Good luck this season and keep in mind that safety is the most important part of the game!

      1. I ended up goin with the vengeance. The pading felt amazing, plus it looked pretty safe and cool. Thanks for the input!

  23. I’m currently playing for the NPSFL after leaving college and my 360 has taken some beating. It is certified, however, both of my jaw pads no longer hold air. One doesn’t have an obvious leak and the other was punctured by a trainer the other day. Do you know anywhere that sales just the Jaw pads? I went on Riddell’s website and was unable to find them.

    Thanks for your time.

    1. Hi Michael, we can help you out with getting what you need if you call our Sports Unlimited Customer Service at 1-800-693-6368. One of our CS Managers can determine what exact jaw pad parts you need and we can order them for you so that your helmet is in top shape for protection. Good luck!

  24. Hi i play qb for high school and i was wondering which facemask would be better for the vengeance, the EGOP-II-TRAD or the ROPO-DW-TRAD im really split right now, help please!!

    1. Trent, both facemasks are viable options for the Quarterback position. The choice here has a lot to do with personal preference and not all quarterbacks will feel the same. I would however suspect that the vertical “eyeglass” bars on the EGOP-II-TRAD could obscure lateral vision, which is extremely important for a quarterback’s quick decision-making abilities. I think both will be protective and of high quality, but I would suggest the ROPO-DW-TRAD for a more open field of view with a double bar to protect you from blitzing hands. Good luck this season and let me know what decision you make! – Isaac

  25. I was wondering if there is a way yo replace the the liner in the vengeance, due to having one of the pads in the crown get an odd bubble and now can’t fill or deflate the helmet to fit properly.

    1. Hi Donny, we do sell replacement liners for the Vengeance helmet. We actually just received them and are in the process of getting them up on They will be up within the next week and I will place a link here for you to go directly to the product. Also there are three different liners, Front, Lateral, and Crown. We sell all three. The quickest way to get one would be to call us at 1-800-693-6368, speak to customer service and order directly! Either way, they will be on the site very soon! –

  26. i really need help on deciding which is better for a wide receiver. which one has more VISION the revo 360 or revo speed?

  27. i have been doing some research and have seen people say that the speed is better than the 360. i have been debating on which one to get, what should i get?

    1. Colby, both helmets are fantastic in regards to protection and technology. The 360 has the latest technology with Riddell’s “Ideal Fit”, which cradles the back of the head for fit, comfort, and stability as well as “Flex Impact System” to allow the hinge clips and face mask flex together to disperse energy and reduce force transfer from frontal impacts. They are similar helmets and use most of Riddell’s best technology to absorb shock from impact. As for which one is best for you, that is something that I couldn’t say because a lot of it has to do with the fit and the personal preferences of the player. The 360 has the hexagonal liner system to keep your head cooler, but the Speed is a lighter helmet.

  28. I play wide receiver and free safety also a little strong safety. I can’t decide between the vengeance and 360. I like the TPU cushioning but I’ve never used a Riddell. Also I haven’t tried on either. How much do both weigh? And what one do you prefer? Lastly what one absorbs more shock from the hits ?

    1. The Vengeance weighs 4lbs 10oz with a carbon steel facemask and 4lbs 1 oz with a titanium facemask. The Riddell 360 weighs 4lbs 8 oz with the ‘lightweight’ facemask that comes attached to the helmet. Both helmets would do well for your position and they really are two of the best helmets you could ever buy. Schutt claims that the Vengeance DCT absorbs up to 38% more impact than the 360. I love both helmets and whichever one you choose, you will be getting the most advanced technology and best protection. Cheers!

  29. I would really like to go with the vengeance youth helmet but the weight gives me pause. The youth are only offered with carbon steel face masks but the adult helmets are offered in both steel and titanium. Do the adult face masks fit the youth helmets?

    1. Hi Rob, the good news is that adult vengeance facemasks do fit youth vengeance helmets! So pick the right material and style for you and you should be good to go! Great helmet choice! – Isaac

      1. Excellant. Based on the weight the vengeance hybrid + is lighter than the non-hybrid while still maintaining a dual air bladder for a better fit. Looking at your weights listed It would be 3lbs 13oz with the youth ROPO DW steel face mask and the titanium mask in the adult cuts 9oz so does this put a vengeance hybrid + with ROPO DW titanium a few ounces under the Air XP ultralight?

        1. I just went into the warehouse and weighed the facemasks to make sure I could give you an accurate answer. The ROPO-DW steel facemask weighs 1lb 4.8oz and the ROPO-DW Titanium weighs 12oz. The Vengeance Hybrid+ weighs 2lbs 9oz without a facemask, which means with the steel facemask it’d be about 3lbs 14oz and with the Titanium you’d be just about 3lbs 5oz. The Air XP Ultralight is 3lbs 7oz with the Titanium facemask. In short, yes, you are right. The Vengeance Hybrid+ with a titanium facemask is about 2oz lighter than the Air XP Ultralight that comes equipped with a titanium facemask!

          Doesn’t seem like much of a difference, but football is a funny game, sometimes the most minuscule things determine the outcome of the game. Cheers! -Isaac

      2. Thanks for the weight information. My first choice was the non-hybrid vengeance for the latest technology in concussion abatement but it was about a pound heaver than the XP ultralight and quite a bit more than the Riddell Revo Speed which were my second choices. The way I see it is that the combination of the Vengeance Hybrid + and the titanium face mask is the best compromise of safety and weight with only side impact affected. I placed my order a few minutes ago. Thanks for your help!

      3. I received the helmet on Monday, very fast shipment! I assembled and weighed on a calibrated scale and the total weight (with face mask mounting hardware, without chin strap) is 3lb 6.81oz. My son loves the fit and light weight. Thanks for all your help.

  30. On the Vengeance DCT Hybrid how can you put an visor on if the top facemask holder blocks it do you cut off part of the visor?

    1. Hi Jared, in order to attach a facemask to the vengeance, you will have to remove the Twist-Release bumper and use classic loop straps to hold the visor where the Twist-Release bumper normally goes. If you do that, you should have no problem attaching the visor!

  31. Can adult revolution facemasks fit youth revolution helmets? My son wears a youth L helmet.

  32. Hi I was wondering if there is any advantage to having a bulldog style facemask?

    1. Sure, bulldog facemasks allow players to have a great field of vision, while adding a little extra protection to the eyes and nose. It also looks pretty dang awesome in my opinion! – Isaac

      1. Okay thanks. I was just wondering because it looks cool but I felt like it impaired my vision when I tried one on. I didn’t think about the protection, I was thinking it was just for looks.

  33. I just bought a Xenith x2 for my son and I purchased a Schutt Big Grill from you guys in February too. So two questions one will I be able to fit that facemask on that helmet and if not would I still be able to return it?

  34. Hi, I noticed the youth ion 4d is polycarbonate and the youth vengeange is abs plastic. Why the downgrade to plastic in their top helmet. The youth 360 uses poly so I am trying to figure out schutts reasoning(possibly weight?). How can they claim the new one is better with a weaker shell. I called schutt and they said they had not even tested the youth models against each other, Just adult. Seems kinda funny and gives me little hope if they cant even run that test. The problem is their are 6 foot tall huge kids playing at the elite 8th grade level that have to use youth helmets, and there are low level freshman programs that use adult helmets where the teams are much worse than the 8th graders. Bottom line is that certain 8th grade leagues need adult helmets and are not getting them. Is the 360 also polycarbonate. I was told it is. Wouldnt the best helmets actually for YOUTH be the ion 4d (poly) and 360(poly) helmets. Not the plastic abs vengeance. Would love your feedback on this unnoticed issue. By the way schutt does not think youth need poly and they are dead wrong.

    1. Hi Michael, that is a great question and I think a lot of people wonder about this as well.

      Riddell 360 Youth helmet has a shell made of ABS Plastic. That settles that question.

      Also, in most youth leagues, it is illegal to wear an adult helmet. The reason for the illegality of adult helmets is because helmets made with polycarbonate shells can crack/damage youth helmets with ABS plastic shells, making it extremely unsafe for a player with an ABS shell to receive or give a hit to a player with a polycarbonate shell. Therefore, playing with a polycarbonate shell in a youth league is endangering all other players on the field.

      What needs to happen is that all youth players wear ABS Plastic helmets, and almost all of the youth helmets in production now are made of this ABS plastic. If you spot a youth player with a polycarbonate shell in a youth league, it would be best to alert game officials and check if that is a legal helmet in the league.

      When choosing a youth helmet, the plastic used in the shell should not be a factor because frankly, you should be using ABS plastic. When a player moves into an ‘adult’ league, he should wear an adult helmet with a polycarbonate shell.

      I hope that this clears up some things for you because I completely understand your concern about the transition of youth to adult helmets and how unsafe it is for some players to be using polycarbonate in the same league as ABS plastic. Make sure to check with your league and bring up your concerns of the dangers of using polycarbonate shells and ABS plastic shells together.


      1. Isaac , those are great points and I thank you for the feedback. You answered all my questions perfectly except one. Why did schutt allow a polycarbonate shell at the youth level? The Ion 4d youth is polycarbonate and there are people at schutt that thought it was abs when i called them only to check with the product specialists to find that it is a YOUTH polycabonate legal shell. It is the only legal youth poly shell on the market and has now been discontinued. Schutts youth helmets will all be plastic going forward. Was this an oversight by schutt and a loophole where there is one helmet that was made of poly(i have verified this with company it is essentially an adult helmet legal for youth usage.) I have never seen another helmet line made of poly(thought the youth 360 was because it says it is on your website but thank you for clarifying that it is plastic. If schutt made a youth poly shell briefly, the only one on the market period, than i dont want my kid being hit by them. I can point it out but they are essentially legal and stamped as a youth helmet with no plans to ban them. I agree that all kids should use plastic only so I am not sure how schutt got away with briefly making the only youth polycarbonate legal for use. Thank you so much for responding, and i truly appreciate your feedback. There are very few knowledgable people at the customer service level at these companies so I thank you for your insight.

        1. Well, I looked at our product page for the Riddell 360 Youth Helmet and unfortunately, whenever that was added to our site, someone made an incorrect assumption about the shell being polycarbonate.

          I have changed the description to identify it as an ABS plastic shell. Thank you for pointing that out and I, myself, am frustrated that something so important was plainly and simply wrong.

          Not sure how Schutt has gotten away with making a “legal” polycarbonate shell for a youth helmet with the ION 4D Youth and in many leagues it may in fact not be legal. It is a tough situation to be in when your child’s health and safety is on the line.

          As Schutt moves forward with the Youth Vengeance (an ABS Plastic shell), there will be less polycarbonate youth helmets around, but ION 4D’s will still exist. It may be worth it to contact your youth league and ask them to disseminate the helmet legality rules of the league to all the parents and coaches so that they become aware that their child may be using an illegal helmet, which endangers other players.

          Enforcing the rules are never easy and especially with something that may be confusing. The more knowledge you have, the better able we will be to have safer leagues.

          Additionally, is hosting a LiveStream event on the website that will most likely happen the first week of August where we have the Director of Marketing Communications at Schutt Sports and a Neurosurgeon from Einstein Medical to speak about concussions and helmet technology and safety. I will post an article with the time of the LiveStream and the link to where it will be held once the date is nailed down.


    2. Thanks Isaac, I will tune into that. Sounds interesting. Just wanted to say thanks again for providing me with facts and logic in my quest for purchasing some of this years equipment. Its not always easy to get good info on products so I thank you for responding.

    1. Interesting question! Most helmet companies don’t use “Red”, but “Scarlet”. If you compare Riddell’s scarlet and Schutt’s scarlet, it looks to be the same color. According to Wiki, “Scarlet is a pure chroma on the color wheel one-fourth of the way between red and orange.” Scarlet is a tinge brighter than traditional red, but I suppose it is just more common in football than traditional red.

  35. After much research, I purchased the Riddell Youth 360 for my 8yo son. The first thing I noticed when he put it on is that it’s bigger than others; even had me double checking my measurements of his head size for proper fitting. My son’s verbal feedback is that it never hurts, feels “awesome” and he “loves to wear it”. His non-verbal feedback is much improved aggression, physicality and confidence. He now seeks contact instead of avoiding it.

  36. Hi. Im a offensive and defensive lineman. which helment would be good for my position.

    1. Hi Nick, that’s a pretty difficult question to answer because really it comes down to personal preference. Comfort, fit, weight often make the biggest difference to players. All the helmets we carry work well for offensive and defensive linemen, but one thing that makes the biggest difference to linemen is the facemask. You don’t need as much vision as a quarterback and you need to keep your face protected from opposing linemen’s hands and fingers. You can’t go wrong with Riddell or Schutt, but definitely take a look at some lineman-specific facemasks.

  37. I had a schutt helmet( size large don’t know the model) from my school team I used but I want to buy a riddell revolution speed(size large) and I want to know if riddell and schutt have different helmet sizeing .by I mean will it fit me or does riddell have a different circumfrance list then schutt

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