How to Buy a Facemask: A Football Video Buying Guide

Find the perfect football facemask for your football helmet, your game, and your budget! Watch this football video guide to learn what to look for in a new facemask, and find the best football facemask for you, in no time!

The best football helmet is nothing without equally great football facemasks. They protect your face from impact and the hands of other players, reducing injury and the likelihood of concussion. But they can also give the opposition more to grab onto, and can be the heaviest part of the helmet, weighing you down and holding you back. That’s why it’s so important to get the right facemask for your helmet, and your game! But with such a wide selection, and so many options out there, finding the best football facemasks can be tough, and confusing!

To guide you through the jungle of football gear, and help narrow your decision down to the perfect football face guard, we at Sports Unlimited put together this short instructional video. Follow along with Doug as he explains the best way to weed through our vast selection of football facemasks, including the latest custom football facemasks like the Big Grill (similar to the Justin Tuck facemask) and the Big Grill 2.0 like you’ve seen on Ray Lewis, to find the one that’s perfect for your helmet, your game, your skill level, and your budget! And for even more information, check out our latest football facemask buyers guide at!

By Brandon Porter.

Brandon is a product specialist at Sports Unlimited.