NFL Uniforms Are The Best Halloween Costumes for Kids

Halloween is coming up quickly and although many people have their costumes and their kids’ costumes planned out for months, not all of us are that well-prepared for the holiday. Luckily, for the procrastinators out there, has costumes that kids love and ship super-fast. These Franklin NFL Uniform sets are perfect for the football fan because not only can he wear it for trick-or-treating, he can throw it on for the big game as well. Click here or on the big image below to check them out! Kids NFL Uniform Costumes for Halloween

We also have a great selection of NFL Youth Football Helmet and Jersey Costumes that are a little less elaborate as the uniforms above, but still a fantastic option!

Happy Halloween!

Highlight: Under Armour CAMO Football Cleats

Do you like camo? Do you like football? Are you obsessed with gear? Well, then we definitely have some things in common. We’ve got our hands on some insane Highlight MC’s in a green/brown/orange colorway. These Highlights feature UA ClutchFit which acts as a ‘second-skin’ that molds to your foot and ankle to provide ridiculous support and feel. Under Armour has put some impressive tech into these boots (PlasmaX, 4D Foam footbed, 3D-molded tongue, V56 tech, etc.) that keep them under 11 ounces(!) with out-of-control stability.

Under Armour Camo Highlight Football Cleats

If you want to check out some more of the features and benefits, see them right here: UA Camo Highlights

Schutt Vision helmet cam offers new look at football

Schutt Vision places a camera in the front of the helmet and an electrical panel in the back. The panels are pictured with clear plastic, but can be painted to blend into the helmet.
Schutt Vision places a camera in the front of the helmet and an electrical panel in the back. The panels are pictured with clear plastic, but can be painted to blend into the helmet.   CREDIT:

The idea of moving football fans closer to the action is nothing new.

Doing it successfully… well, that’s a different story.

Enter JR Liverman, Founder/CEO of Sports Video Innovations.

Liverman’s company generated plenty of buzz at this month’s American Football Coaches Association Convention in Indianapolis announcing a partnership with Schutt Sports that will give players, coaches and fans a new look at football.

SVI has driven the design behind the new Schutt Vision – an AiR XP Pro helmet with a high definition camera placed where the nose bumper usually sits. A small electrical board is also encased on the back of the helmet. Schutt Vision is NOCSAE approved and passed all impact tests.

“From a coaching perspective, this is a valuable tool because you can see the moment in time that a player makes the decision to make a read and what they’re looking at,” Liverman said. “On the entertainment side, this is going to provide a vignette in coverage. TV cameras are always trying to get closer to the field and this will bring a player’s perspective.”

There are two versions of the helmet, one that records on an SD card and another with streaming video. The initial release will be the SD version and the streaming video is expected to be available in the spring. There are two small buttons on the back of the helmet that allow the camera to be turned off and on, and it can record for roughly 2.5 hours.

Schutt Vision will be made available to select teams in the spring.

Coaches at the AFCA show were already salivating thinking about the ways they could use the technology to their benefit.

“We were really happy with the amount of response we got at the AFCA show,” Liverman said. “The coaches immediately saw how valuable the footage was and were already talking about the ways they could use it.”

Schutt Vision is gaining steam quickly. An agreement has been reached with the Arena Football League to use the helmet in every televised game this season.

But don’t be quick to brush off the possibility that this camera angle could be the wave of the future as innovation often comes from outside the sport’s highest level.

Look no further than the Skycam, which came from small beginnings to become a staple in every major stadium in the country. ESPN recently showed the entire BCS National Championship Game from the Skycam angle as part of their enhanced coverage online.

“As a company, we want to continue to revolutionize the way in which fans experience sports,” Liverman said. “Can you imagine seeing some of these iconic plays – like the Immaculate Reception – not from a third person point of view, but from a player’s perspective?”

While other companies, like Go Pro and Contour, have had some success putting external camera on helmets, nothing has come close to Schutt Vision. But in the very near future, football will be closer to the fans than ever before.

Black Friday – Cyber Monday at Sports Unlimited

It’s that time of year again! If you can hear the Jingling Jingle of Jingle Bells then you might want to see a specialist because your ears probably aren’t meant to be experiencing sensation like that, but no matter! This is the Black Friday/Cyber Monday post that you’ve all been anxiously waiting for…

BFCM  is usually a mad scramble for the best deals in stores and on the internet, but hopefully you’ll at least spend a little time with your family.

Here’s a crazy idea: Get all of your shopping out of the way at one place, save a bunch of dollars, and have the ENTIRE day or weekend to spend with your family and friends.

Apply these limited time saving to anything in the store from lacrosse equipment to baseball gloves to football cleats.

Well, with that said, check out the image below for details on our BFCM sale and click anywhere on it to get to our store and take advantage of the deals.


Black Friday Cyber Monday Sporting Goods




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14 Signs You’re a Football Player at Heart

1. Sundays you’re on a couch.


You are a rock. A rock on a couch.


2. You’re used to being called by your last name.



Tim Riggins Jersey

 First names are for suckers.

3. You run plays in your head.

Football Playbook

X’s and O’s gentlemen. X’s and O’s.

4. You measure distances in yardage.

Football Gridiron Yard Lines

Yeah, this hallway looks like a good 25 yards. Let’s test the arm.

5. You take the Under Armour, “We Must Protect This House” ads very seriously.

We Must Protect This House
via youtube and Under Armour


6. You’re a big fan of Minka Kelly… Oh Lyla.

Lyla Garrity Minka Kelly

Hi, Lyla.

7. You’ve won 100 Super Bowls in your backyard.

Backyard Football Catch

And then you spike the ball and it either goes over the fence or hits you back in your face.

8. You do spin moves around the house.

Alabama Eddie Lacy Spin Move
via youtube

Perfectly executed spin-move past the dining room chair.

9. You stiff arm your friends.

stiff arm football

Sit down.

10. Madden will never get old.

Mike Vick Madden
via youtube

Mike Vick need never throw the ball.

11. Thanksgiving is your favorite holiday.

Tom Brady Thanksgiving

Food. Football. Sleep.

12. Crimson, Scarlet, and Cardinal are more than just shades of red.


It’s a beautiful thing.

13. The country is divided into territories.


Always wear your gear into rival territories.

14. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

Kyle Chandler Friday Night Lights



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EvoShield – The Future is Cool, Welcome to It

EvoShield uses dispersion technology with their custom molding shields to defend your body better than traditional protective gear.  This advancement in protection has rapidly changed the way players of all sports protect themselves and shows no sign of slowing down.  It is hard to believe that something so lightweight and thin can protect you as well as these Shields can, but RG3 knows it.  The cutting edge is pretty sharp these days and that is what makes EvoShield so exciting. Learn more about EvoShield’s technology here.

EvoShield at

Click on the big image to check out EvoShield products at

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Fantasy football diary: Tonight things get real

Who will Steve pick?
Steve’s decision to take Jamaal Charles or Ray Rice is the Manning vs. Leaf debate of the 2013 Sports Unlimited Fantasy Football Draft

Haircuts are often meant for big occasions.

Senior portraits, weddings, family pictures, holidays and things like that.

I got a haircut last night, our Sports Unlimited fantasy football draft is today. That’s not a coincidence; tonight’s draft is a very big occasion.

Some of us have been studying for weeks, mock drafting our hearts out. Others spent yesterday afternoon printing out cheat sheets in 1-point font. Pretty much the only strategy that has been consistent among league members has been hounding Steve to reveal who he’s going to pick at #4.

It’s a really hard decision for Steve between Ray Rice and Jamaal Charles and one that he’s lost plenty of sleep over. We had an important meeting about it where our company president Don stressed the importance of full disclosure among employees. Steve responded by taking two days off just to hide in his basement and avoid the pressure.

There are other key decisions and high drama that will undoubtedly ensue.

It starts at pick #2 where Doug has made multiple pie charts to convince us he won’t draft Arian Foster. But we all know he’s lying. The biggest question is how high he’ll draft Ben Tate.

I sit at 10 where I’m hoping to have someone else to pick other than Trent Richardson and Alfred Morris. Although I shouldn’t complain about two guys that combined for over 3000 total yards and 24 touchdowns last year – as rookies. I definitely won’t be choosing Steven Jackson, that much is true.

The babysitters are arranged, the pizza order is in and the countdown clock keeps ticking. The action figures to be fast and furious tonight and for those interested, you can follow us on Twitter and try to influence our picks.

And by all means, please feel free to harass Steve. He’s the defending champion and we don’t want him getting cocky.

By Lou Rusnock
Lou is a writer at Sports Unlimited.

True confessions of a fantasy football junkie: What I’ve learned from 50 mock drafts

Hi I’m Lou and I’m a fantasy football addict.

When teams opened training camp in late July, I was already a 173-page magazine and eight mock drafts deep into a personal gauntlet of training for the greatest four months of the year. I’m talking, of course, about the fantasy football season.

We play fantasy football for many reasons. To bond with friends, to talk a little trash, to prove we know more than everyone else and even just to distract us from the work week. (NOTE TO EMPLOYER: I mean at night, after work hours.) Most of all we play to win. Whether its for a huge cash prize or a gaudy championship alligator head, the thrill of a league title can make or break the other eight months of the year.

For the last month, I’ve embarked on a quest that’s been driven by an embarrassingly bad championship game loss last year. My goal was to get to 50 mock drafts before my first draft in late August. It became a nightly journey through ESPN, FantasyFootballCalculator, and Yahoo which quickly became an addiction – more release than resource. Many of these mocks took place with fellow league members Tug and Brian (names changed to protect the innocent), meaning we’ve either tipped our hands or been involved in a massive, time-consuming hoax.

It’s been a taxing month, but all my hard work has led to some absolutes. And when you can go into your fantasy draft party knowing some things for certain, it makes the most inexact science of the year that much more easy.

There’s probably not enough time left for you to do 50 mock drafts of your own, so in celebration of the launch of our Fantasy Football Name Generator, here are some tips from an expert addict on how to handle your own draft.

1. The only thing I like less than Steven Jackson this season is the people who mock draft (and probably will really draft) Steven Jackson.

Steven Jackson looks mad, but he’s happy to be in Atlanta. Don’t be so happy to compare him to Michael Turner.

Over 92% of all mock drafts I’ve been in have someone with major love for S-Jax. We’ll call this person Gaskins. It’s pretty easy to spot a Gaskins. He will draft Steven Jackson between picks 12 and 15 and quote Michael Turner’s stats from last season. He will never tell you anything about Steven Jackson’s stats and you can laugh at him later when you draft Jacquizz Rodgers. #saynotogaskins

2. Keep calm and draft on.

There will inevitably come a point in your draft where the running back crop drops into a deep abyss of guys you don’t know and guys you know very well and promised yourself you would never draft again (I’m talking to you DeMarco Murray and Darren McFadden). Do some digging on the guys you don’t know, because those other guys… well, you already know. And you promised.

3. There are some really, really, really good wide receivers.

Draft one or two, it’s a safe bet. There’s always one point in the season where you look at the team with two or three really good receivers and you’re staring at a guy that was good for you on your 2008 third place squad and the second receiver on the Jaguars. Don’t let that happen to you. Remember that the NFL is, after all, a passing league.

According to Tug, Drew Brees won’t disappoint owners like last year when he only threw for 5177 yards and 43 TDs.

4. Drew Brees will have a bounce back year.
Tug called this in the early part of fantasy training camp and I couldn’t agree more. After obliterating the record books in 2011, Brees fell off in a major way, throwing for 299 less yards and three less touchdowns in 2012. There is no way he will slip to those lowly numbers again.

5. If you have the tenth pick, you probably have at least an extra mid-round draft pick.

The later you are in your draft order, the more gambles you should take. Why? Because if you pay attention, you’re getting another starter off the waiver wire in a week or two. There’s always a breakout guy that no one’s talking about. (SEE “Morris, Alfred” and “Cruz, Victor”) Who will be that guy this year? If anyone knew, he wouldn’t be on the waiver wire Week 1.

6. You don’t HAVE to draft anyone.

We’ve all been down this road before. A guy you don’t like is the top ranked player on a board you didn’t rank yourself. You have an open slot at that position that you’re itching to fill. The clock is ticking. You really don’t like him. But you really need that position. You’re friends are making fun of you. It’s starting to get personal. You don’t want it to be your pick anymore. Screw it, you think, I’m taking this guy and going to cry in the bathroom.  A month later, you’re 0-4 and that old, washed up RB you picked has been supplanted by a rookie and sunk your season. I knew this was going to happen, you say, I just had to pick him there. No, you didn’t, the draft board is more than one player deep. Take the guys you like. You have to cheer for them anyway.

7. Who you don’t mock draft is probably more important than who you do pick.

This piece of advice came from my best friend Mark, who turned me on to the mock draft game. If you really like some guys, don’t draft them. That way you can look and see where they’re likely to go. You don’t get to use your mock draft team anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. This would not be a good strategy to take with you into your actual draft.

8. T.Y. Hilton is not the #2 receiver on the Colts. And his real name is Eugene.

T.Y. Hilton may be a good grab, but he’s not even the #2 receiver on the Colts’ depth chart.

A true story, despite what almost all the fantasy rankings will tell you. Every fantasy football expert is insisting Hilton is a better bet than the Colts’ real #2, Darrius Heyward-Bey. I’m not here to argue with them, but I’m also not going to argue with the Colts coaches. The lesson here: do your own pre-rankings. After the top few guys, no one really knows how things are going to turn out. It’s YOUR team, so trust YOUR gut. Didn’t all those experts tell us not to draft Adrian Peterson last year? That turned out well.

9. CLIF bars count as dinner.

When you really get sucked down the deep hole of mock draft addiction, sometimes you don’t have enough time for extravagant meals. Don’t forget to keep some quick meal replacements on hand.

10. If I just drafted guys to spite people, my team wouldn’t be very good but I would be able to spite a lot of people.

Don’t forget that there’s a difference between mock drafts and real drafts. One is to go to battle on a weekly basis and bask in the glory of a conquering warrior sitting on his couch watching the Red Zone. The other is to make fun of Gaskins.

By Lou Rusnock
Lou is four steps through the recovery program and a writer at Sports Unlimited.

What football helmet has the best field of vision?

Football helmet safety is something you hear about all the time. Everyone wants the latest, lightest and safest helmet, but sometimes there are other factors consider.

One of these factors was brought to our attention by blog reader “aundrew” who asked, “i really need help on deciding which is better for a wide receiver. which one has more VISION the revo 360 or revo speed?”

Field of vision isn’t something that’s often stressed in helmets. But why not? Quarterbacks need to see to survey the field to find receivers and use their peripheral vision to avoid pass rushers. For wide receivers and defensive backs, the more they can see of the field, the better jump they can get on a ball. Sight lines are important at any position.

A big factor to consider is facemasks, but judging on helmets alone there are some noticeable differences from one to the next.

We went inside the football helmets to compare the view and make our picks based strictly on field of vision. A few hours of wearing and comparing helmets, countless odd looks from co-workers and one sore neck later, here are the results.


I can see clearly now!
Riddell Revo Speed

The vertical vision is so great in the Revo Speed  that you’ll have no problem noticing your friends in the top row and your coach on the sideline in the same view. The height of the field of vision is what sticks out most about the helmet and makes it our number one choice. Wearing this helmet is akin to wearing a baseball hat backward. From a peripheral vision standpoint, the sides of the Revo Speed aren’t noticeable when staring straight ahead and can barely be seen when your eyes are looking to either side. What really helps this is the V-shaped cut out on the side of the shell, making it seem like Riddell was looking ahead – or to the side – with the design of the Revo Speed.


Look at me now
Schutt Vengeance

Schutt is all about the technology, but the Vengeance doesn’t skimp when it comes to viewing space. A wide open design is only slightly hindered by the amount of TPU cushioning (never a bad thing) that can be spotted at the top of the field of view. The deeper set jaw pads on this helmet cover a lower area, but are offset in a way that doesn’t block your vision when looking down and to the sides.


See what I mean?
Schutt DNA Pro+

The DNA Pro+ has a field of vision nearly identical to the Vengeance DCT, just slightly more boxed in. The actual opening of the mask is just larger than the Revo Speed, but the curvature of the side of helmet obstructs the vision slightly. Like the DCT Hybrid, the TPU cushioning in the front of the helmet is slightly visible. Both Schutt models feel like you’re inside a helmet looking out, meaning you can definitely feel and see the safety and padding.

4. RIDDELL 360

Looking for a winner
Riddell 360

A heavily padded helmet, the Riddell 360 doesn’t match the openness of the Revo Speed. The helmet sticks out further from your forehead and that padding is noticeable at the top of the field of view. On the bottom, the black jaw pads are a bit of a distraction and can easily be seen when looking to either side. While the 360 has the same V-cut of the Revo Speed, the padding overlaps the cut out on the side, slightly hindering the peripheral.


Look out!
Schutt AiR XP Pro

The most limited of the group, the AiR XP Pro still offers plenty of viewing space. The shell seems to sit lower on the head, and the further down you pull on it, the more obstructed the top of your vision becomes. The bottom of the helmet where the jaw pads sit is fairly visible when looking to either side.

Remember, there are many factors to consider when buying a helmet and a facemask can make a huge difference. This is only a look at what to expect when taking into account the field of vision looking out of a helmet with a standard facemask.

By Lou Rusnock
Lou is a writer at Sports Unlimited.

Position Tech Football Cleats System: Product Spotlight

The concept is innovative, the technology is remarkable, and the execution is, well… Heisman-worthy. Notch up your game with the Position Tech Football Cleats System. Whether you are using them to benefit your game for a specific position, an area of improvement, or an adjustment in playing style, these custom low-carbon-steel-tip cleats screw into your football shoes to improve traction and game-day performance.

Product Spotlight: Position Tech All-Pro Replacement Football Cleats

Position Tech Football Cleats Replacement System
The concept is innovative, the technology is remarkable, and the execution is, well… Heisman-worthy. Notch up your game with the Position Tech Football Cleats System. Whether you are using them to benefit your game for a specific position, an area of improvement, or an adjustment in playing style, these custom low-carbon-steel-tip cleats screw into your football shoes to improve traction and game-day performance.

Proven to increase traction by 20% over standard cleats, the Position Tech system is a favorite of players, teams and coaches at NFHS and NCAA levels (approved by both NFHS and NCAA). This pack gives advantages in the following areas: Speed, Agility, Power, and Balance. With specific cleat construction for each area, you can customize your configuration to best suit your needs as a player.

The Types:

Speed Cleats:Position Tech Speed

  • Anterior scoop improves vertical explosiveness
  • Lateral slashes bolster side-to-side acceleration

Agility Cleats:Position Tech Agility

  • Lateral scoops supplement swift change of direction
  • Anterior scoops augment cutting

Power Clears:Position Tech Power

  • Lateral wings enhance directional burst
  • Anterior power pocket boost primary move burst

Balance Cleats:Position Tech Balance

  • Posterior channels help with stabilization
  • Lateral grooves improve traction

The pack contains the following: 12 power cleats, 10 speed cleats, 6 agility cleats, 6 balance cleats, cleat wrench, and a guide for configuring every position on the field.

Configure any combination of speed, agility, power, and balance cleats to become like your NFL idol or a new prototypical player! What kind of player do you want to be?

By Isaac Clark

Isaac is a writer at Sports Unlimited.

Sports Unlimited also offers smaller sets of Position Tech cleats designed specifically for…
Power & Balance
Power & Speed
Speed and Agility