Attaching a Big Grill 2.0 Facemask to the Schutt Vengeance Football Helmet

Learn how to properly attach a Big Grill 2.0 facemask to a Schutt Vengeance helmet. Complete video directions include attaching an XL Super Pro and DNA facemask to the helmet. All directions can be applied to the new Big Grill 2.0, as well as any XL Super Pro or DNA style facemask.

In response to many of your questions and requests, we went ahead and shot a video explaining how to properly attach the new Schutt Big Grill 2.0 facemask to the equally new and equally cool Schutt Vengeance helmet! Our video explains how to attach the new XL Super Pro and DNA Big Grill 2.0 facemasks to the Vengeance football helmet, but it’s important to understand that these techniques can be used for any XL Super Pro or DNA style football facemasks!

[EDIT: Sadly, our Youtube page went rogue, so we no longer have this video]

The Vengeance is designed to fit specially designed Vengeance facemasks, as well as Schutt DNA and Super Pro XL facemasks. The sizing and attachment specifics can get confusing though., I think it’s important to spell out all of the details and hopefully answer some of your questions:

1. Only XL Super Pro facemasks will fit on a Medium or Large Vengeance football helmet. Unfortunately, no Super Pro facemask will fit on an XL Vengeance.

2. Attaching an XL Super Pro facemask to a Vengeance helmet requires no additional hardware (outside of those included with the facemask) or modification.

3. Regular size DNA facemasks will fit on a Medium or Large Vengeance.

4. An XL DNA is required if you wear an XL Vengeance.

5. To attach a DNA facemask to a Vengeance helmet, you must drill holes in the shell to accept the increased depth of the facemask design.

Big Grill 2.0 Questions

There are also some similar issues surrounding custom football facemasks that I’d like to address, to answer any further questions and dispel some rumors. For one, as of now, there is no big grill facemask for the Revo Speed, or any Riddell helmet for that matter. The Big Grill 2.0, and original Big Grill facemasks are products of Schutt, and are not designed to fit any Riddell football helmet, including the Revo Speed and 360. If Riddell develops a similar custom facemask, we will definitely stock it, and let everyone know immediately!

Secondly, many customers wonder why there is no Big Grill 2.0 for the ION 4D helmet? Although there is an original Big Grill for the ION 4D, the latest version, the Big Grill 2.0, is not compatible with it. For many, this is frustrating, because they’d like to get the look of the Ray Lewis facemask on their ION 4D. Unfortunately, Schutt is not going to produce a Big Grill 2.0 for the ION, because, with the introduction of the new Schutt Vengeance, Schutt is tapering back production of the ION 4D. This is not meant to reflect poorly on the ION 4D as a great, and highly rated helmet. It is simply a business decision of the helmet manufacturer.

By Brandon Porter.Brandon is a product specialist at Sports Unlimited.

How to Buy a Facemask: A Football Video Buying Guide

Find the perfect football facemask for your football helmet, your game, and your budget! Watch this football video guide to learn what to look for in a new facemask, and find the best football facemask for you, in no time!

The best football helmet is nothing without equally great football facemasks. They protect your face from impact and the hands of other players, reducing injury and the likelihood of concussion. But they can also give the opposition more to grab onto, and can be the heaviest part of the helmet, weighing you down and holding you back. That’s why it’s so important to get the right facemask for your helmet, and your game! But with such a wide selection, and so many options out there, finding the best football facemasks can be tough, and confusing!

To guide you through the jungle of football gear, and help narrow your decision down to the perfect football face guard, we at Sports Unlimited put together this short instructional video. Follow along with Doug as he explains the best way to weed through our vast selection of football facemasks, including the latest custom football facemasks like the Big Grill (similar to the Justin Tuck facemask) and the Big Grill 2.0 like you’ve seen on Ray Lewis, to find the one that’s perfect for your helmet, your game, your skill level, and your budget! And for even more information, check out our latest football facemask buyers guide at!

By Brandon Porter.

Brandon is a product specialist at Sports Unlimited.

How To Size a Football Helmet

How to size a football helmet, and get the most accurate head size measurements. A properly fitting helmet will protect your and reduce your risk of concussions better than a loose or poorly fitting helmet. Follow these simple steps to get the most accurate head measurement, for the highest-performing football helmets.

Football parents have enough to worry about, with the constant flow of news and statistic on concussions, the rising costs of good helmets and gear, and the changing rules in youth football. Thankfully though, one of the most influential things a parent can do to protect their child on the field is also one the easiest, and cheapest. Simply determining your child’s proper helmet size, and finding the football helmet that fits him best, instantly reduces his risk of concussion exponentially…and it only takes about 5 minutes!

A snug fitting helmet that cradles and supports the head has been proven to protect, and reduce the risk of concussions better than a poorly fitting one. That means even the most expensive, best youth football helmets on the market are next to useless unless they fit properly. It also means even a moderately priced helmet is going to protect your little guy if it’s fit well. So be sure to take a few minutes and get the most accurate head measurements, so when you go shopping for a new helmet (at Sports Unlimited of course), you’re getting the best fit, and most protection out of your helmet!

Check out our latest video, starring SU’s youth football star Zach Neff, to learn how to properly and accurately find your helmet size:

These simple steps will help you size a helmet, whether you’re looking for a Riddell, Schutt, Adams, Rawlings, or any other type of football helmet:

1. Find a friend or parent to help you measure
2. Use a flexible measuring tape
3. Find a spot about 1″ above the eyebrows (where the forehead of the helmet will rest)
4. Measure around the circumference of your head
5. Record the measurements in inches and centimeters
6. Consult the size chart of your favorite helmet to find the proper size helmet

Football Helmet PumpIf you buy a helmet with an adjustable air liner, you can use a specialized helmet pump to inflate the jaw pads, crown, and side of the head, to get the best, customized fit!

Once you can try on the helmet, make sure it fits comfortably on the head. Then, check to ensure there is no extra space between the temples and the helmet padding or liner, and no space between the jaw and the jaw pad. If this is the case, and it feel comfortable, you’ve got yourself a great fitting and protective helmet!

By Brandon Porter.Brandon is a product specialist at Sports Unlimited.

How Do I Find The Best Basketball Hoop for the Money?

Learn how to find the best basketball system for your life, while staying within your budget. Narrow down your search by answering a few simple questions.

Basketball HoopWhen I was a kid, there was nothing better than walking with my older brother over to the old local elementary school playground for a game of basketball. The hoops were bent, the backboards killed the rebound, and the old metal nets rained down rust if you were lucky enough to even get the ball through. But at the time, the game and the company were all that really mattered. That was, until the day my parents surprised us with a brand new basketball hoop in our driveway. After that, life was never the same! We’d play every day on that amazing basketball hoop, and the neighborhood kids would all come to our house to shoot around. All growing up, our driveway was THE place to be.

That’s the amazing thing about basketball. It’s one of those universal sports that almost anyone can play, whether you’re a serious baller, or just a bunch of kids playing a fun game of HORSE. And a great basketball net can really make all the difference!

But for the one’s buying the new hoop (parents, I’m talking to you here), it can be a serious investment, and also a confusing venture. Typically, parents looking for a residential basketball hoop don’t even know where to begin!

To help you narrow down your decision, and have a place to start from, try answering a few questions that should give you a better idea of what to look for:

Spalding 3-Point Basketball Wall Mount - 24" through 40"
Spalding 3-Point Wall Mount
1. Are you looking for a basketball hoop for your house, playground or gymnasium?

At SU, we offer a full assortment of residential, playground, and gymnasium basketball hoops, from the most basic fixed hoops to the most advanced ceiling-mounted basketball nets on the market. We even have some great systems for your pool! Once you know where the net will be going, it makes it easier to narrow down what general type of net you’ll need.

2. Would you like to permanently install your basketball hoop in a backyard or driveway, attach it to a roof or wall, or have the ability to store and move it around?

In-Ground Basketball Hoop InstallationIn ground basketball hoops are incredibly popular, and easier to install than ever before! The best in ground basketball hoop can be bolted down, buried in the ground, or anchored using a ground sleeve. Where once this was an arduous process with cement and tools, installing modern in ground basketball hoops, with advanced installation tools is easier and faster than ever.

Spalding Portable Basketball Hoop
Spalding 68454 Portable Adjustable Basketball Hoop

Roof- or wall-mounted residential basketball hoops are great and more affordable options when play space is limited. Typically, they bolt right onto a wall or roof, and extend out over the driveway or backyard. Most can even retract back right against the wall, to stay out of the way when not in use.

Portable basketball hoops are perfect for seasonal use in backyards, driveways, and side streets. They usually feature a weighted base, which you can fill with water or sand, and wheels to make transportation a breeze. Most feature an adjustable hoop, which you can lower to make storage simple when it gets cold out.

3. Would you like to be able to adjust the height of the hoop, or keep it at a fixed height?
First Team Adjustable Basketball Hoop
First Team Powerhouse 560

Adjustable basketball hoops are great for households or neighborhoods with kids of all ages. Hand cranks, advanced internal compression systems, or traditional broom handle systems let you raise or lower the height of the hoop to fit the size or skill-level of everyone playing. If you have little ones, they can start playing with a lower hoop, and then simply raise it higher as they grow and improve! Typically adjusting from 5 or 6’ high, up to 10’ (regulation height), adjustable nets are great options to meet almost any need.Fixed height basketball hoops are good options for serious and usually older players. They are also typically more affordable than adjustable height nets.

Fixed height hoops are more simply designed, with a central pole and backboard system. They come in a variety of pole heights and gauges, and some can even be adjusted by loosening the bolts on the backboard pole, and re-attaching it at any height on the central pole.

4. What is your basketball hoop budget?

Residential basketball hoops range greatly in price, from about $200 all the way up to $2500. A huge variable in the price of a hoop is the type of pole it uses. The metal of the pole, and its width directly influence its durability and performance, whether it’s fixed or adjustable. The width of the pole can range from 3” up to 8” and should be something you definitely consider when looking for a new net. Generally, if it’s a net you’re going to use regularly, all year round, it is worth it to spend a little more for a better, and more durable pole, about 5” or 6” in width.

Once you have an idea of what type of basketball net you’d like, where it will go, and how much you have to spend on it, check out our brand new basketball system comparison chart, or take a look at our huge selection of residential basketball hoops, to find the one that fits all of your needs. And as always, if you have any more questions or need further assistance, simply call our customer service associates at 800-693-6368, or leave a comment here.

By Brandon Porter.

Brandon is a product specialist at Sports Unlimited.

Rise Above The Bleachers With a Patented Stadium Chair

Check out our brand new product videos for one of our favorite items, the Patented Stadium Chair stadium seat! This durable, comfortable, portable stadium seat attaches to any bleacher, for instant back support and soft comfort. Perfect for parents and grandparents who love watching their kids shine on the field, but can’t stand sitting on those hard, cold bleachers all season long!

Admit it; you love seeing your kids play their favorite sports, but it’s a real pain in the…lower back…to have to sit on those hard, cold bleachers all game long! And if you have back problems like a lot of us do, you probably find yourself standing on the sidelines, or missing their games all together…all because of some uncomfortable old bleachers!

Someone ought to build a bleacher that’s actually comfortable!

Someone did.

Patented Stadium Chair

Enter the Patented Stadium Chair, a foldable, portable, and most importantly, comfortable stadium seat that easily attaches to any bleacher, new or old! Its steel frame gives you instant back support, while a cushioned bungee system and durable Cordova canvas bottom raise you off the cold, hard, and wet bleachers, to a new level of comfort that lasts all season long!

Relatively lightweight and easy to carry, with a built-in handle and simple hook attachment, the Patented Stadium Chair makes it comfortable and easy for everyone to go see the kids play. Finally, grandparents and great grandparents can watch their loved ones shine on the field! And with an almost limitless myriad of color combinations and customization options, you can really make these Stadium Chairs your own.

Check out our latest product videos and learn more about our favorite Stadium Chairs from SU’s very own Doug. See how they’ll change how you watch your kids’ games forever!


The Patented Stadium Chair



Deluxe Wide Patented Stadium Chair



Customized and Personalized Stadium Chair



By Brandon Porter.

Brandon is a product specialist at Sports Unlimited.

How to Fit Football Shoulder Pads

Learn how to properly fit football shoulder pads to get the most coverage, performance, and safety from yours! Measuring shoulder pads is easy, once you know how to do it.

You spend a lot of money suiting yourself, or your child, up for the game. Helmets, chin straps, pads, cleats…they all help protect you on the field, but unfortunately, together they can all cost an arm and a leg! So to make sure you’re getting the most for your money, it’s incredibly important to find the right gear for your size. Improperly fitting football equipment, no matter how high-end and advanced, isn’t worth the box they put it in if it doesn’t fit you! This is why football shoulder pad sizing is so important.

Let me take a few minutes and run down the best way to measure and fit football shoulder pads, so you know you’re getting the most coverage and performance out of yours. Just follow these simple steps, and you’ll be in good shape:

  1. Grab a friend or a parent. Measuring yourself can be awkward, and may lead to inaccurate readouts and ill-fitting shoulder pads.Shoulder Pad Chest Fitting
  2. Measure your chest. Standing up straight, have someone wrap a flexible measuring tape around your upper torso and record the measurements. Think about wearing a tight fitting shirt to get the most accurate, next-to-skin measurements possible.
  3. Measure your shoulder width.   Again, standing up straight, stretch Shoulder Pad Shoulder Fittingthe tape over the contour of your shoulders, between the AC joints (those are the joints between the tops of your shoulders), and record the measurements.
  4. Weigh yourself. Typically, youth shoulder pads are sized by weight class, so to properly fit youth shoulder pads, it’s important to know your exact weight.

Once you have these numbers written down, you can start shopping for new football shoulder pads. SU has a huge selection of youth and adult shoulder pads for every position, age range, and budget, from the top brands like Schutt, Riddell, Douglas, and Bike…just saying.

When you find the shoulder pads for you, simply consult the size chart found on the product page, and use your shoulder pad measurements to know which size to select.

Now, once you receive them, it’s important to know how to put on football shoulder pads. You should also make sure they fit properly, and deliver the coverage and mobility you need before using them. When you get your pads, make sure to:

  1. Bring the pads down over your head. Align the shoulder pads carefully, and be sure not to scratch your eyes or nose when putting them on.
  2. Secure all straps and laces. Each shoulder pad front connector and strap system is different, depending on brand and position, but no matter what the configuration, make sure to properly connect the front and back of your pads. Then tightly buckle all belts and straps Shoulder Pad Fitto get a snug, comfortable fit against the chest and back.
  3. Check the fit. Once everything is secure, ensure the shoulder pads fit properly. The padding shouldn’t be pinching your collar, and should sit comfortably on your shoulders. Typically, about 1″ of padding should extend from your shoulders.
  4. Check coverage in the front and back. The shoulder pads should fully cover your sternum and upper shoulders, as well as your scapula and rhomboid. Confirm this full coverage by extending your hands above your head. Properly fitting and measured shoulder pads should still cover these areas when lifted up.
  5. Move around and double check the fit. Perform some on-field
    actions in the new pads Shoulder Pad Movement(even if it looks a little weird), to double check comfort, fit, and coverage in game-like situations.

Follow these steps, and you’ll get the absolute best coverage, performance, and comfort from your shoulder pads, no matter how much you spend on them.

And remember, if you have any further questions or concerns regarding your pads, or any other football gear for that matter, you can always consult Sports Unlimited’s Shoulder Pad Buyer’s Guide, or our huge library of football gear buyer’s guides, that cover every aspect of everything football from football helmets to thigh pads.

By Brandon Porter.Brandon is a product specialist at Sports Unlimited.

How to Buy a Baseball Bat

“Wood or aluminum?  How much should it weigh?  Where is the barrel?”

If you’ve ever been a little overwhelmed or intimidated when buying a baseball bat or softball bat, don’t worry.  You’re not alone.  Bats are becoming pieces of incredible technology and each year things get more and more complicated.  But trust us, all of these seemingly confusing and sometimes maddening changes are making the game, and learning the game, better for people of every age and skill level.

Because of the overall confusion that comes when buying a new baseball bat or softball bat, we decided to try and help simplify the process.

The following is our guide to purchasing baseball bats / softball bats.  If you’ve been through this before and have any comments or advice for anyone having difficulty purchasing a bat, feel free to help them out buy commenting at the end of the post.

Check out Sports Unlimited’s Baseball Bats and Softball Bats

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