Attaching a Big Grill 2.0 Facemask to the Schutt Vengeance Football Helmet

Learn how to properly attach a Big Grill 2.0 facemask to a Schutt Vengeance helmet. Complete video directions include attaching an XL Super Pro and DNA facemask to the helmet. All directions can be applied to the new Big Grill 2.0, as well as any XL Super Pro or DNA style facemask.

In response to many of your questions and requests, we went ahead and shot a video explaining how to properly attach the new Schutt Big Grill 2.0 facemask to the equally new and equally cool Schutt Vengeance helmet! Our video explains how to attach the new XL Super Pro and DNA Big Grill 2.0 facemasks to the Vengeance football helmet, but it’s important to understand that these techniques can be used for any XL Super Pro or DNA style football facemasks!

[EDIT: Sadly, our Youtube page went rogue, so we no longer have this video]

The Vengeance is designed to fit specially designed Vengeance facemasks, as well as Schutt DNA and Super Pro XL facemasks. The sizing and attachment specifics can get confusing though., I think it’s important to spell out all of the details and hopefully answer some of your questions:

1. Only XL Super Pro facemasks will fit on a Medium or Large Vengeance football helmet. Unfortunately, no Super Pro facemask will fit on an XL Vengeance.

2. Attaching an XL Super Pro facemask to a Vengeance helmet requires no additional hardware (outside of those included with the facemask) or modification.

3. Regular size DNA facemasks will fit on a Medium or Large Vengeance.

4. An XL DNA is required if you wear an XL Vengeance.

5. To attach a DNA facemask to a Vengeance helmet, you must drill holes in the shell to accept the increased depth of the facemask design.

Big Grill 2.0 Questions

There are also some similar issues surrounding custom football facemasks that I’d like to address, to answer any further questions and dispel some rumors. For one, as of now, there is no big grill facemask for the Revo Speed, or any Riddell helmet for that matter. The Big Grill 2.0, and original Big Grill facemasks are products of Schutt, and are not designed to fit any Riddell football helmet, including the Revo Speed and 360. If Riddell develops a similar custom facemask, we will definitely stock it, and let everyone know immediately!

Secondly, many customers wonder why there is no Big Grill 2.0 for the ION 4D helmet? Although there is an original Big Grill for the ION 4D, the latest version, the Big Grill 2.0, is not compatible with it. For many, this is frustrating, because they’d like to get the look of the Ray Lewis facemask on their ION 4D. Unfortunately, Schutt is not going to produce a Big Grill 2.0 for the ION, because, with the introduction of the new Schutt Vengeance, Schutt is tapering back production of the ION 4D. This is not meant to reflect poorly on the ION 4D as a great, and highly rated helmet. It is simply a business decision of the helmet manufacturer.

By Brandon Porter.Brandon is a product specialist at Sports Unlimited.

19 thoughts on “Attaching a Big Grill 2.0 Facemask to the Schutt Vengeance Football Helmet”

  1. OK so here is what I wanna do. I have an XL Vengeance helmet and I want to fit a Big Grill 2.0 facemask (preferably the cool white and black styled one) to my helmet. I also wanna fit an eyeshield to this and a friend is offering to sell me his Under Armour eyeshield. So Question 1 is which exact model of Big Grill 2.0 do I need to buy? and 2 Can I fit an eyeshield to this facemask and if so which ones? Thanks

    1. Great questions James, I’m hoping my answers help! To get the helmet you want, first you’re going to need an XL DNA Super Pro Big Grill 2.0, in the Aqua Tech Wide Tiger Black/White color scheme. Only the XL DNA style Big Grill 2.0 will fit an XL Vengeance. Unfortunately, right now we aren’t stocking the XL DNA Big Grill’s in Aqua Tech, but if you call our customer service department at 1-800-639-6368, they can definitely order you one! Second, eyeshields do fit the Big Grill 2.0, but I’m hearing from a lot of customers that they’re having issues clipping visors to the mask. Not surprising, since there are so many bars. My suggestion, and what a lot of NFL players even do, is to zip-tie the visor to the mask at the bottom. It gives you a firm hold, and it’s a simple and long-term fix. Let me know if that gives you some more direction, and if our customer service department has helped. Thanks!

  2. I am going to be buying a vengeance later on in the year and my head size is just a little more than a quarter inch under 22 inches. the sizing on the helmet is L: 22 – 23.5, and M: 20.5 – 22. i want this helmet to fit for a longer time so should i just buy the large and inflate it a little more because i don’t want to buy 2 helmets if i can just use one.

    1. Great question Antonio. The answer depends on your age and head size. If you’re younger, and think you’re going to grow a lot in the next few months to a year, it may be a good idea to get the Large and inflate the helmet. But if you’re a littler older, your head size really shouldn’t be changing too much. You’re head size is a little under what I’d call “between sizes,” so normally, I’d suggest getting the Medium. I know you want the helmet to fit for a while, but more importantly than that, you always want a secure, snug fit to your helmet, to get the most protection out of it. The inflatable liner helps that, but it can’t make up for more than an inch or two. So if it were me, I’d probably go with the Medium, for safety’s sake.

      1. thank you, im 14 and hitting a growth spurt so i might just go with the large. Also, i am getting the super pro XL big grill face mask on the vengeance, will that cause problems for a visor in any way?

        1. I’ve heard a few different reports on attaching a visor to the Big Grill 2.0 facemask. Some people have no problem clipping it in, others can’t seem to get the clips to work. I suggest using zip-ties to attach the visor, since most likely, the additional diagonal bars are going to interfere with clipping the visor on.

  3. Ive been searching for this facemask for months (ever since I saw Ray Lewis with it). My only concern is, will it fit a visor? I’ve noticed some subtle differences in Ray’s, the main difference being that his is Riddell, and that his also has room for the visor clips. Would an Oakley visor fit with this facemask?

    1. Yes, Ray’s is a little different than the Big Grill 2.0 available to the public, unfortunately, because NFL players get their facemasks custom made to fit any helmet. Also, his is made of titanium, not carbon steel, like the retail facemask is. But as far as fitting a visor, I’ve heard mixed reviews. Some people are able to clip them to the facemasks, others are not. For the Oakley visor, you may have to zip-tie it to the facemask, since the clips may not fit with all of the extra bars.

  4. Is there a video or instruction guide to how to properly install visors to a big grill facemask?

    1. We are preparing that video, and are hoping to have it shot and up on Youtube, our site, and this blog within the next week. But until then, I can say that most visors, like the Oakley, Nike, and Under Armour visor, use clips that will not fit on the Big Grill 2.0, because of the bar configuration. To properly and securely attach the visor, you’ll need zip ties or another flexible, thin tie to wrap around the cross bars of the mask.

        1. Whoops! Unfortunately, Brandon is no longer at the office and the rest of us on the writing team didn’t catch this! I’ll inform our video specialist and we’ll try to get it as soon as possible!

  5. I have a question regarding the Schutt Vengeance Big Grill 2.0. Does this facemask fit on any schutt helmet like the air xp etc. or is it only for the Schutt Vengeance Helmet? If it’s for any do I need to worry about the size of the facemask fitting a “Large” helmet?

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