How To Size a Football Helmet

How to size a football helmet, and get the most accurate head size measurements. A properly fitting helmet will protect your and reduce your risk of concussions better than a loose or poorly fitting helmet. Follow these simple steps to get the most accurate head measurement, for the highest-performing football helmets.

Football parents have enough to worry about, with the constant flow of news and statistic on concussions, the rising costs of good helmets and gear, and the changing rules in youth football. Thankfully though, one of the most influential things a parent can do to protect their child on the field is also one the easiest, and cheapest. Simply determining your child’s proper helmet size, and finding the football helmet that fits him best, instantly reduces his risk of concussion exponentially…and it only takes about 5 minutes!

A snug fitting helmet that cradles and supports the head has been proven to protect, and reduce the risk of concussions better than a poorly fitting one. That means even the most expensive, best youth football helmets on the market are next to useless unless they fit properly. It also means even a moderately priced helmet is going to protect your little guy if it’s fit well. So be sure to take a few minutes and get the most accurate head measurements, so when you go shopping for a new helmet (at Sports Unlimited of course), you’re getting the best fit, and most protection out of your helmet!

Check out our latest video, starring SU’s youth football star Zach Neff, to learn how to properly and accurately find your helmet size:

These simple steps will help you size a helmet, whether you’re looking for a Riddell, Schutt, Adams, Rawlings, or any other type of football helmet:

1. Find a friend or parent to help you measure
2. Use a flexible measuring tape
3. Find a spot about 1″ above the eyebrows (where the forehead of the helmet will rest)
4. Measure around the circumference of your head
5. Record the measurements in inches and centimeters
6. Consult the size chart of your favorite helmet to find the proper size helmet

Football Helmet PumpIf you buy a helmet with an adjustable air liner, you can use a specialized helmet pump to inflate the jaw pads, crown, and side of the head, to get the best, customized fit!

Once you can try on the helmet, make sure it fits comfortably on the head. Then, check to ensure there is no extra space between the temples and the helmet padding or liner, and no space between the jaw and the jaw pad. If this is the case, and it feel comfortable, you’ve got yourself a great fitting and protective helmet!

By Brandon Porter.Brandon is a product specialist at Sports Unlimited.

Halloween Gifts: Part 2 – NFL/NCAA Youth Helmet and Uniform Set by Franklin

In part two of our out-of-control Halloween gift posts bonanza, we dive deep into the core fabric of what makes Halloween great: costumes.  What would Halloween be without the costumes?  Without the costumes, it would just be a day when a bunch of kids go door-to-door asking for candy.  Pretty much, Halloween would be about underage door-to-door candy beggars.

Instead, Halloween is awesome.  On Halloween, you (note: Halloween may be centered on kids, but you get to have some fun too, right?) get to dress up and pretend to be someone or something else.  Yeah, pirates are cool.  And, ok, dressing up like a vampire is “in” right now.  But let’s be honest: dressing up like a pro or college football player is by far the coolest!

The NFL Youth Helmet and Uniform Sets by Franklin let your child live the dream (ok, kind of) that they play for their favorite football team!  It comes with the team’s jersey, pants, helmet, along with a chinstrap, integrated removable shoulder pad inserts, and adhesive/iron-on numbers to apply to the jersey!

And if they’d rather sport a college uni, check out the NCAA Youth Helmet and Uniform Sets by Franklin.

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